Bed Sharing

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As he was about to enter the futon, Kisei frowned at the sound of the intercom.
Checking the time on his mobile terminal, it’s a bit too late for someone to visit him at this time.
With a sigh, Kisei used the remote to turn on the lights.


The room is completely in a Japanese style and the only thing that seems out of place is the sturdy door installed for security reasons.
While replying with an unmotivated voice, Kisei used the LCD monitor on the intercom to check who was at the door.

“……..I have a bad feeling about this.”

Behind the door were Schleer and Diaroze.
Neither of them was able to hide their tension and excitement.
It’s clear that they are planning something but since he already answered, he can’t pretend to be out now.

Unlocking the door, Kisei opened the door with the chain on.

“What’s wrong, it’s late you know.”

“Well, sorry about this.
There’s something that we absolutely need to talk to you about, you see.”

Saying so, Diaroze beckons Kisei closer with her hand.
Since it seems that there’s something that she doesn’t want Schleer to hear, Kisei gets closer.

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“If you don’t want everyone to know that you slept in the same bed as that Makishima Saki woman, you will let us in.”


Kisei’s expression immediately turned bitter.
Certainly, he did share a futon with Saki at the farm village on Senstera Prime but it was because they were being taken care of by the farmers there.

“H, How did you……”

“When Master hopped into my striker, I smelled that woman’s scent on you.
Even if you were together, the smell usually wouldn’t be that strong.”


They did nothing that they need to be ashamed of but if the people here were to know about this, the situation would certainly turn annoying.
Since Diaroze is whispering this to him, Schleer still probably hasn’t heard about it yet.
He’s still anxious about letting them in but he decided to let them in for the time being.

“…….come in.”

In the end, Kisei took off the door chain and let the two in.

“T, to let us in this easily, what did you say to him………”

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“It’s a secret.”

While Diaroze confidently takes off her shoes and enters the room, Schleer still looks hesitant.
Kisei sat down on the futon and stared at the two who sat down on the cushion with suspicion.

“So, what do you two want? Pillow fight?”

“That’s an attractive proposal but that’s not it.”

With a grin, Diaroze shook her head.
Schleer then follows up.

“Actually, umm…….we want to ask if we can sleep with you today.”


In response to that straightforward request, Kisei let out a straight voice.

“T, that came out of nowhere huh.”

“Well, you see…….you promised a kiss to me before right? But rather than a kiss, I think that sharing a bed would be better……if you are okay with it.”

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“That time with the sexual harassment viscountess huh……..”

On Senstera Prime, the condition for the Noredian viscountess to join side with Calencia was for him to kiss her.
Out of jealousy, Schleer made him promise to kiss her too.
In the end, there were a lot of things going on back then that they did not have a chance to make good on that promise……..

“Is ,is it no good?”

If he has to say whether he’s okay with it or not then it’s not but he’s scared of Diaroze who’s smiling behind Schleer.
If the fact that he shared a bed with Saki gets out he can see Nora and the others saying something like [Even though you always told us to keep it in moderation but I guess you are an exception huh].
Since they went out of their way to have this leisure trip, it would be bad if their relationship becomes strained now.


In the end, Kisei had no choice but to agree.

“Don’t worry.
If she tries anything funny then I will stop her myself.
I went out of my way to come with her after all.”

‘That’s only for today though’,………..Diaroze hid her true intention and continued with a shrug.

“That’s why I’m going in with you, Master.
It’s to monitor this woman so there’s no other way okay?”

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It’s too late for him to turn her down now.
Knowing that, Kisei jumped into his futon and curled like a snail.
The two women then looked at each other with victorious smiles on their faces.

“T, Then, please excuse me…….”

On his right, Schleer nervously inserted herself into the futon.
The scent of the bath tickled his nose, making his heart throb.
Following that, Diaroze came in from his left and wrapped Kisei’s delicate body into the embrace of her plump breasts.

“Having 3 people in a 1-person futon is too tight right? This is necessary for us to share it together.”

Even Kisei who’s normally pretty calm in a situation like this can not stay serene this time.
After all, Diaroze’s body was both soft and stimulating.

“Come on, you should get closer too.
If you don’t warm your body then you might catch a cold you know?”

“Y, yes.”

Schleer hurriedly turns off the lamp with the remote before pressing her trembling body against Kisei.
Although Schleer’s body is lacking when compared to Diaroze’s, her moderately trained body and firm sensation give a very nice feeling.
It’s no longer a situation where Kisei can fall asleep.

“H, How did it come to this………”

Kisei was already perplexed about his situation but unbeknown to him, his suffering had just begun.

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