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“Wh, what are you doing–…..”

Kisei’s body stiffened as he took a step away from Diaroze who’s clearly planning something.
Even though he kind of forgot it because they have hung out recently, he still remembers how she tied him up and whipped him in the past.

“Master, you shouldn’t suspect your own slave like that you know? I’m so vulnerable that my head would fly off at the press of a button after all.”

Diaroze crossed her arms and said that.
Her self-important attitude doesn’t appeal to the fact that she’s his slave after all.

“You know full well that I won’t press that kind of button right!”

“Kufufufu, I’m busted huh.”

After all, this is the same man who has a strict no-killing rule even while fighting on the battlefield.
Besides, from her interaction with him, Diaroze truly believes that Kisei is a kind-hearted person.
That’s why she’s taking advantage of his kindness like this.

“So, what are you going to do? Bringing me into a place like this…….”

Kisei started looking around.
They were in a small, dimly lit, storage in the corner of the corridor.
There is no sign of other people around and he can feel nothing but anxiety.

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“Umu, I just think that it’s time for the big reveal.”

“Big reveal?”

Diaroze shrugged at Kisei who repeated her word back with a smile.

“Don’t you think it’s strange? You got caught by that stray dog right after you left your room and when you thought that you were finally free, my dull little sister happened to catch you immediately.
Not to mention that timely rescue…….”

“……! Don’t tell me!?”

Hearing Diaroze, it finally dawned on Kisei.
Certainly, the sequence of events that happened today is just too unnatural.

“It’s all my work.
How was it? Did you have fun?”

“Wh, what fun? In the first place, why would you……..”

Kisei couldn’t understand what Diaroze would gain from having other women make an advance on him.
In the past, Diaroze expressed her desire to monopolize him in the kidnapping incident.
That’s why he can’t help but wonder why she would do a 180 now.

“You don’t know?”

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“I don’t.”

Diaroze’s smile turned into a bewitching one at his answer.
She then put her lips next to his ear and started whispering.


Her voice sent a thrilling pleasure down Kisei’s spine.
Diaroze then continued speaking with a voice that’s a mixture of shame and arousal.

“If you want this dog to know her place you just have to teach it with your own hands, Master.”

“Y, You!”

Kisei was about to start scolding her on reflex but upon seeing the excitement on Diaroze’s face, he shut his mouth.
She’s obviously tempting him here.
Honestly, Kisei’s reason is about to reach its limit so he might end up really going all the way.
However, it’s impossible for a Terran to push a Vuld down.

“It’s already come to this so I will just say it, I’m a Terran so……..”

“It would be hard for you to physically mess up a Vuld, that’s what you think right?”


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Kisei was at a loss for words at her straightforward reply.
Still, why is she trying to tempt him even though she already knows that? But before Kisei could ask her, Diaroze simply replies.

“But that doesn’t apply to me.”

“…..what are you saying.”

“It’s simple really.
You see, I prefer being messed up by you.
Right now, I would never think of touching you myself.”

When she puts it like that then it’s exactly the case.
With Diaroze’s disposition, she would remain on the receiving end no matter what he does.

“Master can just whip me, mock me, or mess me up until I can’t move.
That way, Master wouldn’t have to worry about me going overboard in return right.”

Her reply painted a clear picture for him.
Because of that, it was quite persuasive.
No, it’s still quite a ridiculous thing to picture but to Kisei whose thought process has dulled from the lack of sleep, her words were pretty convincing.

“That’s the face I wanted to see.
Umu, Umu, that’s it.
I’m a lamb and you are the wolf, Master.
There’s no way a lamb can resist a wolf right? Kufufufu……”

With that mysterious laughter at the end, Diaroze pulls out a thin and small paper box from her bosom and glances seductively at Kisei.

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Seeing it, Kisei’s expression immediately changed.

“I thought that this might happen so I prepared this for you.
With this, you can do whatever you want to me and don’t have to worry about a thing.

What’s she saying when she set all this up herself? Kisei thought so but he doesn’t have enough leeway to retort right now.

“That being said, doing this in broad daylight wouldn’t be good for us.
We would be putting the cart before the horse if we get caught by those busybodies after all…….”


With Kisei’s silence, Diaroze was confident in her victory.

“Tonight, I want Master to leave your door unlocked.
Obviously, you know what this means right?”

Said Diaroze with a seductive gaze as Kisei intensely stared at her.
Although she’s calling herself a lamb, the atmosphere she’s carrying is obviously that of a predator.



With a muffled laugh, Diaroze lightly kissed Kisei on his forehead and then his lips.
Just like that, she turned back and skipped out of the storage room.
She left, Kisei gazed at her back with a sensual look.

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