A Reckless Dream

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Valentina dreams of becoming Empress of Nored.
Schleer would have no qualm with that if that’s all Valentina wants.
However, if her ambition is also tied with marrying Kisei, Schleer is absolutely against it.

“First of all, that woman doesn’t have what it takes to become an empress.
I would never allow my beloved husband to get tangled with that reckless dream.”

Schleer shrugged and heaved a big sigh.
Valentina is certainly talented but much like Diaroze, it’s unlikely that she can achieve such a dream.

Moreover, since she lacks Diaroze’s cunning it’s hard to believe that she has what it takes to unite such a vast nation.

“I am of the same opinion.
If Nored loses this battle, the trust in the Empress will probably be shaken and the other princesses would try to rebel against her.
In such a fierce civil war, I don’t think that foolish sister of mine stands a chance of victory……”

It is common for Vulds to rise up against their ruler.
A nation can only be united through awe and fear.
A princess who had already been defeated by a smaller nation would never be recognized as a leader.

“Her end goal is to bring Kisei back to Nored as her husband right? Both I and my princess here have our own reason why we want him to stay in Calencia.
If I put it that way then our goals are incompatible from the start don’t you think?”

Diaroze nodded to Saki’s point.

“That would be so.
If my foolish little sister truly aims for the throne then she won’t be able to leave our country.
Even I don’t want her to involve Master in this.
Setting her sights on the throne obviously means that she will get tangled with all the needless political conflicts after all.”

“Then what do we do? With our objectives in conflict, I don’t see us making any compromise though.”

Said Tersis.
Even though she’s a Noredian aristocrat, she has already stated that she will take Calencia side.
She probably intended to transfer the affiliation of her house and territory to Calencia using the turmoil in Nored.
Since Tersis hails from one of the most powerful houses in the Nored Empire, doing so is certainly not impossible.
She may be here by her lonesome but back home she holds the position that can mobilize a fleet that can equal that of Calencia or perhaps even greater after all.

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“Of course, we will have her give up that dream.
In the first place, I don’t want my little sister to step inside the poisonous swamp of politics.
Having a convenient position with no responsibilities is for the best, I just have to convince her.”

“You mean becoming a slave like you?”

I have the most enjoyable moment of my life as one after all.”

“You think she will really be fine with that, being a slave I mean………”

Schleer shook her head sideways in resignation.

“Well, the plan is actually simple.
We can just make her interests align with ours.
We have the Noredian army as our shared enemy after all.
Unless she personally took down the Empress, her low succession order would not allow her to even contest for it.
Well, in short, we only have to force her into a position that is convenient for us.”

“Conversely, the moment she defeated the Empress, our interests would automatically align with hers right.”

And obviously, the center of all their interests would be Kisei.

“That’s right.
That’s why she will eventually bear her fangs at us.
Our best shot would be a counterattack.
The best time we can use to take her by surprise is when she’s about to launch a surprise attack on us.”

“So the gist is the same huh.
I see, aren’t you crafty.”

“Just say that I’m wise will you.”

Diaroze shrugged at Saki’s teasing tone.

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“In order for us to launch our counterattack at the right time, we need to keep her from going out of control when it’s inconvenient for us.
That’s why we should keep this marriage matter away from her for now.”

“If she found out about this she would definitely drop every pretense and take the hard measures [DESU]……..I won’t say that we can’t win but spreading discord among us just before a decisive battle is certainly not good [DESU].”

“For better or worse, that woman is the leader of the Noredian soldiers who participated in the rebellion after all.
If we lose those soldiers then we surely won’t stand a chance.”

In the first place, Valentina’s soldiers did not participate in the rebellion because of her charisma.
If she points her sword at Nored again, they can’t say for sure if the soldiers will be willing to fight……….

“That being said, we should also give her some sense of crisis.
It would be troublesome if my foolish little sister gets too optimistic and never come for us after all.”

“…..Nn–, then let’s find an opportunity to tell her.
Like once the war ended, I tell her that I want to relax in Calencia for a while……”

Proposed Kisei as he lay on the tatami mat.
While he was saying that, Nora straddled him like a horse.

While she was riding him with a grin, Tersis grabbed her and threw her off.

“It would be better if you make it clear that you won’t go with her for some time huh.
Let’s go with that.”

Said Diaroze with a snap of her finger.

“We will keep her on the verge of exploding before we use the chance to launch our counterattack.
Then, we use our number and force her to give in! I guess that’s the basis of our strategy.”

“Do you have to go that far to include your sister?”

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Saki asked as she stared at Diaroze with her eyes narrowed.
No matter how she thinks about it, Diaroze’s plan sounds like one she would use on an enemy.
As long as they have to cross swords, the danger is still too great.
She sees no reason to risk that much for Valentina.

“That might be so…..but I do not want to abandon my sister……rather, I will be fighting against my own mother you know! Isn’t it okay if I want to at least make my sister happy?”


When Diaroze brings up the topic of family, Saki couldn’t argue back.
With a sigh, she turned her gaze to Kisei.
In return, Kisei smiles and agrees to the plan.

“This is going to be my last battlefield after all.
Even if it turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected, I will definitely come through.
I’m the [Wicked Star] after all.”

“Seriously, how reliable.”

Diaroze unironically muttered.
Even if it’s a harsh battle, with the [Wicked Star] on their side, there would be nothing to worry about.

“That should be it for now.
If we take too much time talking here then that foolish little sister of mine would wake up after all.”

Besides, this is the last day of our vacation too……I wouldn’t want us to be holed up in here talking about boring stuff all day after all.”


Hearing Schleer, Diaroze immediately snapped her gaze toward her.

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“Did I not tell you that?”

“I haven’t heard anything about that!”

“Me too……”

“Me three.”

“I didn’t know too [DESU].”

“……I’m sorry.”

It appears that she didn’t communicate with them properly.
Thinking so, Schleer put her hands together and apologetically lowered her head.

“The army will be here to pick us up tomorrow morning.
We will depart immediately after breakfast so…….this is the final day we can leisurely play around.”

“Oh no! The hot spring!”

Diaroze hurriedly stood up and began changing her clothes.
It seems she really took a liking to the hot springs here.
Apparently, she wants to enjoy it as much as possible before the end of their vacation.

“Ah, please wait for me!”

Since she enjoyed herself to the fullest last night, Schleer is in desperate need of a bath.
Meanwhile, Saki and the others who did not participate in last night’s activity stare at her with cold eyes.

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