Naked Socialization

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Changing location, they are now at a large public bath.
Schleer and the others are now stark naked as they submerged their bodies in the slightly cloudy water.

“Fua~h, this, this is the stuff.
I can’t have enough of this.”

Schleer stretched her body with a blissful expression.
Hers is not particularly big but her well-shaped breasts are fully exposed.
Still, there are only women around her so she doesn’t feel embarrassed about it.

“But it’s a shame, isn’t it.
When I heard that you reserved the whole resort, I was looking forward to enjoying the mixed bath you know.”

Said Diaroze who’s sitting next to her.
Her moist long blonde hair is wrapped in a towel so that it doesn’t touch the hot water.
Her face is bearing a mischievous smile.

“W, we can’t possibly do that right.”

Schleer replied with her face bright red.
If she has to be honest, she would like the mixed bath too but it’s still too embarrassing to bring it up to Kisei face to face.
Besides, she doesn’t want him to think of her as a predator.

“I’m kidding, it’s just a joke.

Seeing Diaroze laughing and waving her hand at her, Schleer puffed her cheeks.
Diaroze continues to grin at her as though she’s enjoying herself but her eyes suddenly shift to Schleer’s breasts.

“……By the way, do you know?”

“Nn? Know what?”

“Terran men seem to prefer a woman with big breasts you know.”


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When those words were unexpectedly thrown at her, Schleer was taken aback.
She then looks down at her own breasts and switches her gaze to Diaroze’s.
Unlike hers, Diaroze’s were very plump.

“Aren’t you just saying that because you have those useless sacks? Bigger breasts are better? I’ve never heard anyone saying that before.
It’s getting in the way of your movement and you often get shoulder stiff from it…….rather, they would only reduce your fighting power right.”

“What Terran men look for in women is not fighting power though……..”

Diaroze shrugs with a small sigh.
She’s a Terran enthusiast who has visited Earth many times.
Unlike your average Vuld woman, she has some knowledge of Terran culture.

“Well, people have their own preferences so I don’t know what Master actually prefers though.
I’m just talking about Terran men in general here.”

“H, Hmm…….is that so.”

The fact that Diaroze did not double down on her statement instead gave what she said more credibility.

Schleer’s eyes narrowed and stared at Diaroze’s breasts as she crossed her arms and started to consider it seriously.

“There’s no use looking at me you know.
Your problem is with my sister.
She’s my little sister so we looked quite similar to each other………she’s definitely taller than me though.”

Said Diaroze as she pouted.
An average Vuld woman doesn’t really care about their chest size but they are very particular about their height.
The idea is that the taller you are, the more advantageous you will be in battle.
After all, a woman’s role in Vuld society is to protect men.

“S, So you do care about it after all, losing to your little sister I mean……..”

“Well, yeah…… or two centimeters is fine but when she’s 6 cm taller than me then my dignity as the elder sister just……..”

“Leaving that aside, you don’t really have any kind of dignity though……..”

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Diaroze seemed dejected so Schleer lightly tapped her shoulder with a slightly refreshed expression.

“Well, if that’s the case then I am really no different you know.
Leaving aside Nora, who’s practically a child by the way, I’m the shortest one here after all……..”

In Nora’s case, since she’s obviously younger than the rest of the people here, it’s kinda embarrassing for anyone to compare themselves to her.
Of course, she is still a little taller than Kisei but……..Schleer is by no means taller than your average Vuld woman.
It’s not like she’s on the short side either but she can’t feel great about herself since the women around her are all taller.

“Who’s a child [DESUKA]?”

However, since the subject of her height is pretty delicate, Nora stomps over to the two with a moody expression while making waves in the hot water.

“Ahaha……you heard us, sorry about that.
But you are still young right.
There’s still hope.
I’m already past the growing age after all……..”

She may be a little baby-faced but Schleer is already an adult(Just this year).
That’s why it’s hopeless to expect that she will grow any higher.

“…….there’s no use talking about it so how about you drop the topic [DESU].
It will only make us feel worse about our height [DESU].”


Schleered nodded and made a long sigh.

“By the way, when are you going to do it [DESUKA}? I’ve been ready for a while you know.”

“When? Eh, what are you talking about?”

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Schleer was confused.
Seeing that, Nora tilted her head a little as though she’s saying [Ha?].

“What I’m talking about?…….it’s peeping, of course.
We are doing it right? Let me in on it too.”


When Schleer suddenly shouted, Nora immediately jumped at her to cover her mouth.
She then cautiously looked around before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t shout, what would you do if those stiffs heard us [DESU]!”

“Ehh……Uh, yes, I’m sorry.”

Nora’s sight was set on Saki and Tersis.
Those two seem to be absorbed in drinking sake at the moment.
Then, when their cups were empty, Valentina immediately poured them a refill.
Seeing that, Schleer narrowed her eyes while wondering what she was trying to pull.

“But, peeping is……”

“It’s no use trying to trick me now [DESU].
That man is exposing his naked body in the men’s bath just next door [DESU]! Rather, asking me to have some restraint would be impossible [DESU].”


Imagine the naked Kisei, Schleer’s horniness gauge immediately maxed out.
Of course, it would be a lie if she says that she’s not interested at all.
Seeing that, Diaroze gazes at her with a grin.

“Since you pushed for the hot spring from the beginning, you probably planned to do it from the start right? I know [DESU].”

“N, No, I only wanted to see Kisei-san fresh off the bath………”

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Since there are only women around her, Schleer blurted out her true intention.

“Hmm, that’s a nice hobby you have there [DESU].
Seeing that man exiting a bath must be quite a sight too…….still, a man’s naked body is still an object of worship [DESU].
We can get two birds with one stone here.
Do you get me!”

“But that would be too forceful……”

“You are being annoying now [DESUNE].
Do you want to see his naked body or not!?”


Schleer shut her mouth and groaned before answering in a small voice.

“……I want to see.”

In the end, she submitted to her desire.

“Good, then come with me [DESU].
I’ve already investigated and it looks like we can peek in since the men’s bath is an open-air one.
We need manpower to cross that fence over there so let’s help each other out here.”

“I, I understand.”

Schleer tensely stood up and followed Nora.
On the other hand, Diaroze saw them off with a speechless expression.

“Rather than looking at him, being looked at will feel way better though…….No, having him strip me off my clothes is still the best huh……..”

Obscene imagination filled Diaroze’s head as she muttered to herself but she can’t afford to let that side of hers show in a public bath so she submerged her face halfway into the hot water to regain her composure.

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