Mixed Bath

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Nora hummed as she scrubbed Kisei’s back.
Her hand movement was gentle and careful as though she’s polishing a delicate work of art.
Only Nora and Kisei in this large men’s bath.
It is quite a privilege that he gets to have this luxurious bath all to himself but right now he doesn’t have enough leeway to enjoy it.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you……..”

Kisei said that with a tired voice while looking into the steamy and cloudy mirror in front of him.
Despite being so moody earlier in front of his room, Nora seems to have a lot of fun right now.

“Being able to clean their prey is one of a woman’s selling points [DESU].
How is it? If you become mine then I can do this for you every day you know.
I can even throw in my dress-up service as a bonus too.”

“It’s enough if my body’s clean right…….”

“To get this pretty after you looked like that until just earlier, your body is really unfair [DESU] ……..”

Nora shrugged and gently stroked Kisei’s cheek from behind him.
Her touch was so seductive that it seemed inappropriate for her age.


When his body reacted on its own, Kisei hurriedly suppressed it.
To be honest, her figure is way outside his strike zone but with what happened last night, he’s quite pent up.
Since he can’t afford Nora to realize that, Kisei started counting prime numbers in his mind in an attempt to shift his focus away.

“Oh, there’s bubbles on your cheeks [DESU]……I’m rinsing it okay–.”

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Nora grabbed the showerhead with a smile.
When Kisei shuts his eyes, she washes his face with the warm water.
Just like that, she proceeded to wash his whole body.


Kisei let out a small moan when he opened his eyes.
The water washed away the fog on the mirror in front of him and thanks to that, he can clearly see Nora’s naked body behind him.
She doesn’t even have a piece of towel on so Kisei hurriedly turns his eyes away.

“How innocent [DESU].
There’s no harm just from looking right?”

“Seriously, can’t you be a little more modest……..”

“If I’m not modest at all then I would have cleaned the front of your body too you know?”

“Please, give me a break…….”

With a triumphant smile, Nora picks up a bottle of shampoo.

“I’m going to wash your hair too [DESU].
Make sure to close your eyes okay.”

“Ahh, thanks.”

He already realized that it’s useless to resist so Kisei obediently shut his eyes.
After pouring some shampoo out, Nora begins gently washing his hair.
Since her touch was surprisingly gentle, it was pretty comfortable for him.

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“How is it? If it hurts then you can tell me.”

“I’m fine, it feels nice actually.”


Hearing him say that made Nora sigh with a bewitching expression.
However, with his eyes closed, Kisei didn’t notice that.
Nora continues to wash his hair for a while before rinsing the bubble off with the showerhead.

Then, while pouring warm water onto his face, Nora continues to speak.

“That’s the end of my service [DESU].
Now do the rest yourself.”

After tapping his back, Nora sat down in the showering corner behind him.
Apparently, he can wash his own body now.
With a sigh of relief, Kisei quickly washed the places Nora hadn’t touched before standing up and cleaned himself with the showerhead.

“Since I washed your back, it’s only fair that you do the same for me [DESUNE]?”

Kisei was trying to leave the place in a hurry but Nora didn’t let that pass.
Since he can’t turn her down when she said it like that, Kisei crouches down behind her with a sigh.

“Here, do your best.”

When she handed her a towel covered in foam, Kisei let out another sigh before shifting his gaze to her back.
Her body is a young and delicate one.
However, for some reason, he can spot old scars here and there on her back.

“These are…….”

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Involuntarily, Kisei began tracing one noticeable scar with his finger.
It must have required a lot of stitches to sew it up.


Perhaps it feels ticklish for her, Nora’s making a strange noise.

“Ah, sorry.”

“It’s alright [DESU].
You can touch it as much as you want, I won’t get angry.”

“Touching too much is bad in and of itself though……”

He doesn’t know if Vuld people in general are okay with being touched or not but Nora’s still a 14-year-old minor.
Even if Vulds usually marry early, the minimum age for marriage is still 16 for both men and women.
No, even if the law here allows it, his Terran sensibility still doesn’t allow him to casually touch her body.

“That’s a shame……are you curious about my scars?”

“Well, yeah.”

It’s unpleasant for him to see a girl whose skin is ridden with scars so Kisei honestly admits.

“I was born in the slum [DESU].
I have been in a fight for as long as I can remember.
It isn’t just once or twice that I got stabbed with a knife you know.”

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“……somehow, that was terrible of me to pry huh.

It was a topic that was too heavy for him to casually ask her about.
Kisei’s expression turned cloudy as he shyly scratched his cheek.

“Well, it was a long time ago [DESU].
I took the first chance I got and I became one of Nored’s strongest ace [DESU]…….well, since I betrayed the empire, I guess that’s in the past too though.”

Saying so, Nora laughed.

“Well, in the end, I was just a low-born cur [DESU].
I have no qualms biting back at my previous owner……..but, even a mongrel like me still has my own pride and desires.
That’s why I’m fighting for myself [DESU].”

“Your own pride and desires huh……”

Being one of the 4 Heavenlys, the strongest ace of the Nored empire, her life must have been pretty good before this.
If she had continued with it until retirement, there’s a good chance that she will receive a hereditary title or even be knighted.
Since she had abandoned all that to help him, he needs to thank her properly.

“Leaving that aside, please hurry up and wash my back.”

“Ah, sorry, my bad.”

In a hurry, Kisei started rubbing Nora’s back with the towel.
He now thinks that he should repay her even if it’s little by little but……..what he didn’t notice was the smile on Nora’s mouth.

TLN: Kinda Yabai incoming tomorrow………..extreme Yabais are next week………..

There’s still 140 chapters left until the end though, I dunno if it’s going to get more intense in the future.

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