That night, Schleer and Diaroze were walking together in the dimly lit corridor of the resort.
It’s already past light-off time so the place is pretty much silent.

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“To tell you the truth, it was I who told Tersis and the others about your peeping attempt.”

“I, I thought that they were quick to find us but it was you!?”

To that sudden confession, Schleer’s eyes became wide open as she shouted back.
Of course, she’s aware that she’s out here in the middle of the night for a reason so she tried to keep her voice down to some extent.

“D, Do you know how much I suffered in that sermon hell…..!?”

“That was tactically inevitable.
Thanks to your self-destruction we managed to distract the busybodies like Tersis and Saki away.
Clouding your enemies’ eyes is one of the basics of warfare right?”

Both Valentina and Nora-san were staying in single rooms but they were moved to a double room for ease of surveillance because of that.”

Valentina is being monitored by Tersis while Saki is keeping an eye on Nora.
The two were pretty dissatisfied with the fact that they can’t enjoy their single room by themselves too.

“By the way, I am supposed to be in charge of watching you.
Well, rather than a watchdog, I’m actually your accomplice though.”

“……so you managed to convince Lt.Makishima and Tersis-san that you are on their side huh.”

“I convinced them that even rotten as I am, I am still your love rival and I wouldn’t let you have all the fun by yourself.
It was unexpectedly pretty easy to get them to believe me you know.”

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“……so it’s okay if we have fun together?”

Schleer asked that with her eyes squinted.
After all, Diaroze seems pretty enthusiastic about this.
In the first place, she doesn’t need to walk there with her if she intends to have Schleer share Kisei’s bed alone.

“Of course, having two people is more effective than one and it also has its own merit too.
It’s killing two birds with one stone.”

“Effective? In the first place, what are we doing this for? I mean, I also want to sleep next to him but I don’t see any particular purpose for that though.”

“Umu, it’s simple.
With the two of us, it will weaken Master’s mind and cloud his judgment.
Basically, it’s the same idea behind my strategy against the [Wicked Star] on the battlefield.”


Schleer, who doesn’t seem to understand what Diaroze is saying, cocked her head.
Treating her like an idiot, twirl her finger with a slightly mocking expression.

“You, don’t you think also think that man has no sexual desire at all?”

“Eh, I mean, I guess so……he’s a young man after all.”

Vuld men usually have little libido.
Moreover, with her being a virgin who doesn’t even have a boyfriend yet, Schleer is clueless about how a straight man thinks.

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“Haa…..this is why you are no good.”

However, Diaroze who belongs to the same [Years without boyfriend = Age] group replied with a smug smile on her face.

“As far as I can tell, that man is not the type that doesn’t feel anything when he sees a woman at all.
He was only controlling himself because being with a woman is too risky for himself.”


Curious, Schleer urged her to continue.

“That’s why we will keep attacking him until he loses control.
If you are pent up enough then reasons would fly out the window after all…..”

Diaroze’s remark is pretty convincing.
It gets even more convincing considering that she’s a woman who just lost her position as a crown princess and fell to slavery because of her sexual desire.
This time her strategy is based on her past mistakes.

“First is a pincer maneuver.
We will have him being sandwiched from both sides by us all night.”

“…..but, if that’s the case then it means we will all share the same futon right? Won’t that be weird?”

Sharing a futon between women is not something that Vulds honestly wants to avoid.
If it’s between sisters then it’s still kinda okay but they are both strangers here.

“You are annoying.
Even I wouldn’t do this unless it’s necessary okay!”

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Of course, Diaroze also shares that sentiment.
However, it’s a necessary sacrifice she has to make for this operation.

“But, BUT.
When it gets to the real stuff then we will be doing it together too you know? If we don’t get used to it now then we won’t be able to carry out the plan later right.
Just treat it like a rehearsal this time.”

“Eh, the real stuff…..EH!? We are going to do that three ways!? Are you sane!?”

Schleer can’t overlook that bombshell.
After all, she wants it to be as romantic as possible for her first time.

“Two women holding down a man!?……..this is not like those erotic books’ scenario you know! I mean, I don’t particularly hate that kind of thing but I can at least separate my delusion from reality okay!”

“No, you misunderstood me.
It’s kind of the opposite actually.”

However, Diarzoe calmly replied.
She then let out a deep sigh before continuing.

“Master is a Terran.
You might not be aware but Terrans are physically weak.”

“That’s, of course, I’m aware…….”

She still remembers how Kisei’s body gradually broke down when he piloted a striker at its full output.
If she doesn’t know that then she would still have peace of mind to send him off into the battlefield in the first place…….

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“Against someone like that, if we who are overwhelmingly stronger than him forcefully have our way then the result would be ugly don’t you think.
In the worst case, he might even lose his life.
We need some kind of stopper to prevent ourselves from overdoing it.”

“In other words, you are afraid that I might go overboard?”

“Let me ask you this, are you confident enough to not go berserk in front of that man’s naked body?”


Schleer wanted to deny it but she doesn’t have that much confidence in herself.
Seeing that, Diaroze satisfyingly nodded at her.

“The opposite can also be said for me too.
If either one of us can retain our sanity then we should be able to avoid the worst.
Even if his body is safe, it would be bad if he develops a phobia after all.
Anyway, our priority is his safety so we have to be careful.
You got it?”

“……yes, of course.”

Schleer reluctantly nodded.
Even if some call it a night crawl, if they do it forcefully then it’s no different from rape.
They need to first gain his consent.
And Schleer is not confident enough that she can do this on her own.

“I’m glad you understand……..alright then, we’re here.
Well, the finishing line is tomorrow night.
Let’s not be so tense for today.”

After flashing Schleer a gentle smile that doesn’t suit her at all, Diaroze pressed the intercom button in front of Kisei’s room.

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