The Difference in Ability

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“Heh, that’s how I like it! Let’s go, [Dainsleif]! Let’s show him that a man has no place being a pilot!”

The moment she shouted so, the [Dainsleif] accelerated toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

Thruster flames can also be seen from the 8 thrusters of the cloak-like armor-type equipment covering the unit’s body.

Totally this one

It is probably the type of armament that provides both mobility and defense to the unit.

“Right away huh.
Come at me!”

Although the words that were thrown at him could be described as nothing but an insult, what was visible on Kisei’s face was not anger but joy.
He immediately readied the blaster rifle and opened fire.
Although the beam is not actually fired from the rifle, the beam of light was CG-generated on both of their monitors by the training program.

“WOAH, without a lock-on!?”

There was no lock-on warning sound blaring inside the cockpit of the [Dainsleif].
Without using the Active Sensor, Kisei has fired the rifle manually using only the passive sensor.

Despite this, his aim was no less accurate.
The CG-generated beam homed in toward the abdomen of the [Dainsleif].


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“But that won’t work on me!”

The beam was repelled by the cloak-like armor and the training program judged that the beam doesn’t have enough power to penetrate it.

“What a child’s play, HAH!”

The [Dainsleif] accelerated at extreme speed and instantly closed the distance.
Its hand is on the katana grip on its waist.


“That’s my line! Take this!”

Just before the katana was unleashed using the linear ejection mechanism of the scabbard, the two machine guns mounted on the head of the [Caliburn-Revive] opened fire and the right hand of the [Dainsleif] was barraged with bullets.


The machine guns can only fire small-caliber bullets.
Their penetration power is too weak to pierce the front armor.
However, it is enough to destroy the delicate manipulators and the training program forcibly disables the [Dainsleif]’s right hand.

“Kuh……like I will let you!”

Using that chance, the [Caliburn-Revive] unleashed a kick toward the [Dainsleif].
Saki managed to guard against the kick with the cloak-like armor but the [Caliburn-Revive] kicked off the armor and performed a somersault.
The next moment, the muzzle of the anti-ship grenade launcher mounted on the back of the [Caliburn-Revive] was aligned with the [Dainsleif].

“No way!?”

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However, the reality was ruthless.
A training missile is launched from the grenade launcher.
Saki had no way to avoid it and had to block it with the cloak-like armor.


It’s only a missile designed for training uses.
Naturally, there’s no explosion.
However, a sentence saying [Unit Lost] is being mercilessly displayed on the monitors inside Saki’s striker.
Even with the additional armor, it is impossible for the [Dainsleif] to guard against a high-caliber shell designed for destroying ships.

“Y, You gotta be kidding right…….”

It could not be described as anything but a complete defeat.
Saki’s hands, which are still holding the control sticks, started to shake.

“It’s just a single defeat, don’t be so shocked! This is only an exercise right!”

Kisei’s voice reaches Saki’s ears.

“This is not a real battle.
It’s a fight to see if we can understand each other.
Am I wrong, Eh!!?”

“WHAT!? Bring it on then! I’m gonna take you down!!”

The short-tempered Saki immediately reacted to Kisei’s provocation.
With her eyes brimming with motivation, she restarted the training program.


Once again, she starts up the thruster and approaches Kisei who had already taken a distance away from her.
The [Dainsleif]’s hand grabbed onto the katana grip again.
She also did not forget to position the cloak-like armor to cover the hands until the last minute before she unleashes her attack.

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“I got you this time, ELECTROMAGNETIC SLASH!”

Accompanied by an electric spark, the silver blade is unsheathed from the scabbard.
The slash flashes at a speed comparable to a bullet.
Even if Kisei’s striker is a Zenith-type, if it is within the striking range, it would be cut down in a single blow.

“No matter how fast it is, it’s no use if you can’t land it!”

Kisei evaded the blow with minimal movement.
The tip of the katana lightly scraped the armor of the [Caliburn-Revive].


Due to its power, the [Dainsleif] has a hard time moving immediately after the katana was electromagnetically ejected.
Still, Saki uses the thrusters on the independently movable cloak-like armor to get some distance.
However, Kisei did not miss this chance.
He approached and inserted the muzzle of his blaster rifle into the gap between the cloak armor then pulled the trigger.


Saki clenched her teeth at the [Unit Lost] message displaying on her monitors and restarted the training program.

“At least take out your swords! Are you trying to make a fool of me!?”

“So you wanted a sword fight? Alright, I will play along!”

Kisei mounts the blaster rifle on the hardpoint at the [Caliburn-Revive]’s waist and pulls out a photon saber from the chest compartment.

“Looking down on me–!”

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Saki rushed in with the katana still unsheathed and performs a downward slash from above.
In response, Kisei blocked the katana with the photon saber.
The metallic and energy blades collided, sending the sparks flying.
One is a weapon that utilizes a magnetic field to mold light particles into a shape of a sword, another is a sword that vibrates at high frequency to increase its slashing power.
Since both generate a strong magnetic force, they are actually repelling each other.

“Quite a power output you have there!”

It was the [Caliburn-Revive] that was being pushed back.
Although it is a newer model, the opponent striker is a unit built to be specialized in close-quarter combat.
The [Dainsleif] is a striker that is capable of producing instantaneous power to enhance its body using a high torque motor.
Being a general-purpose striker, the [Caliburn-Revive] appears to be losing to that instantaneous power boost.

“It’s because you weren’t taking me seriously, you idiot!”

When the [Caliburn-Revive] lost its posture, Saki immediately launched a follow-up attack.
However, Kisei parried it with the photon saber, easily diverting its trajectory.
This time, it was the [Dainsleif] that lost its posture.

“But you can not win a battle with power alone!”

Kisei immediately stepped on the pedal and closed the distance.


Saki tried to escape but faster than she could, the tip of the pile bunker mounted on the [Caliburn-Revive]’s hand had already touched the abdomen of the [Dainsleif].

With the words [Unit Lost] displayed in front of her for the third time already, Saki grit her teeth and shouted out.

“Damn it, AGAIN!”

I’m going to accompany you!”

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