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(Ahh, I’ve done it again.)

The moment he woke up, Kisei was assaulted by a deep self-loathing.
While his whole body felt lethargic, the warmth from another person’s skin on his body evokes his memory from last night.
In the end, he ended up spending the night with Saki.

“…..what, why are you making that face.”

Saki who seems to have woken up before Kisei asked him so with a pout.
The two are sharing a futon.
Their naked bodies intertwined in an embrace.
In addition, there’s also the naked Diaroze who’s soundly sleeping with her arms around both of them.

He has woken up like this second day in a row.
The fact that he has a different partner today doesn’t sit well with Kisei.
Doesn’t this make me look like a cheating scum, thought Kisei as he was astounded by his own recent behavior.

“No, well…..hmm…..”

“It, it was my bad.
I won’t force you to do something like this anymore……”

It seems Saki thought that the reason behind his difficult expression was her forcefulness yesterday.
In the first place, Vulds people would never understand Kisei’s internal conflict since polygamy is a normal thing for them.

“No, it’s not your fault, Saki.”


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Saki said that in a resolute tone and tightened her arms around him.

“Call me Onee-chan like you did last night.
You can at least do that when we are alone right……”

For some reason, when they got down to business yesterday, Saki asked him to call her Onee-chan.
Kisei was confused at first but he decided to play along in the end.
That being said, Kisei also has his real elder sister.
It wouldn’t be a joke if he accidentally call Saki Onee-chan when he introduces her to his family.

“F, fine…….”

However, perhaps due to the guilt from making her feel bad earlier, he agreed to call her Onee-chan this time as well.
As Kisei sighed to himself, Diaroze’s hand gently stroked his hair.

“…….and you called me a pervert, you are just as bad right.

With a big yawn, Diaroze smiled and said that in a low voice.
It appears she woke up when Saki and Kisei were talking.
After another big yawn, Diaroze rubbed her cheeks against Kisei’s body.

“Master, how’s your body? Is it painful anywhere?”

“…..I’m fine.
It went a lot easier on me than the day before.”

“Fumu, I guess slow sex was the correct answer after all huh.
Maybe I can ask you to do the same for me next time.”

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During the deed last night, rather than participating, Diaroze was focused on providing them support.
Either because she worried about Kisei’s physical condition, or because she was already satisfied herself the night before, she was much more patient than when she was in the Noredian army.

“What about you? Did you enjoy your first bite of a man?”

“That’s quite a nasty way to put it you know…….”

Saki answers with a stern look.
Still, last night was overall a success for her.
To be honest, she wants to try going rougher since she took it slow this time but…….it would be inappropriate to talk about their next time after what they put Kisei through two days in a row.
Thinking so, Saki continues her words with her cheeks bright red.

“It was a shame I couldn’t take your lips but, well,…….doing it this way is nice too.”

With a light smile, Saki kisses Kisei on his forehead.
On the other hand, Kisei blushed a little before kissing her back on her forehead.


Seeing that, Diaroze grins.
She then moves behind Saki and robs Kisei of his lips.

“Ah, you bastard!”

She held back on the saliva exchange last night since it will put a heavy burden on Kisei’s body so Saki was obviously pissed when Diaroze just casually kissed him on the lips right in front of her.

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“Kufufu, making him taste our saliva would certainly be bad but conversely, kissing alone is just fine, no? Besides, Terrans usually kiss their partner on the lips so it would be more fun for him this way too you know.”


Saki listened with a pout on her face before taking a few deep breaths and placing her lips on Kisei’s.

“…….it’s not bad but, somehow, it makes my heart race.”

Saki’s breathing turned rough after she parted her lips away from him.
There, Diaroze whispers into her ear.

“Well, a kiss on the lips is like a starting signal for sex after all.”

“So it wasn’t just an act to trigger a man’s instinct huh………”

Since it was clearly dirty talk so Saki replied in a small voice since she doesn’t want Kisei to hear it.
They’ve already shown their most embarrassing parts to each other so it’s a little too late for that though……

“Well, leaving that aside.
Me too, Master.”

Diaroze shrugged and pushed her forehead close to Kisei’s lips.
She wants a kiss on her forehead as well.

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With a small sigh, Kisei did just that.
After that, Diaroze gives him a big smile in return and kisses him back on the forehead too.


After a long sigh, Diaroze left the futon and sits naked on the tatami mat while looking outside the window.
Seeing the rising sun and the refreshing blue sky outside, she let out another sigh.

“Ahh, happiness huh.
To think that loving and being loved can provide this much satisfaction to a person.”

“I hope that it’s not just one-way though……”

With her arms still around Kisei, Saki said that as though she was trying to admonish herself.
On the other hand, Kisei smiles bitterly at her gentle touch.

“I think it’s not one-way you know……..”

Saying so, he squeezed Saki’s hand.

TLN: Well, that’s a fetish.

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