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“Have you made up your mind?”

Saki asked Kisei who returned to the room with a slightly tense expression.
He quietly nodded and signed his name on the marriage registration which was left on the table.

“The next battlefield will be my last.
But I will not give up piloting strikers.
I want you all to acknowledge that.”

“Of course.”

Schleer nodded and put her name in the uppermost [Wives] column.
Incidentally, it was customary for the person who put her name here to be treated as the main legal wife.
Saki didn’t fill in the top row because even if she’s a little rotten Schleer’s still her superior.

“Pass it to me.
I will write my name down too.”

“Eh, you too!?”

Tersis who entered the room with Kisei took the form from her while Schleer bewilderedly stared at her.

“I was promised an offspring from My Lord.
Ahh, you need not worry.
I have no intention to get in your way.
This is more or less just for formality.”

“I see…….”

Schleer moaned and glanced at Kisei but his face had only turned into something like a shriveled vegetable.
When he arrived at the resort, he did not expect that he would end up getting married……not to mention with multiple brides.
It happened all very suddenly so he couldn’t help but feel exhausted.

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Schleer felt that he was a little pitiful but it was her who almost forced him into this marriage.
It doesn’t feel right if she’s the only one who gets to have a good time with him while denying others.
Reluctantly, she handed a pen to Tersis and let her sign her name on the form.

“Umu, very well.
Then it’s my turn.”

Saying so, Diaroze took the pen from Tersis while Saki stared at her with a stern expression.

“You too?”

“Hmph, who do you think managed to get you all this far? Even a slave has the right to marry so I’m simply exercising my right here.”

When she puts it like that, Saki can’t argue back either.
Certainly, it was clear that they wouldn’t be able to get Kisei to yield without her plan.

“Then it’s checkmate.
Kufufu, it seems a complete victory is mine this time huh.”

After finishing putting her name on the form, Diaroze poked a little on Kisei.
Kisei then collapsed on the tatami mat with a groan.
Seeing that, Diaroze leaned in on him and started pressing her chest against his back.

“They say marriage is the graveyard of life, how do you feel now after setting foot in one?”

“It’s not bad.
But I’m exhausted……”


Diaroze was overjoyed.
Having enough of that, Tersis tore her off and made her roll on the tatami mat.
And as though it was natural, Saki followed that up with a kick to her butt.

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“Ouch! Give it a rest! A woman’s kick won’t make me feel anything okay!”

Kisei smiled bitterly at Diaroze’s complaints.
Then, before he knew it, Nora approached him with a form of her own.

“Since it’s already come to this I want you to sign this too [DESU].”

“What’s this.”

The form seems similar to the marriage registration but it appears to be something different.
When Kisei narrowed his eyes and asked what it was, Nora replied with a smile.

“An engagement form [DESU].
With this, my name will be automatically included in your household when I turn 16 [DESU].”

The form was made for the younger sisters who were not yet 16 years old that planned to marry the same man.
If you submit the form at the same time as the marriage registration, they can forego taking repeated procedures in the future.

“You bastard, so you are that thorough huh.
No wonder you were so cooperative……”

“Of course, I was aiming for him too after all.
That being said, I still need my reward [DESU].”

“Umu, Umu, I understand.
I’ve already prepared it so don’t worry.”

Saki and Schleer turned their eyes to Diaroze and Nora who were discussing something among themselves.
They seemed to have arranged a secret agreement between each other beforehand.

“……that’s right, you are still only 14 right?”

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“If she found out I have a 14 years old fiancee my sister will beat me up for sure…….”

Kisei let out a sigh at the thought but this mess was already a lot for anyone to take in.
In the end, he signed the engagement form and Nora snatched it away with a joyful expression.

“Mufufu, it was worth letting that rotten woman have your first time.
To think that it would go so well.”

“Damn it…….”

Just as Diaroze said, this is no doubt Kisei’s complete defeat.
People might envy this harem situation but he can’t help but feel a strange sense of defeat.

“… the way, the marriage is great and all but……what do we do about the surname?”

As though he just remembered, Kisei raised a question.
He did not expect to marry a Vuld so he had never looked into it at all.

“In this case, it will be a series of all our family names combined……Kisei-san, no, Kisei.”

Perhaps she thought that she shouldn’t be so formal to her spouse, Schleer rephrased.

“After the marriage, your name will be Hokuto Henrietta Makishima Melemheim Argarine Kisei.”

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“That long!?”

In short, the family name of Schleer, Saki, Tersis, and Diaroze will be added to his in the order they put in the marriage registration.
This would not happen if he marries sisters with the same surname though…….

“Also, when I turn 16, Arcade will be added to the list too [DESU].
Hahaha, what a long name right!”


Once again, Kisei collapsed his body down on the tatami mat.

Seeing that, Diaroze tapped his back with a grin.

“But you see, my dear Master.
Don’t you think you forgot something important?”

“Something important…….?”

Is there anything else? Kisei narrowed his eyes.

“I’m talking about the one who isn’t here.
Namely, my foolish younger sister.
Aren’t you curious what kind of face she will make once she learns that she was left out of all this?”

Hearing that, Kisei’s face once again turned deep blue.

TLN: The real shuraba is still ahead…..

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