Night Crawling (YOBAI)

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That night, Kisei was waiting in his futon in agony.
When he checked the time using his mobile terminal, it was already midnight.
With a small sigh, Kisei crossed his arms.

“I’m too early? I’m early right…….”

He’s anxious.
He’s anxious but this is his first time.
It would be a lie if he says that he’s not looking forward to it at all.
It was when he started groaning in his futon that the door was opened without a knock.

“Sorry for the wait.”

Said the person he’s been waiting for—-, Diaroze.
However, there’s someone he didn’t expect standing behind her.

“E, excuse me……”

It was Schleer.
Her face is bright red and her behavior is extremely suspicious.
Seeing her like that, Kisei’s blushed face immediately went pale.

“Eh, You, why!?”

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Even though his words didn’t form properly, Diaroze understood what he meant.
She understood but she simply ignored him and slapped Schleer’s butt.

“Now go! Just the fact that he left the door unlocked and waiting for us means that the victory is already ours! We only need the last push!”

“Y, yea!”

Prompted by Diaroze, Schleer plunged toward Kisei and immediately pushed him down.
The difference in their physical strength is clear so Kisei obviously can not resist.



The two stared at each other without saying anything.
The inside of both Kisei and Schleer’s heads has already gone pure white.
With a somewhat fed-up attitude, Diaroze slapped Schleer’s butt again.

“Just do it already!”


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Schleer turned around and looked behind her with a grudge but she can’t bring herself to say anything back as it was thanks to Diaroze that she managed to reach this point.

“U, Umm, I’m sorry.
I ended up forcing you down like this.”

With her moist eyes, Schleer stared into Kisei’s eyes.

“B, But, Uhh… contract with Kisei-san will be over soon.
That’s why I was scared that we might get separated……..”

“…..certainly, if we win the next battle, this war might come to an end after all.”

Kisei replied while pretending to be calm.
The Nored empire still has some leeways and there should be at least another major battle before they can put an end to this war.
However, if the Nored empire dispatched their main fleet, it would be difficult for them to win………still, whether they win or lose, it’s true that the war is nearing its end.

“I…….I can’t imagine a life without you anymore.
I love you! Kisei-san!…….that’s why I want to spend the rest of my life with you…… other words, I want to marry you.
That’s what I think.”


Schleer went all out and confessed.
Kisei knows that she has had feelings for him for a while and remembers that she has expressed her wish to marry him before.
But this time, when she said it right to his face, he couldn’t help but get embarrassed.
This time, Kisei’s blushing face took a completely different kind of meaning.

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“So, Umm………will you, accept me?”

It’s clear that it won’t end with just his acceptance if he accepts her proposal in this kind of situation.
The flame of arousal was clearly behind her eyes as evidence.
Because of that, Kisei’s body stiffened up a little.
After all, intercourse with a Vuld is not something that he can lightly walk into.
However, before he realized it, Diaroze had already placed her lips close to his ear.

“Don’t worry, you have me here.
If this woman goes overboard then I will stop her myself.”

Kisei’s iris narrowed in surprise but perhaps because of the tension and her aroused state, it seems that the existence of Diaroze did not even register in Schleer’s mind.
Without minding her at all, Schleer continues to speak.

“If, you don’t want me…….then please say it.
I will leave the room right away.”

Schleer shivered and said that in an uneasy tone.
It’s not like she wants Kisei’s for his look alone.
She wants both his mind and body.
If he refuses her then she has enough resolve to withdraw herself.

“If, if you don’t want me………then I will not bother Kisei-san ever again.
I swear I will not act obsessive over you too……..”

Schleer looked like she was about to cry but Diaroze started joyfully laughing.
She then whispered into his ear with a seductive voice again.

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“Are you alright with this? Letting this woman go I mean.
If you just reach out then she can simply be yours you know?”

It was like a devil’s whisper.

With a grin, the devil continues.

“You don’t have to worry about a thing.
You can simply do whatever you want, Master.”

She told him that he can do whatever he wants but it was clear that she was guiding him into a certain direction.
However, Kisei can not afford to realize that at the moment.
His reason which was on the verge of collapsing due to the temptation he had endured since last night has completely been snuffed out.

Using his instinct alone, Kisei placed his own lips on Schleer’s.


While expressing her joy, Schleers pours her saliva which contains the mixture of aphrodisiac into his mouth.
Now, there’s no going back.


TLN: Who can resist with a devil whispering in their ear…….

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