It was a little hard to believe that she would attack a man like a beast in bed.

“Well, the fact that it was her first time might have played a part too.
Still, even if it’s only about the smallest of things, I don’t want Master to have a bad image of sex.”

When Diaroze said that with a serious face, Saki urged her to continue.
It’s embarrassing just to hear it but as long as she’s going through with this marriage, this kind of topic is inevitable.

“I’ve already experienced it once but………..when our skins overlapped, rather than my body, it was my heart that felt more satisfied.
Also, I want to be intimate with Master.
That’s why I think…….it’s important that we are comfortable around each other.
And just for that, I have a proposal for you.”

Diaroze silently stares into Saki’s eyes.
Then after a short while, she continues.

“When you do it with Master, I want you to have someone around to act as a brake.
I still don’t trust Schleer to do that yet so I would be the one who does that for now though.”

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“After everything’s said and done, you just want to increase the number of times you do it with him aren’t you?”

Saki stares at Saki with a slightly dubious look.
It is certainly as Diaroze said but she still doesn’t want another woman to be there when she’s embracing her man.

“When I act as your brake, I will not lay my hand on him.
I couldn’t endure it last time but………this is the best way to lessen the burden on Master.
Having him dealing with us both at the same time is counterintuitive in the first place right.”


If she went that far then it’s difficult to argue back.
Saki too doesn’t want to push Kisei’s body.
For the time being, she decided to go along with Diaroze once and show her that she can properly control herself.
At the moment, she doesn’t have any choice but to compromise.

“No way around it then, I got it……, well, I want to consult you about something…….”

“What, just say it.”

“I, it’s a little hard to say but……..”

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Diaroze smiles bitterly at Saki who averted her eyes away again.
With the conversation they are having, she has to wonder what’s so difficult to say now.

“Because we are going to share the same husband, it’s like we are sisters right.
As the elder sister, I wouldn’t mind helping you out in a bind you know.”

“You being the older sister huh, somehow it doesn’t sound that appealing though……”

Diaroze was the general of the enemy army until just recently.
It would be a lie for Saki to say that she doesn’t have any ill will toward her at all.

“Well, whatever.
Also, tonight……… you think I can sleep with Kisei?”

“T, Today huh—-……..”

Recalling Kisei’s exhausted expression, a deep frown formed on Diaroze’s face.

TLN: Perhaps this reversed perspective is why I chose to start translating this series……..

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