Waking Up

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Kisei woke up 30 minutes later.
Hiding her internal carnal desire, Schleer gives him a gentle smile as she gives him a lap pillow.

“Good morning.”


Although he was awake, Kisei seemed to be still very tired.
He then lifts his head up from Schleer’s lap and rubs his eyes.

“I had a nightmare.
I don’t know if it was a lion, a tiger, or a cheetah but I was about to be eaten by something scary……”

“Ahaha, that must have been terrible…….”

Schleer knew that it was partly her fault but she couldn’t just confess and let him think of her as a pervert so she could only give him a vague smile.

“By the way, how did I end up sleeping on your lap……?”


She did it because she wanted to.
There’s no particular reason behind it but she certainly looked suspicious from Kisei’s perspective.
Schleer tried to find an answer but in the end, she could only quietly shake her head and reply.

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“It just happened.”

“It just happened huh…..”

However, it seems that Kisei’s head is not working properly from the lack of sleep so he didn’t pursue the topic further.
He then tiredly gets up and looks at his body.

“Uwah, I sweated a ton.
It must have been pretty smelly right.
Sorry about that.”

“What are you saying! Rather, I want you to smell like that forever!”


Kisei was taken aback.
Seeing his awkward expression, Schleer turned bright red and covered her face with the futon.

“I’m, I’m sorry……”

“We, well, it’s fine.
Come to think of it, where did Diaroze go?”

“She went to the bath first.”

Schleer replied without taking the futon off her face.

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“Ahh, I see.
Then I will too.
I sweated all over so my body is all sticky after all.”

“Ah, then please let me accompany you.”

Schleer lifted her face and proposed so.
Of course, she doesn’t mean that she wants to enter the mixed bath with him.
She only wants to act as his escort.
However, Kisei shook his head sideways.

“No, I mean, it would be bad if someone saw us come out of the room together right? I will go first so you wait a while before leaving okay.”

“C, Certainly.”

If Saki or Tersis were to find out about this then they will surely get in the way of her plan tonight.
She must absolutely avoid that.

On the other hand, Kisei shrugs and glances at his terminal to check the time.

“It’s still too early for breakfast but…….it seems I can’t avoid the bath huh.
My bad, I’m heading out.”

“Eh, yes.
Please have a safe trip.”

Kisei quickly pulled out a bag that has his change of clothes and waved to Schleer before heading to the door.
After putting on a pair of sandals, Kisei opened the door………..to find Nora standing there with her arms crossed.


Kisei hurriedly shut the door behind him at that unexpected encounter.
After all, he can’t allow her to see Schleer inside.

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“Good morning.
Oya oya, what’s wrong? You seem to be in quite a hurry [DESU].”

“Not at all, haha.
It’s nothing.
Good morning to you too.”

Kisei laughed and tried to deceive her but Nora inched closer to him with a cold smile.
She then sniffed his body.

“Oya, Oya Oya Oya……..how strange [DESU].
You reek of women you know Kisei-SAN.
How strange indeed [DESU]……”


She seems pretty confident so it appears that there’s no use deceiving her here.
Kisei thought about how to answer with a bitter expression for a while but in the end, he decided to obediently confess.

“I mean, how do I say this…..Umm…….we shared the same futon for the night so…….”


Nora’s smile disappeared as she coldly glared at the door behind him.
Kisei hurriedly put his hands on her shoulders.
He can’t afford to let her rush in and fight Schleer after all.

“B, but you sure came at great timing huh.
It’s so early so I didn’t expect anyone to find out–……”

“I was out exercising since early in the morning [DESU].
To be honest, I even saw that rotten former superior of mine left your room earlier.
I was just testing you earlier [DESU].”

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“Uwah, you’ve seen that much huh……..”

She caught them red-handed.
No excuses will work here.
Thinking so, Kisei’s face turned pale.

“Ah, don’t worry [DESU].
I have no intention of blaming you.
If a woman really intends to push a man down then there’s no way for a man to resist.
Besides, the other party is that rotten woman who’s got nothing going for her aside from her brain after all.
She must have blackmailed you or something right?”


It was certainly blackmail but it’s true that it was a pretty exciting experience for him to be sleeping sandwiched between two beautiful women too.
It’s not like he didn’t feel good at all so…….he felt bad to play the victim card here.

“Well…….since it seems like you didn’t go all the way I don’t mind letting it go [DESU].

Nora made a devilish grin.

“I don’t like the smell of other women on my prey so I will have to scrub it off myself[DESU].”

“Nn? NNNnnn!?”

Hearing that she intends to let it go, Kisei was confused.
The fact that he’s a little out of focus due to the lack of sleep and the stimulation he endured all night also doesn’t help.
While his face was turning red and blue alternately, Nora traces his cheek with her fingers.

“In short, I demand a mixed bath [DESU]…….Ah, please don’t worry.
Since the male bath is solely reserved for you, no one will find out [DESU].”

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