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Yabai incoming……….especially on Friday……



“Oh, you don’t have to worry, MyLove.
I’m not angry with you.
Rather, you are the victim here right?”

Valentina sighed after glaring in the direction Nora seemed to have fled to.
She then turned back to Kisei and leaned close to him.

“Excuse me.”

With that short word of apology, Valentina stares intensely at Kisei’s chest.
There are a number of Nora’s tooth marks on his collarbone and neck.
She didn’t bite him that hard so the mark should disappear soon but……..Valentina can’t bear to let it pass.

“No, this is……..”


Without hearing his excuse, Valentina pushed Kisei against the wall.
Just like that, she slams her palm on the wall next to his face.
It’s the fabled ‘Kabedon’.

“I will punish that woman later.
But more importantly, we should get rid of that bitch’s smell first.
Don’t you think so?”

“No, I think your priority is a little weird here.”

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“That might be so.
But you are the one who made me this way you know?”

Lowering her body down to his height, Valentina feverishly stared straight into Kisei’s eyes.

“You brought this on yourself, My Love.
You understand right?”

“D, don’t be unreasonable……..Uu.”

With the conversation cut off, Valentina pushed her body against Kisei.
She is about 20cm taller than him so his body seems almost like it was covered by hers.
Moreover, her body was both soft and moderately firm…….which made him incredibly excited.

“Seriously, both my sister and Nora, they just do whatever they want when I’m right here.
Thanks to them I’m about to awaken to some weird fetish now you know.”

The still composed part of Kisei’s mind is wondering what this weird fetish is but after temptation after temptation, his reasoning capability has almost reached its limit.
With a tall well-endowed beauty pressing her body against his like this, he no longer can afford to say anything.

“Oya, fufu.
You seem quite strange today, My Love.
What happened to your usual calm self I wonder?”

Parting her body away from his, Valentina gently stroked Kisei’s chin and asked that with a lustrous voice.
However, she didn’t even wait for his reply and lightly placed her lips against his.
Kisei was surprised by the suddenness but Valentina was extremely elated.

“I just learned this recently.
For Terran, it seems that a kiss on the lips is more meaningful right? It’s okay, I didn’t make you swallow my saliva.”

Valentina often kissed his forehead but never his lips, unlike Diaroze.
The competition from her sister has lowered her psychological hurdle.

“Nn, fh…….one more time.”

Twice and thrice, Valentina continued to kiss him.
It feels different from the rich and deep kiss of Diaroze but it does feel good.
With his eyes unfocused as though he’s completely in heat, Kisei looks up at Valentina.

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“If possible, I’d love to kiss your whole body, that’s how much I’m passionate about you, My Love.”

While staring into each other’s eyes, Valentina gently traced the bite mark on Kisei with her finger.
They are marks left by a woman on a man she loves.
And they are igniting her flame of lust.

“I will start here.
Something like this, I will just overwrite them with my own.”

Saying so, Valentina placed her lips on one of the bite marks and sucked it hard that it left a mark.
And not only one, she kept doing it to each and every mark.
It would count as an indirect kiss with Nora each time she does it but she was so aroused that it completely escaped her mind.

“U, Uuu……..”

“What’s wrong, My Love.
You are acting too cute today you know? I wouldn’t mind if you resist a little—–”


A terribly cold voice rang from behind Valentina.
She turned back in a hurry only to be greeted with Saki who has already transformed into a demon.


Valentina’s expression immediately froze as she wondered what to do next.
To be frank, her desire is on the verge of overflowing.
She’s seriously considering knocking Saki out to continue on to the second round but…….

“The hell do you think you are doing? EHHH!”

Valentina’s fighting spirit literally vanished as Saki terrifyingly placed her hand on her sword.
While internally cursing as to why Saki is carrying a sword around in a resort, Valentina parted her body from Kisei.


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There, Kisei whose face has turned bright red like a boiled octopus simply collapsed on the floor.
Even he has reached his own limit, in a lot of ways.
Using the moment Saki’s attention turned toward him, Valentina started sprinting.

“Apologies, My Love! I will definitely make up for this later!”

“O, Oi! Don’t run away damn it!”

Saki shouted after her on reflex but she couldn’t just ignore Kisei who had collapsed on the floor and give chase.
She hurriedly approached him and checked his condition.

“O, Oi, you okay?”

“I, I’m fine.
Just a little dizzy.”

Kisei replied while standing up.
However, Saki immediately frowned upon seeing the tooth and kiss marks on his body.

“What did she do to you……..damn it, I won’t let her off this time.”

Saki begrudgingly cursed.
It appeared that she mistook both of them to be Valentina’s work.

“Are you really okay? Your face is bright red you know.”

“Y, yeah……..I just couldn’t sleep much last night.”


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Saki scratched her cheeks and tightly hugged Kisei’s body.
It seems that she’s blaming his condition on Valentina’s assault.
Saki is good at comforting children but instead of being comforted, Kisei is having a hard time right now.
Although she’s not as well-endowed as the two Noredian princesses, Saki also has a pretty good style.
Being hugged tightly by someone like that when he’s like this would obviously make him go crazy.

“Get some rest in your room okay.
I will bring you the food later.”

“T, Thank you…….”

Kisei gave Saki a nod after she released him.

“For the time being, I have to catch that woman and make her suffer some pain first.
Will you be alright walking back by yourself?”

“I’m okay.”

“Alright, good boy……..”

After patting Kisei’s head, Saki ran full speed out of the room.
Her plan is to call Tersis to help her catch Valentina.

Left alone, Kisei began walking back to his room.
He forgot to change at the dressing room but right now he can not afford to care about that.

“D, damn it……what’s going on today.
At this rate, I’m going to…….”

Kisei kept mumbling his complaints as he walked down the corridor but suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed him from the darkness.

Just like that, he was dragged into an empty storage room.

“You seem to be having quite a rough time, Nn? My beloved Master.”

Said Diaroze with a brilliant smile on her face.

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