The Sisters’ Bond

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Before she knew it, all the women around her had already reached the goal with Kisei.
Thinking of it from Valentina’s point of view, that is certainly not something amusing.

“Sh, she will definitely be angry right.”

“I mean, rather than getting angry, she might actually cry you know.”

“That is way worse……..”

Kisei doesn’t dislike Valentina either so he’s now holding his head while trying to find a solution.

“Speaking of Valentina, that woman……what do you think she’s doing right now? We are all here in this room after all, she should suspect that something is up right………if she barged in and see us now, this could get bloody you know.”

Schleer said as she glanced at Saki.
This samurai woman also carries her sword around with her like it’s the most natural thing to do.
Without Diaroze, she might actually cut down Schleer even though she’s her superior when she rushed over earlier.

“She’s sound asleep right now.
I gave her a sermon until late last night after all.”

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Since she shared her room with Valentina, Tersis answered the question with her arm crossed.
She gave a lengthy sermon to Valentina because of the incident yesterday with Kisei.
However, since she’s now included in the marriage registration Tersis also felt bad for her since she was the one who preached her all night……..

“Fumu, seems like we have some time then.
Alright, let us decide on how to deal with my foolish little sister together.”

“How to deal with her? What’s this, are you planning something evil again?”

Saki turned a distrustful gaze toward Diaroze.
She may have decided to not draw her blade earlier but the grudge of being sent that bombshell of a picture still lingers in her mind.

“Umu, well, you can put it like that too.
That being said, since you all have already got on board with my plan, you are already my accomplices.
It’s not that evil of a plan so just hear me out first.”


Saki turned away and clicked her tongue.
Seeing that, Diaroze snickered before continuing her words.

“First of all, I need Master to do one thing.”

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“Wh, what? You still want more from me?”

“A, Ahh…..well, sorry about this.
I know that this is going to put Master in a tough spot but please do this for us.”

Diaroze was a little nervous since Kisei is now looking at her with suspicion because of the series of events that her plan made him go through.
She hurriedly apologized and hugged his small body.

“I don’t want Master to do it either.
Rather, it’s because I love you that……”

“Alright, alright! I get it!”

Since the soft touch of her breasts made him recall his experience last night, Kisei hurriedly escaped her embrace.
Even though he had already experienced it once, it’s still not enough for him to get used to it.
Rather, since he now knows what the act entails, he feels even more embarrassed by her gesture.

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“Simply put, I want you to marry Valentina.”


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Kisei started screaming while rolling on the tatami mat.
It’s not that the thought of marrying her was unpleasant to him.
He simply screamed at the growing number of his brides.
He had already filled out a marriage form with four people and another engagement form with another.
If he marries Valentina too then the number of his brides would exceed the number of fingers on his hand.
For Kisei who has the sensibility of a Terran, that number of brides is simply outrageous.

“I mean, I do feel sorry that I have to ask this but us Vulds have to inform our spouse in case one of our sisters wishes to get married to the said spouse you see.”

Hearing Diaroze explaining that while cold sweat trickled down her body, Schleer’s mind was also hit by a lightning strike.
Her sister, Frea, also wishes to marry Kisei.
As Diaroze says, sharing a husband is a natural thing to do among sisters for Vulds and it would be considered dishonorable of her to deny her sister that.
The sense of camaraderie inside a Vuld organization may be weak but their familial bond is extremely strong.

“R, Right.
To be frank, I may hate that woman’s guts but it would be too unfair if she’s the only one that got left out.
Perhaps we should at least include her name in the form?”

While saying that with suspicious behavior, Schleer made eye contact with Diaroze.
Seeing that, Diaroze immediately realized that Schleer also wants to include her own sister as well.
Resignation filled her expression for a moment but Schleer’s support is certainly needed.
Without any choice, she decided to go along.

“Umu, that’s right.
Please think of it as doing me a favor and propose to my sister.”


Kisei stayed silent for a while.
He did recall the time when Diaroze kidnapped him.
Back then she offered Valentina to let her touch and lick his body.
Their sisterly bond might be surprisingly strong.
In the first place, it doesn’t look like she holds a serious grudge against Valentina after her betrayal.
Perhaps she’s pushing this because she actually cares a lot for Valentina.

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In the end, Kisei decided to do it.
He already has goodwill toward Diaroze from the beginning so his feeling only became stronger after their bodies bonded.
It’s difficult for him now to turn down her request.
Besides, he doesn’t want to create a rift between Valentina and the others.

“Man, what a lady killer [DESU].”

Nora poked his side before nonchalantly adding that comment with a grin.

And once again, Kisei rolled on the tatami mat while raising a pathetic scream.

“That being said, I’m not saying that it has to be right now.
Even if it’s far out of her league, that foolish little sister of mine is actually aiming for the empress seat after all.”

Hearing Diaroze, Schleer’s expression turned bitter.
Certainly, she did say that she’s going to become an empress and marry Kisei back at the sukiyaki restaurant.
However, that ambition put Schleer and the others in a bind.

“Becoming Empress of Nored and marrying Kisei-san.
Those two goals don’t really go together right.”

Trying to discern what exactly Diaroze is trying to do, Schleer intensely glared at Diaroze.

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