Luring Out

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For Saki who has never even held hands with a man, asking a man to embrace her was an extremely high hurdle.
After the bath, she immediately headed to see Kisei but since she just can’t bring herself to speak to him, she ended up wasting a lot of time doing nothing.


Pan, Pan The sound of shogi pieces hitting the board echoed in the banquet hall.
Diaroze and Valentina are tirelessly trying to best each other.
There, with that sound in the background, Saki glanced at Kisei.

He’s lying asleep on the tatami mat using a folded cushion as his pillow.
After the night crawling yesterday and the repeated offensive the day before that, it seems he couldn’t get enough sleep so he has been sleepy all day except for the mealtime.

“Don’t you think monopolizing him during the day too is a little unfair [DESUKA]?”

“But he would be uncomfortable with those shrimp legs of yours right.
This is my time to shine.”

With him in between, Schleer and Nora are glaring at each other.
What they are fighting for is the right to give Kisei a lap pillow.
They are speaking quietly so that Valentina doesn’t hear them but one can almost see sparks flying between the two.

“What do I do…….”

Saki quietly muttered to herself and frowned.
In a situation like this, she can’t possibly talk to Kisei alone.
That being said, it’s not like she’s confident that she can persuade him even if they are alone in the first place.

“What’s wrong? You looked stressed.”

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As Saki started groaning with a bitter expression, Tersis called her out.
It seems that she’s a little drunk and the alcohol in the cup she’s carrying was already half gone.
She isn’t the type of woman that would start drinking midday but maybe it’s a celebratory drink for her marriage.

“Well, something came up……..”

Saki replied with a difficult expression and glanced at Kisei.
With some idea of what’s stressing her out, Tersis nods and replies with alcohol-scented breath.

“I see, it’s about My Lord huh.”


“Those two are in your way right.”

In a good mood, Tersis points to Schleer and Nora.

“… can tell huh.”

“Well, I wasn’t born out of a bamboo shoot after all.
I more or less get it.”

With a grin, Tersis tapped Saki’s shoulder.
She’s not the type that is particularly sensitive about this kind of thing but……right now even Tersis can easily tell what’s on Saki’s mind.

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“Fumu, I see……..alright, since we are comrades that follow the path of swordsmanship, I don’t mind helping you a little here.”

The moment she said that, Tersis stood up and chugged down the rest of the alcohol in her cup.
Just like that, she walks up to Schleer and Nora before whispering something to the two.

“You two, can I have some of your time?”

“…..what is it? You are not going to say that you want to give Kisei-SAN a lap pillow too right?”

Nora glares at Tersis with a distrustful gaze.
Meanwhile, she may not be as outspoken as Nora, but Schleer also doesn’t look like she’s willing to welcome more competition either.

“No, that’s not it.
I just have a small favor to ask you two.”

“…..let’s hear it then.”

Schleer answered with her arm crossed.

Hearing that Tersis cheerfully smiled before glancing at the sword on her waist.

“I’m worried that the vacation might make me soft.
That’s why I want to ask you two for some sparring session.”

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“Eh, wh, why us.”

Naturally, since Schleer is royalty, she has also trained in swordsmanship.
But why does Tersis ask her for a spar at a time like this?

“Hou! That’s nice isn’t it.”

However, Nora didn’t share the same reluctance.
With a daring smile, Nora stood up and stuck out her chest.

“Ah, that’s great.
Then please go spar with Tersis-san by all means, I will stay here to give Kisei-san.”

Schleer said that while shooing Nora away but in return, Nora snorted and beckoned Schleer to come closer.
Since it seems that she wants to tell her something in secret, Schleer reluctantly crouched down to Nora’s height.

“Isn’t this our chance to put this cheeky woman in her place! Since she’s a little drunk, we might be able to take her down if we go at her together [DESUYO]!”

“……I see.”

Recalling the Seiza hell, they were subjected to for their peeping attempt, it certainly was due to Tersis that she couldn’t enjoy the sight of Kisei’s naked body back then.
She also holds a little grudge from the numbness in her legs she was forced to endure during the punishment.
With that being the case, the idea that she can get back at Tersis was a little tempting.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

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Schleer stood up with a nasty smile on her face before walking toward the exit.
After that, Tersis turns back and wink at Saki once before following her out of the banquet hall.

“…….tsk, now I owe her one huh.”

In any case, now the number of people around Kisei has significantly decreased.
Valentina is still here but it seems that her mind is all focused on the shogi match so she has a lot of opportunities to talk with him.
Gulping down her saliva, Saki tapped the sleeping Kisei on his shoulder.

“…..Nn, what is it?”

Awake, Kisei rubbed his eyes while looking at Saki.
He seems to be very tired so it weighs quite heavy on her conscience.
However, this is her only chance.
After she mustered up her courage, Saki pointed toward the door and spoke to him.

“I have something to talk about with you alone.
Can you come with me…….?”

“……alone, alone huh.
Got it.”

Kisei has some unpleasant premonitions in his mind from the way Saki looked but after thinking about it for a little, he agreed.
With a small stretch, Kisei stands up.

“T, thanks……”

With her face bright red, Saki tried to make her smile as friendly as possible…….

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