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Bathing in a hot spring in the morning may sound good but since he can’t afford to spend his quality time in it so Kisei decided to quickly wash the sweat off himself and head to the banquet hall as if nothing had happened.


With that being the case, Kisei quickly headed to the dressing room after washing his body and putting on a yukata.
Nora is also changing behind him but he’s trying his best to ignore that.
Usually, he can keep his poker face but due to Diroze’s plan last night, he can’t afford to do the same today.


Seeing Kisei making a difficult expression, Nora thought that it was both funny and unpleasant at the same time.
After all, even if he’s more flustered than usual, it’s not due to her seduction tactic.

“I guess I should make another push huh.”

After muttering to herself in a small voice, Nora tightened the sash on her yukata and silently sneaked behind Kisei.
She then grabbed his sleeve and judo threw him on the floor.
Perhaps because she was being considerate, the landing was soft and he didn’t feel any pain or impact at all.
Her technique was so sublime that Kisei didn’t know what happened for a moment.


With him on the floor, Nora straddled on top of Kisei’s stomach.
She then holds down his arms to prevent him from resisting and brings her face close to his.

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“As I thought, it’s irritating.”

Said Nora with a bewitching smile.
She abandoned the use of her strange suffix and is now speaking normally.

“W, what is……”

“The fact that there is other women’s smell on my prey.”

Her rough breath touched his cheeks.
The scene is like a predator holding down its prey.
At such an action that doesn’t allow him to think of her as a child, Kisei’s heart begins to race.

“Fufu, it’s nice…….that look of yours.
Even though you were that strong in battle, right now you are just like a little helpless lamb.”

“Who’s a helpless lamb……..”

Even his voice doesn’t have any power behind it.
He tried to struggle out of her restraint but the difference in their strength made it clear that he can’t escape.
Certainly, being called a helpless lamb may not be that far off from the truth.

“Don’t worry.
Even if I’m a wolf, I’m still a good wolf.
I won’t eat you here.
That said, I will make it clear that you are mine.”

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Saying so, Nora stuck her body to his.
Just like that, she started rubbing her body on his.
Perhaps she’s trying to leave her scent on him.
Feeling Nora’s hot body over the thin yukata, Kise’s body stiffened.
His mind is divided between reason and carnal desire.

“Your heart is beating pretty fast huh.
Are you scared? Or, did you get excited? Fufu……”

“N, no, I just……”

“It’s no good you know.
I told you that I won’t be eating you today right?”

Nora raised her body and said that with a refreshing expression before nibbling on his neck.
She adjusts the power so that her bite is not too strong or too weak.
On the other hand, the luscious pain that reached his brain made his body tremble.

“You like this stuff? Don’t be shy, I can do it more you know.”

Saying so, Nora gently bit down on his throat and traced her lips down to his collarbone.
Seeing Kisei’s reaction made her smile.
Kisei’s words are no longer coherent.
It seems that his self-control has already flown out the window.

“Fufu……how cute.”

Even Nora herself finds this situation where she pushed down an older man and can ravage him as she pleased irresistible.
She then took her lips away from his nape and instead placed it on his forehead.

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To her, this is her second kiss.
When she saw Kisei turn bright red, she smiled and kissed him again.
A kiss on the forehead is the ultimate way to convey affection for Vuld.
It’s only reserved for a lover or a couple.
In short, Nora is indicating that he’s already hers.

“……oh, time’s up huh.”

However, Nora suddenly frowned when she looked at the clock on the wall.
If she takes too much time here then the other might get suspicious.
She got so excited that she was about to go all the way here but her reason managed to hold her back.
With a long sigh, she separated from Kisei’s body with a regretful expression.

“What a shame, I will leave it at this for today [DESU].
If I go overboard then those two demons will seriously hunt me down after all.”

Nora shrugged with a sarcastic smile.
She then helped fix Kisei’s yukata and helped him up.

“T, that was too much you know………”

Although Kisei’s tone sounded reproachful, there’s a part of him that finds it regrettable as well.
His feelings were clear enough to be discerned from his expression so Nora satisfactorily tapped his shoulder.

“Even I am aiming for you seriously [DESU].
I will do whatever is necessary even if it’s a little reckless.”

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When Nora replied so with a carnivorous expression on her face, Chill ran down Kisei’s back.
He now fully understands that he can not escape no matter how hard he tries.

This might be the end of his chastity.
Kisei started to think so.

“Well, that’s how it is [DESU]…….make sure to prepare yourself okay, [Wicked Star]-SAN.”

Saying so, Nora left the room while waving her hand at him.

Left alone, Kisei let out a deep sigh and put his hand on his forehead.
The feeling of Nora’s lips still lingers there.

“Seriously, what am I going to do.”

When he let out another sigh, loud noises suddenly echoed from outside the dressing room.
Kisei hurriedly headed to the door to take a look and when he opened it………Valentina was there with blue veins on her forehead almost popping.

“Hey, good morning, My Love……I’m sorry, I let that pervert brat escape.
It seems like she’s been doing whatever she wanted in there huh………”

TLN: ……………more incoming

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