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The three criminals who got caught trying to peep on Kisei were scolded by Saki and Tersis.
Having to sit upright and listen to their scolding for hours is even worse than being jailed in a dirty brig.
The three have come to agree on that. 

“Haa, my legs are still tingling…….”

At the banquet hall after dinner, Nora lazily rolled herself on the tatami mat in her yukata.
Seeing that small animal-like movement, Kisei smiled at her and crumpled her gray hair.


Nora, who resisted with blushed cheeks, staggered back but she managed to get up.
She then closed in on Kisei, locked him in place with her arms, and roughed up his hair in revenge.

“I’m on the patting faction, not the patted one [DESU]!!”

“You have factions for that…….?”

Kisei was seriously puzzled about that as Nora continued roughing up his hair but another person came up and grabbed the collar of Nora’s yukata.
It’s Tersis.

“Lady Nora, it appears that you still haven’t reflected enough?”

“HIEE, anything but the sermon…….”

Even the rebellious Nora immediately backed off since she’s just got through hours of Saki and Tersis’s sermon.

“It’s okay, isn’t it.
It’s like playing with a child after all.
You don’t have to punish her seriously.”

“Who the heck is a child, EHH, WHO!”

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Nora protested but surprisingly Tersis agreed with him.

“That is true, My Lord.
Still, even if she’s small, Lady Nora is also a woman.
Letting your guard down and she might come for your throat you know.”

“Who are you calling a midget!!”

The fuming Nora rushed at Tersis but with the difference in their body sizes, there was nothing much she can do so she was immediately pressed down with her head being pushed against the tatami mats.

“Is that really the case though?”

“Yes, all women are wolves after all.”

“Tersis-san too?”

“…..I am an exception, My Lord.”

Tersis averted her eyes while her face slightly blushed.


“It appears that the earlier scolding was truly not enough……”


While bitterly smiling at the two, Kisei shifts his gaze to the side.
There, Diaroze and Valentina are facing each other across the table in a match of shogi.
By the way, the foldable shogi board was brought here by Kisei.


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Valentina is tilting her head while considering her move with a groan while Diaroze seems completely casual about hers.
Apparently, Diaroze currently has an overwhelming advantage.
Still, seeing them unexpectedly getting along with each other made him smile a little.

“Peace huh……”

“You, these women just tried to peep on you you know…….be a little more upset would you.”

Saki complained with a tired expression.
Of course, Kisei was also told about Schleer and the others’ evil plan.
However, he only shook his head sideways with a gentle smile.

“Well, it’s okay right.
It was only an attempt after all……’s not like being seen would trouble me in the first place.”

“No, be troubled! You are an unmarried man you know.
Have a little sense of shame will you…….”

The stern-looking Saki spoke in a preaching tone but Kisei suddenly came up with something.
He then grabbed the collar of his yukata and revealed his chest.


Saki was instantly upset and started choking at the unexpected attack.
Since her reaction was way stronger than he expected, Kisei himself was also surprised so he hurriedly fixed his yukata.

“S, Sorry.”

“D, Don’t do that again, you! Something like that is what a pair of lovers or a couple does inside a private room okay!”

“Th, that far huh……..torso and up should be no biggy right…….if even this is inappropriate then what would I even wear for a swimsuit?”

Kisei was exasperated but his shoulder was suddenly tapped by Schleer.

“Umm, how do I say this… might be a little too difficult for men to understand but we women have a kind of fetish called CHIRALISM……….”

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(TLN: In Japanese, “chiralism,” or chirarizumu チラリズム, is, pretty much, accidental or natural “flashing,” as in the exposition of skin or underwear.)

“Ah, Ahh…….I see?”

Chiralism aside, it’s not like he can’t understand the sentiment.
After all, it’s not only Vuld women that have this kind of fetish but also Terran men as well.

“Well, that being said, Her Highness did try to see you naked though.”


This time it was Schleer’s turn.
With an irritated expression, Schleer cleared her throat and averts her eyes from Kisei as her face reddened.

“A, About that, it’s just the fault of my yout——I, I’m sorry, truly.”

Seeing Schleer wilting while apologizing to him, Kisei lightly nodded and told her [It’s okay…]

“You did no harm and there are people who have tried something way worse than peeping after all.”

Beyond Kisei’s line of sight was Diaroze who’s just defeated her sister and has a joyful expression on her face.
Indeed, compared to the attempt to rob him of his chastity, peeping is certainly not a big deal at all.

“You…..are you sure that your standard just got corrupted after so much being done to you lately?”

“Hahaha, no way…….”

Being stared down by Saki, Kisei shook his head sideways while letting out cold sweat.
It’s true that there’s been a lot of sexual harassment lately but he definitely isn’t going to admit that.

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“If you say so……..”

After a sigh, both Kisei and Saki make a bitter smile.
Since the person himself doesn’t mind it, there’s nothing she can do but laugh it off with him.


Before she knew it, Diaroze’s hand was placed on Schleer’s shoulder and Schleer jumped a little in surprise.

“W, What is it?”

“It’s the thing.
Come with me.”


In short, it’s a toilet visit.
Although there is almost no possibility of her betraying them anymore, it isn’t a good idea to let Diaroze act on her own considering her position.
Even Diaroze herself doesn’t want to bother with some random accusation.
That’s why she’s willingly accepted such surveillance.

The two left the banquet hall but suddenly, Diaroze stopped still in the hallway.

“… the way, there’s another thing.”

“Another thing……?”

Diaroze’s tone was very serious so Schleer tilted her head in puzzlement.

“Tonight, you will go attack Master in his sleep.
So prepare yourself okay.”


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