The Empress

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Around the same time, at the Nored Imperial Court, a rare sense of urgency linger in the atmosphere.


Noredian Empress, Willecia Renda Argarine was glaring at her vassals, her expression did not hide her foul mood.
Lords, bureaucrats, ministers……..all of them nervously stand side by side before their Empress.


Empress Willencia silently taps the armrest of her gorgeous throne with her finger.
Her eyes coldly glared at the military officer who was prostrating before her.

“So……half of the forces dispatched to Calencia has rebelled.
That is confirmed?”


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With a quivering voice, the officer answers.

“Her Highness Valentina…….no, Valentina has suddenly staged an uprising and took control of half of the army and joined up with the Calencians to remove Her Highness Diaroze……..”

“A loser deserves no respect.
Ditch the honorifics.”

Said the Empress while she’s using her finger to play with her plentiful and wavy long blond hair.
Her voice does not contain even a shred of worry for her daughter’s well-being.
Since the day the report came that Diaroze was defeated, she has never once tried to confirm her safety.

“To think that the like of Valentina would stage an uprising.
It seems that I was taken lightly huh…..!”

The Empress disdainfully spits.
Her anger frightened the young officer.

“I need that fool’s head on the guillotine as soon as possible.”

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“A, about that……Your Majesty, may I suggest something first?”

One of the soldiers raised her hand up with a pale face.
The Empress directed a sharp gaze at the soldier but she allowed the soldier to speak by silently giving her a nod.

“Our intelligence has reported that Her Hi—…..Diaroze is safe.
It appears that she’s being held as a prisoner of war in Calencia’s capital.
If Your Majesty would allow us to sortie an elite rescue team, I believe that we will be able to extract her……”

If they dispatch a team of elite special forces using a high-speed vessel, they should be able to rescue Diaroze much faster than dispatching a whole fleet.
The army thinks that rescuing Diaroze should take priority before they begin their battle in earnest, however……..

“No need.
I have no use for a daughter who failed such a simple mission.
It would be less of a hassle if I have her executed together with Valentina after she’s caught.”

To the Empress, Diaroze was already dead.
She doesn’t need a pawn that can’t enact her orders.
If she’s dead then fine, if she’s alive, have her executed.
That’s all.

“Howe—… you command.”

Seeing the dissatisfaction on the Empress’s face, the soldier hurriedly withdrew.
The Empress watched that happening with a frosty gaze but she soon turn her eyes to the minister of military affairs.

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“Is the fleet ready yet?”

It’s a common occurrence.
Some time has already passed since the news of Diaroze’s defeat arrived.
Nonetheless, the Empress never grew tired of berating her vassals and rushing the organization of a new army.

“The aristocratic army has already assembled.

“The mercenaries huh.”

Unfortunately, the number of applicants has not reached the number we expected…….”

Mercenaries and the likes usually pour in like a flood when the recruitment was announced.
Naturally, Nored has prepared plentiful compensations and they also use various channels of recruitment.
However, it was mysterious how they can’t seem to assemble that many mercenaries at all.

“Your Majesty, our aristocrats and the Imperial army alone is strong enough to defeat our enemy.
I believe we have no need to rely on the mercenaries.”

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One of the Lords nervously voiced her opinion.
True enough, the Imperial Army alone rivals the entirety of the forces a small country can muster up.
On the grand scale of things, the number of rebels doesn’t amount to much compared to the full might of the Imperial army.
That’s why it doesn’t make sense for them to go out of their way to hire mercenaries to add to their number.

Defeating them alone is not enough.
What we need to do is to thoroughly annihilate the rebels.
This victory must be overwhelming and one-sided so that fools like Valentina may never appear again.”

The Empress said so with a relaxed expression but that was just a front.
She is actually being cautious of the Calencians’ secret weapon.
In the initial invasion, she’s sent enough force to guarantee a complete victory.
There must be some kind of reason for Diaroze’s defeat.

Naturally, she has already obtained the information that the mercenary called the [Wicked Star] has joined the Calencians but it’s simply unthinkable for a lone mercenary to turn the tide of war.
She also suspected that other countries may secretly send reinforcements to Calencia in the future.
That’s why she wants to strengthen her side as much as possible.

“If the recruitment is delayed any longer then have the person in charge executed.
Am I understood?”

“Y……Yes, Your Majesty!”

The minister of military affairs answers while drenching in a cold sweat.
The Empress always comes through on her words.
[I can’t afford to lose her subordinate to a silly matter like this.] Thinking so, the minister hurriedly relayed her instructions to her subordinates …….

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