this for a long while now but this man is too reckless.
He flies into a battle alone as if it was the most natural thing to do.
Moreover, the more challenging the battle becomes the more this man gets excited from it.
I feel bad for Master but I want to stop this behavior of his.”

Feeling that the spear is now pointing in his direction, Kisei looked at Diaroze with surprise.
However, without breaking her gaze, she continues.

“If we give him a big family then even Master won’t try anything too dangerous in the future.
My goal is to have all of us marry Master together and have him quit being a mercenary.
That’s my plan.”

“Eh, I mean, what……..”

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Fighting war is his life.
That’s why when she said that she wants to take that away, Kisei started to panic.

“My head has a bomb attached to it so the moment Master dies, my head would fly as well.
But, even without such a thing, it’s more than likely that I would just commit suicide if he dies.
I love Master.
Which is why I want him to quit that dangerous job of his.”

“…..even I can see that.”

Of course, Saki doesn’t want Kisei to die.
With that shared sentiment, Saki’s anger immediately vanished.

“But I’m strong right…….I won’t die that easily.”

On the other hand, Kisei who felt that the flow of the conversation had turned against him hurriedly stood up and appealed so.
However, this time Diaroze gives him a stern look.

“Certainly, Master is strong.
Your strength is enough to overcome careful planning and clever strategy.
However, you are not invincible.
How I once defeated you and took you prisoner is proof enough.”

At that time, if Diaroze’s goal was his life instead of his body, he would have already been dead.
Diaroze takes pride in being a genius tactician but she’s not confident enough to say that no one else can come up with the same strategy as her.
In the first place, using hostages is like the basics of the basics.


When she brought that up, Kisei also couldn’t argue back.
He slowly sat down and nodded.

“Uhh…..even I know that Kisei-san values fighting on the battlefield very much.
You always seem like you have a lot of fun whenever you go out to fight after all.”

Said Schleer who raised her face up with a resolute look.

“But I can’t bear to see you put yourself in danger.
Especially when you fight in a place I can’t reach.”

Schleer belongs to the royal family.
She can’t afford to accompany a mercenary like Kisei into battle every time.
Besides, even if it gets dangerous, she is not strong enough to protect him.
That was a fact she didn’t want to admit but she has no other choice but to admit it.
That’s why she’s resorting to using forcible means to enact this selfishness of hers.

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“……I guess, you are right..
Argh, damn it.
It seems I took my damn time huh.
It was almost too late for me to realize too.”

With a deep sigh, Saki stood up and took the marriage registration from Diaroze’s hand.
She then heads to the table in the corner of the room and checks its content.
Since polygamy is common in Vuld society, there are a lot of columns for the [WIVES] to write their names in.
After gritting her teeth for a moment, Saki signed her name on the second column from the top.

“This is what you want right.
I like this guy too.
I love him.
I can’t just leave him alone anymore.”

Saying so, she stood up and handed the paper over to Kisei.
On the other hand, Kisei received it with cold sweat all over his body.

“I……want to start a family with you.
But, do you want to have a family with me?”


Kisei started pondering on it.
In ten years or even twenty years…….after he gets old.
Can he picture himself with Saki at his side? …….he can.
She’s a little blunt but she’s a woman who he would always feel good to have by his side.
As a wife, she’s more than perfect for him.

“……signing this means that I have to quit being a mercenary right…….?”



After thinking about it for a while, Kisei stood up and quickly fixed his yukata.
It was a mess since he was panicking when he put it on.
He then looked at Schleer, Saki, and Diaroze.
At his side, Nora, who he couldn’t bear to meet eye with, also looked at him with a frown.

“Let me, think about it for a while.”

Saying so, Kisei tottered out of the room.

TLN: Not much of a shuraba…….still, that escalated quick…..

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