The Excited Princesses

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The next morning.
When Schleer slowly opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Diaroze’s peaceful sleeping expression.


Schleer moaned as though she had seen something unpleasant.
The fact that she looked so peaceful annoyed her so she quickly tried to get rid of that irritating sight by moving away but her body was firmly held in place by Diaroze’s arms.


From between Schleer and Diaroze, a painful groan arises.
It’s Kisei’s.
Even though he’s being sandwiched between two beautiful women, his expression is one of agony.

“Oh no…….”

Schleer hurriedly stopped moving.
She knows that he couldn’t sleep until morning.
Staying up all night for a day or two is no big deal for her but that should be bad for Kisei so she wants him to sleep as much as possible.


Looking at his face, Schleer’s expression turned sloppy.
Even though they didn’t go all the way yet, the fact that she got to share a bed with him is still a progress.
Feeling his delicate body in her arms, Schleer’s drowsiness was instantly blown away.

“Still, this is annoying…….”

Schleer irritatingly glared at Diaroze who’s still asleep.
She finally got to sleep with Kisei but she couldn’t fully enjoy it because Diaroze was in the way.

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Unable to endure it, Schleer head-butted Diaroze.
Of course, she was holding back but Diaroze woke up while letting out a small scream.

“Wh, what are you doing.”

“It’s painful for Kisei-san so let go of him already.”


With a grin, Diaroze looked down at Kisei who’s buried in her chest, and gently let go so as to not wake him up.

“Mmm, I’m all numb.”

Her limbs are completely paralyzed from being put under the weight of both Kisei and Schleer all night.
Leaving the futon, Diaroze rolled on the tatami while groaning with [Umumumumumu] for a while.


While being astounded by the sight, Schleer gently hugged the freed Kisei.
Perhaps because he was sandwiched by them all night, his body is all sticky from the sweat.
However since it belongs to someone she loves, rather than feeling disgusted, his body is now even more stimulating for her.
While hugging him, Schleer put her nose on his nape and took a deep breath.


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“…..the real deal is tonight so don’t go crazy on me now okay.”

“I, I understand……I mean, a situation where I can snuggle with the sleeping Kisei-san is pretty exciting right.
For my [first time], I will have to do it seriously after all.”

“Do you really understand I wonder……”

Astounded, Diaroze shakes the numbness out of her limbs.
She then snuggled up to Kisei with a grin.
Then after confirming that he’s still asleep, she stuck out her tongue and licked his sweaty cheek.

“Uwah, what a pervert…….”

“Didn’t you just sniffed on his nape earlier!?”

Diaroze protested.
Unable to argue back, Schleer went back to silently enjoying Kisei’s scent.
Diaroze also didn’t say anything further and let her tongue roam free on his cheek and neck.

The sight of a young man being almost literally devoured by two beautiful women looked terribly perverted but even though he’s still asleep, it’s not like the young man in question did not feel anything at all.
Although he still hasn’t woken up, wrinkles began to form between his eyebrows and he began to growl in his sleep.

“Uuu….don’t eat me, I’m not delicious…….”

“You liar, there’s no man tastier than you.”

With a feverish smile, Diaroze lifts her face.
If he wakes up now then he will surely call the police.

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“Now then, I have to leave first.”

“Oh, where are you going?”

Even without all the perverted acts, looking at Kisei’s sleeping face alone is already exciting.
Schleer intended to stay with him until he woke up but it seems Diaroze has a different plan in mind.

“Umu, I still have some preparation to make you see.”


“I told you right? We will hit him repeatedly with our attack.
This sleeping together thing is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Y, You still have more plans? If Lt.Makishima or Tersis-san finds out then they will tighten the surveillance and we won’t be able to leave our room tonight you know…….”

Schleer had him in her embrace all night without allowing herself to do anything more.
Her patience had already reached its limits.
Still, she managed to endure in hope of their plan tonight.
She can’t allow it to fail no matter what.

“Umu, you are exactly right.
That’s why we will make use of someone else.”


“There’s a limit to what a slave like me and a clumsy princess like you can do after all.
That’s why we need more help.”

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Do they actually have another collaborator? Schleer was anxious so she tried to ask Diaroze but before she could, Diaroze continued.

“Well, that being said…….first is a bath.
My underwear is all ruined after all……”

“Uweh…….can you not say that so openly? It’s disgusting.”

“Kukuku……sorry, my bad.
Still, the one who needs a bath is not only me, right? If you looked that in heat then he might hate you you know.”

Schleer glared at Diaroze when she said that but she’s right.
Reluctantly parting her body from Kisei’s, Schleer got out of the futon.

“Still, since we intruded on him all night, it would be rude to leave before he wakes up.
I will just use the shower here so you can go enjoy the hot spring alone.”

This resort’s selling point is the hot springs but the rooms here also came equipped with a shower room.
If you only want to wash your body then using the shower inside the room would be faster.

“Umu, I will do that even if you don’t tell me to.
The hot springs here are pretty great after all.”

Saying so, Diaroze waved her goodbye and left the room.
After she sees her off, Schleer nervously brings her face close to Kisei’s.
She then tried to place her lips on his forehead.
Still, it would be rude to do that while the other party is asleep so she settled with doing it on his cheek instead.

TLN: Yabai Yabai YABAI!!

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