Two-on-One, but—

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A thick green beam flies toward the [Cliburn-Revive].
Although Kisei has the photon saber in hand, he does not use it to deflect the beam and chooses to avoid it instead.

“That’s basically a mini artillery cannon huh.
I can see that I shouldn’t take it head-on.”

In the first place, he doesn’t know if the training program would register an insane maneuver like deflecting a blaster beam with a photon saber so he chose to seal his special move in this fight.

“I’m going to stop his movement, you perform a hit and run on him.”


Despite her complaints earlier, Saki is obeying Schleer’s commands without any protest and the [Dainsleif] is maintaining the distance where it can immediately close in on the [Caliburn-Revive] using its instantaneous burst.

“Even when we managed to put him in check……..!”

Schleer fired the blaster cannon on the [Mistilteinn]’s shoulder again.
In response, Kisei casually evaded its trajectory but the direction he evaded to was immediately under fire from the heavy machine gun.
A bunch of tracer ammunition ran through the space toward the [Caliburn-Revive] like lightning.

“….! As expected!”

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However, Kisei splendidly avoided that as well.
His movement was so minimal and fleeting as if he already knew where the bullet would come from.
At that moment, Saki greatly accelerated and charged in.


“Like hell I’m taking that!”

The Electromagnetic Slash was unleashed along with an electric spark.
It’s a sword-draw technique with an extreme speed that a normal person should not be able to react to but Kisei simply swings the photon saber and diverted its trajectory.
With its blade deflected away, the [Dainsleif] was swung off balance by its own powerful slashing momentum.

“I won’t le-……..Uu!?”

Schleer aimed the blaster cannon at Kisei to prevent him from pursuing Saki but at the same moment, he fired three shots of the blaster rifle at her.
Schleer manages to avoid the impact but she also loses the chance to provide covering fire for Saki.

“Damn you!”

Using that window, Kisei chases after the [Dainsleif] but Saki operates a device on its left arm and fired a kunai-shaped projectile toward the [Caliburn-Revive]


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Kisei twisted the body of his striker to avoid it but by that time Schleer had already regained her bearings and the heavy-machine gun’s bullets are racing toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

“I’m no good with guns but…’s not like I can’t use one you know!”

Saki pulls out a small submachine gun from the [Dainsleif]’s waist and aims it at Kisei with one hand.

“Crossfire huh! This is nice, this is real nice!”

By flooring the pedal, Kisei utilized the thrusters to accelerate at full power and the [Caliburn-Revive] escaped the kill zone with a speed incomparable to that of the [Gradius-kai].

“Ugh…’s high performance is also something to consider huh.”

The thrusters were activated at full power for only a brief moment.
However, Kisei has a painful expression on his face due to the intense G-force.
Compared to the physically stronger Vuldes, the fragile Kisei will have a hard time fully utilizing the ability of his striker.


While avoiding the ongoing barrage from the two strikers with the least movement possible, Kisei turned his blaster rifle toward Saki and opened fire.

“Heh! Even with your aim, something like that is only a peashooter!”

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His shots were blocked by the cloak-like armor.
Since it was designed to provide both movement and defense functions, it can freely be moved to provide cover while keeping the striker’s attack motion uninterrupted.
Quite a troublesome piece of equipment to deal with.

However, Kisei’s goal is not to shoot down the [Dainsleif].
Even if it’s only for a moment he wanted to stop the attack from her submachinegun.

“So you were aiming for me after all.”

Using that time, Kisei accelerates his striker toward the [Mistilteinn].
At a long distance, Saki’s [Dainsleif] has only a few means of attack.
That’s why he thought that he should crush Schleer who has much higher firepower first.


Schleer could barely avoid the beams Kisei shot at her.
It’s naturally harder to avoid an attack without the locked-on warning from the system.

Managing to avoid the green beams, Schleer launched missiles from the two missile pods on both feet of the [Mistilteinn] to retaliate.
With 6 missiles from each side, a total of 12 missiles fly toward the [Caliburn-Revive].

“That’s not nearly enough!”

With the head-mounted machine guns and the blaster rifle, Kisei shot down one missile after another.
By the time the missiles reached him, only 4 missiles were left and Kisei casually avoided them.

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“He shot them down!? Even so!”

She still has her gun.
Schleer readied the heavy-machine gun to launch a follow-up attack but a green blaster beam made an impact on the abdomen of her striker.
The training program did not judge that a single shot is enough to take down the [Mistilteinn] but the second and third shots mercilessly landed on the exact same location.

“Ugh, it’s my loss……”

Schleer hangs her head at the word [Unit Lost] displaying on her monitors.

“Not yet, I’m still here!”

When Kisei was focusing on shooting down the [Mistilteinn], Saki approached him from the back and unleashed the Electromagnetic Slash at an extreme speed.

“I know!”

However, Kisei made the [Caliburn-Revive] perform a somersault and avoided the blade.
The moment the blade missed his striker, Kisei stepped on the pedal and accelerated.
With the bullet-like acceleration, the [Caliburn-Revive] closed the distance and stuck the pile bunker to the lower back of the [Dainsleif].

“…….Damn it! It’s the same even in a two-on-one!”

When the training program ceased her striker’s functions, Saki could only curse to herself.

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