To the Bath

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“So, what’s this? You left us out and having fun with just the 3 of you……..did I get that right?”


After they were done with the game, Valentina noticed that Kisei and the others were gone so they hurriedly looked for them only to find Schleer at the crane game corner.
Still, since they were playing air hockey by themselves too, they should have no reason to get angry.

“That’s no good isn’t it……..”

“It’s certainly not praiseworthy [DESU].”

Nora folded her arms and added to Valentina.
However, Schleer nonchalantly turned away with an unabashed expression with a large bag of sweets in her arms.

“But it’s no fun just watching you guys play right? It’s much better than making Kisei-san get bored isn’t it?”

“I’m not proud about it but I’m quite a sight when I play sport you know.
This figure isn’t going to bore any men anytime soon after all……”



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After narrowing her eyes at Valentina’s statement, Nora kicked her in the leg.
It seems that she has quite a complex regarding her short stature.
Valentina is tall so whenever she brags about her figure, Nora can’t help but get the urge to kick her.

“You really need to be a little more respectful to your superior, you know…….”

“Ha, I’m just cooperating because our interests happened to align [DESU].
If you want my respect then how about you go do something that can earn it first? You know, like a proper aristocrat would.”


Valentina groaned with a frown.
Nora’s words may sound harsh but it’s a fact.
In Vuld culture, respect is something that you need to earn.
If you neglect earning people respect, even an aristocrat may lose their position.
Thinking so, she begrudgingly looked at her elder sister.

“Kufufufu……being a slave is nice you know, my dear sister.
Would you like to join me?”

“I’m good.
Thank you!”

Valentina angrily replied to Diaroze who doesn’t seem to have any shameful feelings about her circumstances.

“Don’t be angry.
We got enough for everyone…….Schleer did her best you know?”

With a bitter smile, Kisei pulls out a lollipop from the large pile of sweets in Schleer’s arm.
He then peeled off the plastic and put it into Valentina’s mouth.

“Muguh!…….lick lick……..well, I guess it’s fine…….”

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Seeing Kisei, their anger subsided.
Even though they went off to play without them, they were only playing crane games together.
It’s not like they sneaked off to lewd him.
If it’s only that then it’s still forgivable.

“Still, you guys……if you sneaked him off then be prepared when others do the same alright.
I won’t budge even if you complain later okay.”

“Isn’t that a bit too late? Do you understand how it feels to get left out now?”

“Hahaha…….whatever are you talking about.”

“This woman’s skin is thick enough to ward off a round from a blaster rifle, Your Highness.
It’s useless to say anything to her.”

“Why’s everyone so cruel!? My Love, please comfort my delicate heart……”

Valentina crouched down before Kisei while saying so in a clearly fake sad tone.
Her wolf ears also cutely twitched.

“……alright, alright.”

It’s clear that she’s acting but it’s true that she’s a little pitiful.
Reluctantly, he patted her head while tracing her rich blonde hair.

In response, Valentina exhales a blissful breath.

“That’s it.
Can you not trouble My Lord too much?”

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However, Valentina’s blissful moment didn’t last long as Tersis grabbed her from behind and forcibly removed her.
Valentina is tall but Tersis is more or less as tall as her so even Valentina can’t escape her grasp through brute force.


“Haa……Kisei-san, you can’t show an opening to this woman you know.
You won’t know when she will drop her honorable act after all.”

“Well, the same also applies to you though.”

Nora shrugged and jabbed at Schleer.

Schleer immediately opened her mouth to defend herself but before she could say anything, Saki half-jokingly covered for her.

“It’s okay, Her Highness is famous for being a wimp.
Even if a chance presents itself, she would chicken out anyway.”

“What did you–……”

With a sympathetic expression, Valentina gently tapped Schleer’s shoulder.

“It seems we both have a hard time dealing with our subordinates huh.

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“Yes, well…….on that I can agree.
On that alone though.”

Schleer let out a deep sigh.
She then takes out a mobile terminal to check the time since it’s been a while since they finished their lunch.

“Anyway, do you want to go to the hot spring? We managed to kill some time here and it will be a while until dinner too.
I think the timing is just right.”

“You strangely bring up the hot spring a lot you know, Your Highness…….”

Saki seemed apathetic about it but Nora’s eyes started to glitter at the word hot spring.

“No, it’s a nice idea, isn’t it.
I have been looking forward to it [DESUYO].
Let’s go.”

“Eh? Ahh, well, I don’t mind…….”

Saying so, Saki glanced at Kisei who immediately nodded without hesitation.

“It’s my first action game in a while so I’m all sweaty too.
It would be nice if we could take a bath.”

If Kisei agrees to go then no one is going to oppose it.

Thus, the group headed for the hot spring.

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