“D, Do you mean, you want me to do a night crawl!?”

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Attacking Kisei in his sleep……..Schleer was shocked by those ridiculous words.
However, Diaroze only waves her hand and corrects Schleer’s misunderstanding.

“Not today.
You are just going to sleep by his side.
It’s no big deal.”

“No, I think even sharing the bed is a big deal though……..rather, what do you mean by not today?”

Even though she already felt that she has set the hurdle quite high for the bed-sharing, it seems that Diaroze is planning to do something that goes beyond that in the future.
Thinking so, Schleer glared at the nonchalant Diaroze with a speechless expression.

“Our full-scale offensive will start tomorrow.
If possible, I want you to cross the finish line by the day after tomorrow though.”

“Cross the finish line……don’t tell me.”

“Don’t tell you what, hmm.
You, aren’t you too lax about this?”

Diaroze narrowed her eyes at Schleer who could only ask such a question back.
On the other hand, Schleer’s face cramped up at Diaroze’s words.

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“If you guys manage to repel the next offensive, Nored will no longer have enough leeway to deal with Calencia.
That means……..this war will be over and his mercenary contract with you will expire.
When that happens then Master will leave this country, right? Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Ugh, that’s……”

Naturally, Schleer is well aware of that.
She understands that he will eventually leave but she doesn’t want to think about it.
After all, she can’t stand having to part ways with him.

“You know, that doesn’t really affect me.
If I leave his side then my head would fly right off after all.
On the contrary, this means that wherever Master goes, I will always be by his side.”

A good nature Kisei wouldn’t just abandon Diaroze and go off on his own.
As long as she’s wearing the slave collar, she will be able to stay with him until he dies.
This woman has just lost her position as the would-be empress of an intergalactic empire but Schleer still felt terrified as she might be the one who’s the closest to the finish line.

“But you can not say the same right……….right now you may have a temporary truce but you won’t know when the battle with Nored will resume.
You only have this chance to try and conquer my master.”

“Th, that’s true…….yes, that’s right.”

Suddenly, Schleer’s body shook as she felt a terrible sense of anxiety.
Kisei is a mercenary so he has no place in a peaceful country.
It would break her heart to part ways with him when they win the war so she needs to conquer him before it’s too late.

it’s a little late but I’m glad that you understand now.”

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“But why do you help me? Certainly, you don’t know how things will turn out in this status quo but if you just leave me be then you would have won by default right?”

“That’s true…….”

Diaroze affirms but her complexion doesn’t look so good.

“But even if I can follow Master wherever he goes, his destination will always be a battlefield.
I prefer peace myself.
I can’t rest easy and flirt with Master when beams are flying everywhere after all.”

“So you do want to flirt with him after all.”

“Of course.
You want to do the same too right?”

“Well, yes.”

Schleer gave a positive reply but her expression became distorted.
It’s clear that this woman has no plan of being just his slave.

“Still, that man is like a kite with no tether.
The only way to control him is to give him some burden.
For that, I don’t think a single woman is enough.:

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“I see, we are on the same page on that.”

Kisei may derive his joy from being on a battlefield but from the perspective of someone that watches over him, they can’t help but get worried.
That’s why Schleer wants him to tone it down a little bit.

“Understood, let’s go with your plan.”

“Umu, I’m glad we agree……..but no matter how much our interests align, don’t expect me to work for free alright.
If we succeed then I am expecting a proper reward, you know.”

Diaroze said that with a grin.

“Reward…….you mean like revoking your slave status?”

“You fool! Who would want to let go of such a good position?”

“Woman, aren’t you enjoying being a slave too much!?”

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Schleer no longer knows for what reason she made this woman a slave.
She thought that Diaroze’s a prideful woman so being a slave should humiliate her but…….this is how it turns out.

“Well, leaving that aside.
What I mean by reward is to have me included in the marriage as well.
Oh, of course, you will be the main wife so don’t worry.”

“Kuh……can’t be helped then.”

A Vuld marriage system is one that usually shares one man with multiple women.
This spouse sharing system is usually done between sisters.
However, there is no law that forbids sharing your husband with other women outside your family.
It is rare for a wife to share her marriage with her close friend or a slave but it does happen.

Of course, Schleer doesn’t want to share a husband with her ex-nemesis.
However, she is not confident that she can tie down Kisei by herself so she has no other choice.
Diaroze may be a pervert but it’s true that she’s incredibly smart after all.

“But that’s only if we succeed.
Are you confident that your plan will work?”

“Of course.
I’ve already tried conquering him once and failed.
Conversely, I will not make the same mistake again.
I’m confident enough that it will be a sexxess.”

“Did you say sexxess instead of success just now!?”

“I DID!”

Schleer’s face immediately turned bright red at that straight ball.

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