Killing Time

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After lunch, the group left the banquet hall and is now walking in the corridor.
Kisei, whose belly has swollen from all he ate, curiously looks around.
The corridor is being illuminated by the bare light bulb which is common in Japanese-style resorts that Kisei is familiar with and the staff that walk by are all dressed in kimono.
Everything made him feel like he’s in Japan except for the fact that all the employees here are Vuld.

“I just thought that you would relax better if the environment seemed close to your home.”

“It certainly feels like I’m back home.

Of course, being a poor man, Kisei has never visited such a luxury Japanese resort.
However, he thanked her with a smile since he appreciated her consideration.

“Still, this place sure is nice isn’t it……..the view is nice too.”

Said Kisei as he looked out the window.
The combination of the dark green forests and mountain streams was so gorgeous that Kisei who normally doesn’t care much for the atmosphere thinks that it’s beautiful.

“Right, do you think so! I’ve been waiting to show you this place.”

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Schleer excitedly replied in a good mood but seeing her like that, Nora simply shrugged.

“That being said, just looking at the view outside alone is boring you know.
We came here to play so it would be nice to have something exciting to do [DESUKEDO].”

“Well, it’s not like I can’t understand that……but is there anything else to do here other than lazing around though?”

Said Kisei with a bitter smile.
Certainly, he doesn’t like spending time boringly either.
Still, it would be idiotic to come to a place like this to seek excitement.
He did bring some board games like shogi and playing cards with him so he’s thinking of proposing for them to play a game together.

“Ah, if…….if that’s the case then how about the hot spring!? The hot springs here are top-notch, you know!”

Schleer voiced her suggestion with her eyes suspiciously swimming around.
Since it’s so easy to tell what she’s thinking, Valentina gazes at her while thinking (This woman…….).
“Who in their right mind would take a bath right after a meal.”

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“R, right! Ahaha…..”

Schleer withdrew her suggestion with a cramped face.
For some reason, Kisei felt like he did something bad so he let out a small sigh.
He was about to agree to the bath but before he could say anything, Valentina approached him.

“Then how about some recreation? I did a little research before coming here but it seems this place has a pretty good arcade right?”

“An arcade? Ahh, I see……..”

Certainly, an arcade within a tourist resort is pretty common.

“I don’t have that much experience visiting such a place so I’m curious too.”

“I would be surprised to see some great aristocrats at an arcade too [DESU].
Tersis-SAN has never been to one too right? An arcade.”

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With the talk suddenly directed toward her, Tersis folded her arms and shook her head.

“Arkaid? Arcade? Well, I don’t know what it is but I don’t think I have ever visited a place like that before.”

“Rather, I can’t even imagine this stiff woman in a casino you know……”

Hearing Diaroze, Nora did a spit take as the image of Tersis seriously putting coin after coin into a slot machine.

“Well, I’m pretty much the same…….doing something new sounds like fun too.”

Really? Schleer cast Valentina a doubtful look.
Unlike Tersis, Valentina seems like the type that would be raking in money at a casino.
Still, Unsure of whether she’s aware of what Schleer’s thinking or not, Valentina continues with a smile.

“Also I heard that there are games that we can all play together too.
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to deepen our friendship right.
We did go beyond our affiliations and joined hands after all.”

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“I see.
That’s a good idea.”

It was Saki who replied so with a confident smile.
Since she grew up in the downtown area, an arcade is like her backyard.
It would be a good occasion to knock Valentina down a peg using her superior gaming skills so she has no reason to turn down her proposal.

“If that’s decided then, well…….I’m no good at action games so if you are going to play that type of game I will sit back and watch okay.”

Kisei shrugged.
Unlike on a striker, the difference between him and the Vuld here is obvious without the assistance from the I-con system.
He would be so slow that he would stand no chance to beat Valentina no matter how hard he tries.

“We don’t have to play a competitive game right? Let’s go with something that everyone can enjoy together.”

“Well, that’s true.”

Although it’s only a game, it would still be embarrassing to expose his shameful side to them.
Still, it’s not like there’s any real danger here though.
With so many agreeing to play, Kisei decided to go along and give them a nod.

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