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The place Nora led Schleer to was just outside the large public bath…….in other words, the open-air bath.
The bathing area is characterized by a combination of large rocks and in the distance, you can see a mysterious sight of the valley being illuminated by the setting sun in the west.
Quite a tasteful style of decoration.

“This way [DESU].”

However, the two lustful women can not afford to enjoy such a view.
Without any hesitation, Nora makes her way inside the bamboo grove that was installed there to act as a partition and forcibly get herself through.
They are only able to do it so forcefully because there are no other customers since the place is fully reserved.

“Here, this thing is the problem [DESU].”

Although the place is large, it is only one of the resort’s facilities and they found what they were looking for immediately.
What Nora is pointing to is a door attached to a sturdy metal fence.

“The door is locked and the fence is lined with barbed wire.
It would be hard for me to break through this alone.”

Certainly, the top of the fence is covered with barbed wire.
The place is a luxury resort where the royal family usually stays at.
That’s why the resort’s security is top-notch.
This includes the fence that separates the baths.

“The men’s bath is beyond this….?”

Schleer asked with a slightly skeptical tone.
If she went out of her way to climb over the fence and the thing she saw was a staff office……then it would be unfortunate enough that she could cry.

“Given the relative position of the entrance, it’s almost certain [DESU].
It’s very likely that they have a maintenance passage for cleaners somewhere around here.”

“I see.”

Schleer glared at the barbed wire while folding her arms.
She has already made up her mind.
All that is left is to rush in.
Still, it is certain that getting over this fence will be difficult.

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“I think, if you, carry me like this…….and throw me over the fence, then I should be able to get over it.
I’m this small after all.”

Schleer narrowed her eyes at Nora’s plan which she expressed in a sarcastic tone.

It seems that she still holds a grudge from earlier.

“Then only you will be able to look right?”

“Well, that would be the case.
Don’t worry, I will give you the full details later.”

“Then that’s just harassment isn’t it!”

Schleer sighed exasperatedly at Nora who brought up that selfish plan.
However, the other party is a child so it’s embarrassing to take her seriously so she takes a few deep breaths to calm down.

“……Rather, if we go with that plan then you won’t be able to cross back you know.
If things go south and the staff gets called in then it won’t end up with just embarrassing yourself right.”


Nora, who was so focused on peeping on Kisei, had completely forgotten about what to do afterward.
It should be impossible to completely forget about such a thing but it appears that both Terrans and Vulds do have lowered intelligence when the matter involves lewd things.

“Still, what are we going to do? I won’t just give up after we come this far, you know.”

“I agree but…….”

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When they both started trying to formulate a new plan, a rattling noise suddenly came from the bamboo grove behind them.
The two turned around and their expressions stiffened.
The person who came through the grove was none other than Valentina.


Although Schleer was in shock from being discovered, Valentina did not try to find fault with her.
Instead, she only gives them a friendly smile.

“Hi there, you guys too huh.
Don’t worry, I’m here to join in.”

“Ehh, you are trying to peep too?… usually act all honorable but as I thought, you really are a pervert by nature huh……”

“I, I don’t want to be told that by you! Even I am a woman! I have my sexual desire too.”

Hearing Valentina’s protest, Schleer let out a dry laugh.

“So the reason you poured all those drinks for Lt.
Makishima and Tersis is…….”

“Of course, so that they won’t get in my way.
It seems they are pretty absorbed in the sake over there so they shouldn’t be noticing what we are doing for a while.”

“You are pretty thorough about this huh…….”

Schleer let out an astounded sigh.

“But there’s no way to break through this fence, you know.
It’s not like the place is convenient enough that we can get into the men’s bath just by climbing over the partition after all.”

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“Without a tight security like this, any perverts would try to break into the men’s bath after all…….”

Saying so, Valentina gazes at the barbed wire.
She then confidently headed to the door and inserted something into the lock.
The lock then released with a clicking sound.

“Eh, what’s that.”

“The key.”

With a grin, Valentina shows off the stick-shaped electronic key in her hand.

“W, Where did you get that! Don’t tell me, you stol–………”

“What are you saying! I just borrowed it from the proprietress.”

“What’s with this resort! If you can borrow such a thing then its security is pretty much nonexistent [DESUYO]!”

How Valentina managed to borrow the key to the men’s bath.
Both Nora and Schleer couldn’t wrap their heads around that so they intensely stared at Valentina.

“I told her Her Highness……in other words, [you], want to peek into the men’s bath so she told me the way and lent me the key.
She was saying [Oh my, so the spring finally arrived for Her Highness!] while dancing in joy you know.”

“What are you doing with other people’s names?!”

With her name being used, Schleer fervently protested.

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“HaHaHa…….since you are here then it means that I’m not exactly wrong right.
This is the closet pervert you we are talking about after all.
I thought that you would try to do this so I am actually being quite considerate here you know.”


Unable to argue back, Schleer faltered.

“I also heard this from the proprietress but it seems that your mother also used this route to peek in on her fiance before they get married too you know.
Well, blood is certainly thicker than water after all.”


Hearing that unnecessary fact about her own mother, Schleer let out a scream.
The thought that her esteemed mother did that kind of saddened her a little.

“Well, don’t worry about that.
Let’s get to it shall we……”

The moment Valentina touched the doorknob with a grin, another rattling sound suddenly came from behind them.
When the three looked back in a hurry, Saki and Tersis were already looking at them with a blaming expression.

“Just what do you think you are doing? You three.”

“No, I was……let’s talk about this!”

“No need!”

Thus, the three were immediately incapacitated by Tersis.

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