The Knight Refuses to Lose

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“You think [Viper II] is just a long-range model!?”

Even when he couldn’t intercept Nora with his rifle in time, Kisei still hadn’t given up yet.
By twisting the body of the [Viper II], Kisei fired the ultra-short barrel diffuse blaster cannon (TLN: Basically ultra-short barrel shotgun) installed into the [Viper II]’s abdomen at the approaching Nora.


The diffuse blaster canon does not have nearly enough ability to accelerate the particles to be powerful enough to defeat a striker with a single shot.
However, because its shot still contains a large number of heated particles, even the [Vil]’s heavy armor will take some damage from the direct hit.
The main camera which was directly hit was destroyed and Nora’s movement slowed down.

“I’ve got you!”

Kisei did not let his chance slide and immediately went on a full retreat with all his might while firing his blaster rifle at her.
Still, Nora is one of the strongest aces.
She won’t be shot down that easily.
While switching to her sub camera, she immediately leaped sideways to avoid the beams.

“I’m not so green as to get hit by those half baked shots [DESUYO!]”


While evading his shots with agile movement unsuited to the [Vil]’s heavy frame, Nora fired back with her mega blaster rifle.

Although Kisei managed to avoid the counterfire, he started breaking into cold sweats.

“Y, You are struggling a lot huh.
Your movement is completely different than usual, you know…….”

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Groaned Saki who’s watching the game.
If it’s the usual Kisei then he would have already taken out his photon saber and counterattack.
But now it doesn’t seem like he can afford to do that at all.

“So it’s like using only experiences and pilot skills huh.
I see, so the source of My Lord’s power was the I-con system after all.
Still, to think that the difference without the thoughts assist control would be this much…….”

“Using the control stick to input each and every action is obviously gonna be slower than using my reflex isn’t it!”

Kisei severely replied to Tersis’s casual analysis.
In truth, he can’t even afford to perform any counter against Nora’s fierce series of attacks.
He would probably get shot down immediately if he gets careless.

“Hahaha, this is quite refreshing [DESU]! It’s quite an experience to be cornering the great [Wicked Star] you know!”

“That’s why I said I didn’t like action games! Damn it!”

Nora shows a fierce smile.
She seemed to be having fun so Kisei involuntarily shouted back.

“Even inside a game, a striker battle is still a striker battle [DESU!] ORYAHHH!”


Nora’s [Vil]’s flying kick directly connected with Kisei’s [Viper II]’s abdomen and the thin silver striker was blown away like a soccer ball.

“This is the end!”

Shouted Nora as she pointed her mega blaster rifle at the [Viper II] that’s currently rolling on the ground.
She was about to pull the trigger with an extremely joyful expression but she was stopped by a blaring sound of lock-on alert inside her cockpit.

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Schleer broke in between them with a lively voice and charged at Nora while firing her blaster rifle at her.

“Damn it! That woman, she’s already down!? What a useless woman [DESU]!”

“Even if it’s informal, is that really something you should say about your superior?”

Shot down by Schleer, Valentina grumbled at Nora as she was faced with a game over screen.
Since her striker was hit by Kisei’s missile barrage, the fact that she held out for so long should be praiseworthy instead.

“Just give up, my little sister.
Eleanor aside, all of the 4 Heavenlys are like this.”

“It seems you were having a hard time too huh, Aneue…….”

While Valentina was sighing at her subordinate, the battle intensified.
Nora was using the building as a cover to shield herself from Schleer’s blaster rifle but she was sniped by Kisei who has been sneaking around her in secret.

“EEII! Stop sneaking behind me already! Just come at me from the front!”

Nora immediately takes aim at Kisei with her mega blaster rifle but before she could properly lock on, Schleer rushed in.

“Oh no, you don’t!”

“Aren’t you too eager for this!!”

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Nora’s tone was even more coarse than usual.

“Of course I am! There are not that many chances where you can fight to protect Kisei-san you know!! If you are excited in a situation like this then you can’t call yourself a woman right!!”

“I guess that’s true……I see, so the game can be enjoyed that way too huh.”

Valentina quietly muttered but her voice did not reach the still excited Schleer.

“D, Damn you…….!”

The movement of the super excited Schleer was something that even a top ace like Nora can underestimate.
She might be able to manage in a 1v1 situation but she couldn’t even counterattack properly due to Kisei’s timely support fire.

“Your intuition is still troublesome even with that suck-ass maneuver [DESU]!”

“Suck-ass maneuver!? My body just can’t keep up with the control alright!”

“It’s okay, Kisei-san! This Schleer Henrietta will protect you!”

Shouting so, Schleer took out her Zweihander again and charged at Nora.
Nora clicks her tongue and tries to intercept her but the missile barrage from Kisei prevents her from performing a counterattack.

“D, Damn it……”

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Nora managed to avoid the missiles but Schleer’s attack was unrelenting.
The Zweihander pierced the [Vil]’s unprotected body, disabled its main motor.

With the game over message showing on her display, Nora let out a deep sigh.

“NNnnnn, and I finally got a chance to take down Kisei-SAN too…….”

“Wahahaha, you can’t take him down even if you try with me around!”

Schleer said proudly.

Valentina then makes a big smile and offers a suggestion.

“Then let’s switch teams.
I want to be My Love’s knight this time.”

“Oi, wait a minute, that’s not fair right! I want to do that too!”

“No, you won’t! I won’t let you have the title of Kisei-san’s knight!”

While listening to their heated arguments, Kisei shrugs with an awkward expression.

“It looks like doing a princess…….no, a prince play might be more enjoyable here huh.”

(TLN: A princess play is an online gaming slang in JP referring to female PC that charms male players[simps?] to protect them)

Thinking of that unhealthy way to enjoy the game, Kisei made an ironic smile.

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