e then he certainly might develop a case of gynophobia.
A Vuld woman can turn into a beast at the flip of a switch after all.

“Y, yeah, well….my body feels heavy but, that’s all.
It went better than I expected actually…….”

“I will say this first, I’m an exception okay.
This clumsy woman is actually pretty normal.
I think my idiot little sister and that Makishima samurai woman should be similar.
If you still value your life then don’t go sleeping with some weird woman okay.”

“Just saying you know, this happened because I accepted her confession……..can you not put it like I am going to cheat on her……..”

Of course, Kisei is pretty upright so he wouldn’t just go around sleeping with some random women after he lost his virginity.
However, when she heard that, Diaroze immediately made a suggestive laugh.

“What’s funny…….”

Certainly, having a relationship with two women at the same time could be considered dishonest.
However, in this specific case, Schleer and Diaroze planned it together.
That’s why Kisei doesn’t have any reason to feel guilty.

“Well, don’t worry about that.
I’m a little thirsty so, I will get some water……”

With a sigh, Kisei tried to get out of the futon but Schleer who’s still sleeping soundly doesn’t let him go.
While still hugging him tight from behind, she started to sleep talking.

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“No, he’s mine……..”


“Umu, let your slave handle this.”

After patting Kisei’shead, Diaroze stood up, took a bottle of mineral water from the fridge, and poured it into a glass for Kisei.
After receiving the glass from her, Kisei drinks the water while still lying down.

But, we are in a bind aren’t we………..”

If it’s just the three of them then basking in the afterglow for a while longer wouldn’t be so bad.
However, they can’t afford to do that in a group trip like this.
If the others were to know about this then it will definitely turn into a big deal.

“Speaking of, take a look at this.”

After looking at him with an evil smile, Diaroze picked up his mobile terminal which was placed at the bedside.
She operated it for a moment and after something appeared on its screen, she showed it to Kisei.

“This is…….”

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It was the picture of Kisei and Schleer sleeping while hugging each other with Diaroze smiling while making a peace sign at their side.
Naturally, they were all naked.
Perhaps she secretly took it before he woke up.

“Why did you take that kind of photo!!”

Kisei was panicking as expected but Diaroze’s smile continued to widen.

“I sent this to Makishima Saki a while ago.
She should be enraging right about now so prepare yourself okay.”

At that ridiculous statement, Kisei was utterly speechless.
At the same time, the door to his room was slammed with tremendous force.

“Oi, you bastard! Open up!”


Thus began the Shuraba.

TLN: Nope still not over the Yabai field yet……tune in next week

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