Dirty Talk

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Four women now sweat inside the large sauna room in the corner of the hot spring.
It was Schleer, Saki, Diaroze, and Nora.
Saki didn’t really want to bathe in the hot spring first thing in the morning but since Nora told her that leaving Schleer and Diaroze alone again might lead to more shenanigans, she decided to join them.

“It’s finally just us women so please tell me all about it.”

Nora started the conversation with a nasty smile.

“About what?”

“Playing oblivious again…..of course, I am talking about Kisei-SAN’s [THAT].
As his fiancee, it’s obvious that I’m curious about it [DESU].”

She gets straight to the point.
Schleer was taken aback a little but Saki who was listening to their conversation had a grim expression on her face.
Apparently, keeping an eye on the two was simply a pretext, Nora’s real goal is to ask them about their first-time experience.

“E, even if you ask how it was…….honestly, I can’t remember much since I was very excited……..”

“You should at least remember how big it was right! I at least want to know whether it was big or small [DESUYO]!”

Schleer’s expression started to turn sloppy at Nora’s question.
It appears the memory of last night is coming to her mind.

“I think it was unexpectedly big…..well, I turned the light off right away so I didn’t manage to take a good look at it though.”

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“H, Hou.
Even though he normally only looked cute to me, it seems he’s a real lady killer isn’t he.”

Nora gulped.
Even though his body is so small, the fact that that part of him is unexpectedly big made her curious about the wonder of the male body.
While the two suddenly have this dirty talk, Saki silently looks at Schleer.

“So, did it feel good?”

“It was so good that I would never do it by myself again, I think.”

Vulds generally have higher body specs and sexual desire that far exceeds that of Terrans.
It may be her first time but she didn’t feel all that much pain at all.

“Nn–fufufufu, I’m looking forward to it [DESU].
Hearing you describe it made me want to just push him down and see for myself [DESU].”

Nora once again expressed her desire straightforwardly.
After all, unlike Schleer and the others who were born an aristocrat, Nora doesn’t seem to have any shame about such topics since she grew up in a slum.

“Should I give you a punch here…..”

Saki said as she glared at Nora but before she could raise her fist, Diaroze interjected.

“Hey, little girl.
On Terra it’s a crime for a man to date a girl your age you know?”


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Nora looked back at Diaroze like it was the end of the world.
The sweat on her forehead doesn’t seem to be due to the sauna alone.

“B, but we are in a Vuld country [DESUYO]! Terran law doesn’t matter here right!? Besides, since I’m already engaged to him, there shouldn’t be any problem!”

“I mean, well, I guess that’s true……”

Vuld’s law is quite loose on those who are dating on the premise of marriage.
Naturally, there are still some limits……..that’s why Nora thought that it should be fine at her age.
However, Diaroze shook her head and mercilessly struck her down.

“Are you going to push Master into a position where he can’t even visit his own world? I can’t say I can condone that.
It’s not like I can’t understand your feelings but at least you should wait until you can legally get married.”

“N, No way…….”

Nora was already half-crying.
She cooperated with Diaroze’s evil plan because she thought that she could join in on the act once she’s engaged with Kisei.
Having to wait 2 years for that is, to be honest, quite crushing.
After all, her youthful libido is raging inside her even now.

“What a shame, perverted little girl.
This is inevitable.”

“Who are you calling perverted little girl eh!”

Everyone except Nora thought that it was obviously her but they didn’t say anything.

“As compensation, let me share my experience with you.
I was on all four you see.
Then I raise my butt up and made Master sp——-”

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“You are just bragging, you idiot!!”

Half angry, Nora grabbed Diaroze’s arms and violently shook her.
Since the fault obviously lay with Diaroze, neither Schleer nor Saki tried to stop her.

“W, Well, we can at least compensate you for the time being, you know.
You can go on a date with him alone for example.”

“A date huh, you think I’m just a child or something…….”

Nora stopped shaking Diaroze and glared at Schleer instead.
It’s not like she hates the idea but she just can’t help it since she’s in a bad mood.
Knowing that, Schleer continues her words.

“Being a child is okay, isn’t it.
When I was your age, I was attending an all-girl military academy after all.
Back then, dating a cute boy was only a dream within a dream you know.”

“I’m more or less the same.
To be honest, I’m the one who envies you.
You are the only one young enough for him to pamper you know?”

“I mean, I’m more the type that wants to pamper him instead of being pampered though……”

With a deep sigh, Nora gazed at Schleer and Diaroze.
It doesn’t seem she can get recognized as an adult.
Well, even though she said this and that about it, being able to go on a date alone with Kisei is certainly not a bad offer.
If she can sneak him off somewhere and push him down then she should be able to enjoy herself to some extent.
Thinking so, Nora eventually decided to compromise.

“Alright alright, I got it.
There’s no way around it [DESU].”

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Nora raised her hands in defeat and stood up.
She then started walking toward the exit.

“Are you leaving already?”

“It’s a waste of time here after all [DESU].
You two seemed to have enjoyed your [adult relationship] with Kisei-SAN to the fullest after all……….I will go enjoy my [childish relationship] with him now [DESU].
You at least are going to let me have that right.”

Apparently, she intends to go play with Kisei now.
Recalling his tired expression, Schleer stood up in a hurry.
If she has some restraints then Schleer doesn’t intend to say anything but she will have to keep an eye on Nora in case she suddenly starts doing something outrageous.

“Ahh, please wait.
If you plan to go to Kisei-san then I will go with you too.”

“Seriously, what a pain.”

The two then loudly left the sauna.
Left behind, the heat-filled sauna room fell into silence.
After a while, however, Saki opened her mouth.


“What is it?”

“Umm….how did it go with him last night? I mean, it’s not like I’m curious about it, it’s just a reference for the future…….”

It appears that it wasn’t only Nora who was interested in the dirty talk.
Thinking so, a smile floated on Diaroze’s face.

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