The Second Night Crawling Operation

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Saki wants to join her body with Kisei by the end of today.
However, Kisei was exhausted from last night so Diaroze is finding it difficult to accommodate that.

“I mean, I understand what you think, I understand but……”

Seeing Diaroze’s face, Saki hurriedly tries to make an excuse.
She knew that the current Kisei is far from his best condition.
Moreover, they were just talking about how to lessen the burden on him just earlier.

“But if I miss today, there won’t be another chance for this you know! This is the last day of vacation, if we get back to the ship when will I be able to sleep with him!”

“Well, if the other soldiers catch you then they will definitely gang up on you after all.”

Kisei is like an Idol for the Calencian soldiers.
It’s not hard to imagine what terrible fate awaits those who managed to settle down with him.
Even taking this hot spring trip alone is plenty deep in the danger zone already.

“In the first place, people normally are wandering around the ship even after lights out right.
It’s just impossible to sneak to his room…..!”

“Even if you managed to sneak in, they would suspect that something’s up when the orderly came to make his bed in the morning.
On that point, I agree that this is your best chance.
The staff here are all professional so they won’t be snooping around either.”

Diaroze groaned and crossed her arms.
Certainly, if Saki wants to get her feelings through to Kisei, it has to be today.

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“I guess it was also partly my fault that Master ended up all exhausted.
Besides, it’s me who motivated you to do this in the first place too, no way around it, I will help you.”

“I, I see, thanks…….”

Saki thanks her with a complicated expression.
Perhaps she’s wondering what she’s doing asking her former enemy to help with such a thing.

“That being said, pushing it is no go.
You, are you confident that you can control yourself?”

Asked Diaroze while she impatiently tapped the sauna’s wooden seat with her finger.
Then, after pondering on it for a moment, Saki nodded.

“Yeah, at least I should be better than that good for nothing princess.”

“The bar really is not that high huh…….well, fine.
So, here’s my suggestion, how about you take it slow with him without using your saliva?”

“Eh, a man can get it up even without a kiss!?”

A kiss on the lips is a natural thing for Vulds to do before the actual act.
Hearing Diaroze’s words that defy her common sense, Saki was so surprised that she jumped up from her seat.

“Terran men are like that in the first place.
If Master feels like it then he can get it up no problem I think.”

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“Is, is that so…….I didn’t know Terrans are such a perv.”

Saki’s grandfather is also a Terran but he has already passed away before she was born.
With that being the case, Saki’s understanding of Terran is no different from that of Vuld women in general.

“The Terrans themselves don’t want us to call them a pervert though…..well, no matter.”

On the other hand, Diaroze who has done her in-depth research on Terran men in advance can only sigh at Saki’s perception of them.
With a shrug, she then continues her words.

“I’m sure that you have a lot you want to do in bed with him right…….I’m going to ask you to be patient this time.
Anyway, you have to take it slow to ease Master into it.”

“Take it slow….eh? What’s that? Is that even possible……?”

“Obviously it’s possible.
In short, just don’t be violent with him.
I only read about it in the books but it seems that it would feel better for him if we take our time rather than be rough with him.
If we go that route then Master won’t be that exhausted afterward either.”

“I, I see…….you’ve done your research huh.”

“……you just learn more and more when you grow up as a virgin.
I don’t want to talk about it.”

Diaroze is 27 years old.
Her first time is not particularly late considering how hard a Vuld woman can find a husband.
However, she’s around the age where her peers started to get married so she started to grow insecure about it.
After all, even while being a princess of a powerful empire, Vuld society doesn’t look kindly to those without a partner.

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“S, Sure…..”

Realizing that it’s a sensitive topic, Saki gulped down her urge to question Diaroze.

“Anyway, everything would go out the window if you lose control.
Are you confident that you can stick to this plan?”


Saki thought about that for a while but since she can’t come up with a better plan, she clicked her tongue and glared at Diaroze before agreeing to it.

“I just have to do it right.
Even if I’m a little corrupted by you, I’m still a knight.
I will never do something that would hurt a man.”

“For argument’s sake, your princess is also a knight though.”

With a sigh, Diaroze recalled the wild side of Schleer that ravaged Kisei until she fell asleep.
That being said, she has no choice but to trust in Saki’s self-control.

“Very well.
Alright, come back to me once you are done persuaded Master.”

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“What are you being surprised for, don’t tell me you planned to attack him in his sleep!? If you do that two nights in a row then even Master would snap you know!”

Isn’t that your fault! Saki retorted so in her head but she also realized that if she does that too, she would be no different from her.

“For the time being, just get his consent first.
Since he got off his first time just fine, the bar for that shouldn’t be that high.
Right now Master’s wall against sexual stuff should be very low.
Just use that to your advantage!”

“I, I see.”

Being the serious type, Saki has never hit on a man before.
Suddenly being told to convince a man to sleep with her is just too much for her.

“I know that it sounds unreasonable but this is your only chance.
If you beg him for it then he might agree out of pity.
Simple right?”

“D, Doesn’t that make me look super pathetic!?”

Saki protested in tears but she had no other choice……in the end, it was settled that today she will be seducing a man for the first time in her life.

TLN: What am I translating……

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