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In the end, Kisei played the game 5 more times with a different teammate each round.
Of course, he has a hard time keeping up every round but it seems that rather than his dominating opponents, his teammate ended up enjoying the game more.

“Th, that’s enough for me, I’m tired…….”

Kisei thought that he should just enjoy the game while being protected by his teammate but it’s still tiring when he keeps at it for 30 minutes straight.
Naturally, you get tired in real battle too if you fight for a long time but with the game being completely different, his mind and body still find it difficult to get used to it.

“Ahaha, sorry for the trouble…….Kisei-san ended up playing a lot after all.”

The one who greeted Kisei who came out of the game cockpit with a tired expression was Schleer although she has a bitter smile on her face, still carrying a joyful atmosphere around her.
She was finally able to play the role of his knight so she’s in quite a good mood.

“It’s fine, it was fun after all.”

Kisei replied while waving his hand.
If he thinks of it as roleplaying then it’s not like he can’t accept it.
Apparently, Vuld women do enjoy the situation where they can [Fight while protecting a man] quite a lot.
Not only Schleer but even Saki and Valentina also seemed like they were enjoying themselves too.
If everyone enjoyed the game then winning or losing doesn’t really matter.

“Still, it does get stale after a while [DESUNE].”

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Said Nora while she was wiping off her sweat with a towel.
If Kisei quits then Nora doesn’t want to play it anymore either since her goal was to defeat him.

“There are a lot of games here so it would be a waste if we don’t play other games too right?”

“I guess so [DESUNE] In the first place, we can pilot a striker as much as we want at work anyway [DESU].
Even if it’s just a game, piloting a striker on vacation still doesn’t make sense to me [DESU].”

“I’m kinda convinced when you put it like that.
Everyone here’s a pilot after all.”

Saki nods while folding her arms.
They were just flying around in their striker on Senstera Prime the other day after all.
After thinking about it a little, Saki sweeps her eyes around the place.

“Still, these games huh.
We have this many people so it would be no fun if each of us played the game here separately right.”

“I see some virtual horse racing over there though?”

Tersis pointed toward a large LCD screen displaying the image of horses galloping in a ring.
Certainly, many of them can play the game together but……..”

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“Hmm, I want to play something competitive though.”

“Then what about that one? You and Tersis love this kind of exercise game right.”

Saying so, Diaroze walks up to a ping pong table-shaped thing.

“I see, air hockey huh.
Not bad.”

Air hockey is a classic game where you hit a floating resin disk at each other that has been around for a long time.
In a hot spring, people would expect to see a ping pong table but since the air hockey rule is not that much different, everyone should be able to play it.
Thinking so, Saki joyfully agreed.

“I think I’m going to sit this one out.
I can’t compete with you guys with my dynamic vision after all.”

When it comes to a physical game like this, he has no chance of winning against a Vuld unless they go easy on him.
So, Kisei shakes his head and withdraws with a bitter smile.

“Hmm, then allow me…….”

Seeing him like that, Schleer shows him a daring smile.
Playing this against Valentina or Tersis while Kisei is watching should be interesting.
However, Diaroze gently pulls her sleeve.

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“Eh? What is it…….”

Diaroze did not answer and silently shook her head sideways.
She then looks at Kisei for a moment before turning her gaze back toward Schleer.
With that alone, Schleer understood what she wanted to say.

“……I see, you are quite a schemer aren’t you.”

Without noticing their conversation, Saki and the others have already started playing.
The match is 2v2.
On one side is the Saki and Nora team while the other is Valentina and Tersis team.

“…..Haa, I can’t see what’s going on at all though…….”

With each side hitting the disk back and forth repeatedly with machine-gun-like speed, Kisei was pulled back a little.
Naturally, at such a speed, Kisei’s eyes can’t possibly keep up.
Thinking that it’s the right choice to not participate in the game, Kisei shrugs to himself.

“Oi, Master.”

Diaroze, who was always standing right behind him, whispered into his ear.
With the sudden hot breath blowing into his ear, Kisei stiffened in surprise.

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Perhaps thinking that his attitude was cute, Diaroze gently patted his head.
She then continues in a lustrous voice.

“They are playing on their own over there so how about we go find something else to play? Hmm?”

“Eh? Are you going to try something again—?”

Kisei stared at Diaroze with a tired expression but he was stopped from saying anything more when Schleer gently grasped his wrist.

She then stares into Kisei’s eyes with a slightly tense expression.

“W, Well, don’t say that…….let’s go play together.”

“……well, I guess that’s fine.”

When a woman says something with such an expression, it is kind of difficult for a man to turn her down.
With a small smile, Kisei decided to go along.

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