The Convincing

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Saki brought Kisei to her room.
After all, it is what it is.
She wouldn’t want others except for Diaroze who’s already aware of the situation to hear what she’s about to ask him.

“……so, what do you want to talk about?”

Asked Kisei with his eyes narrowed.
If it was something that she could talk about without any shame then she would have talked about it right in the banquet hall.
Since she brought him to her room without doing that, he can guess what kind of thing Saki wants to ask.

“Umm, well.”

With her cheeks blushing like a ripe apple, Saki started to fumble her words.
Being face to face with him made it even more difficult for her to say it.

“How do I, hmm.”


“…… see.”


“You see, ahhh………”

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Saki kept fidgeting and couldn’t properly get to the main topic.
At this point, rather than feeling frustrated about her indecisiveness, her attitude felt amusing to Kisei instead.
With a bitter smile, Kisei tapped Saki’s quivering shoulder.

“So……what do you want?”



The two stared at each other without saying anything.
Eventually, Saki’s shame reached its limit so she clenched her hands and squeezed her voice out.

“I, I want…….”


“T, t, to sleep with you……tonight……”

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The extremely bashful Saki was very cute but Kisei’s face immediately paled at her request.
After all, he had already had his fill with yesterday and the day before that.
He’s very, very tired.
In the end, being the physically weak Terran that he is, dealing with 2 Vulds with unlimited libido at the same time was exhausting for him.

Of course, he doesn’t hate the idea of sleeping with Saki.
Since they are going to marry each other, he expected it would come to that eventually…….that being said, it’s hard for him to do that 2 days in a row.
Even Schleer was a little scary last night.
If even Saki is going to turn out like that in bed, he might not be able to live to see tomorrow morning.


When she saw Kisei’s unenthusiastic state, Saki was a little depressed.
However, his reaction was expected.
If she’s going to withdraw from just this then she wouldn’t have started this conversation in the first place.
Wringing out more of her courage, Saki tightly grabbed Kisei’s shoulders.

“P, please! I promise I won’t go overboard…….it’s a little irritating but Diaroze can be there too! Even if I can’t stop myself, she will be there to stop me.”

“It’s her again!?”

Even Kisei was fed up with her antics.
The series of offensives he has endured for the past two days certainly wasn’t all unpleasant but he’s still mentally exhausted because of her.
If Diaroze’s going to put him through that again then it will be really rough for him.

“T, that’s not it! Rather, she tried to stop me you know.
But, even so, I……I just, I want…, umm,……do it with you………”


Kisei groaned.
Saki is a sporty black-haired beauty with good style.
Her appearance is exactly Kisei’s type.
Naturally, he’s very happy when someone like her asks him to be her partner.

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However, his reason is telling him that to be sleeping with different women each night would make it feel like he’s cheating on them.
His idea about this kind of relationship is pretty serious.
That’s why even without his exhaustion, he still finds it hard to agree.

“P, please, I beg you……if I miss today then there won’t be another chance again! We can’t do this back on the ship right!? So, please……”

Almost half crying already, Saki clings to Kisei.

“After being told how those two thieving cats slept with you, I’ve already reached my limit! I’m so horny I can’t help it!”

“They told you that much………?”

Kisei covered his bright red face with his hands.
It’s not that he doesn’t want them to talk about it at all but it’s still embarrassing for him.”

“A, also, you don’t have to worry about your body okay! It’s something Diaroze told me about but we can do this thing called slow-sex(?) and it won’t tire you out.
Let’s go with that tonight! LET’S!”

“Don’t [LET’S!] me, come on…….”

Kisei can’t help but think that it would be more tiring instead if they take their time.

“W, why… are fine doing it with them but you don’t want to do it with me? Do you really, hate the idea that much…….?”

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When she put it like that with tears in her eyes, it was difficult for him to turn her down.
Kisei let out a pathetic groan.
Since he’s agreed to marry her, he of course thinks of her quite favorably.
Seeing her looking sad like this only pains him.

“I, I got it……tonight right?”

“T, Thank you……”

When Kisei reluctantly agreed, Saki thanked him with a pathetic-sounding voice and hugged him tightly.
Her relief made her put too much strength into it that Kisei started yelping a little.

“S, Sorry!”

“Be more careful tonight okay……”

When Kisei replied with an awkward expression, Saki repeatedly nodded to him.

(I hope I won’t die from this before the war ends though…….)

Seeing the extreme happiness on her face, Kisei half-seriously started to consider the danger to his life…….

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