New Power

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At the military training ground on the outskirts of the capital.
A striker with a rabbit-like antenna was hopping around in its mountainous terrain.

“Amazing…….it’s like I’m riding a wild horse.”

Inside its cockpit, Kisei commented with a complicated expression.
As the chief said, the remodeling of [Ex-Caliburn] was completed in less than a week and now he’s taken it out for a test flight.

However, unlike [Caliburn-Revive], which was quite easy to handle, he can only describe the movement of [Ex-Caliburn] as violent.
It’s quite a difficult striker to pilot properly.

“Well, that’s to be expected when it has 50 percent engine output right.
No choice but to get used to it, no?”

Said Diaroze with a happy smile from the pilot seat behind Kisei.
To prevent her slave collar from accidentally detonating, this striker was remodeled to be a two-seater.

However, although a striker is a 12 meters tall war machine, it’s not like its cockpit is that wide.
Inevitably, the cockpit now felt even narrower because of the additional seat and now Kisei’s head is located right in front of Diaroze’s crotch.
A position where she can use her feet to stranglehold him whenever she feels like it.

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“The power is amazing but…….as I thought, the frame really can’t keep up with the output.
It makes me anxious since I can feel the whole thing creaking whenever I accelerate……..”

“Really? I don’t feel it though…….”

“I haven’t used its full power yet.
If I accelerate to full speed then we might lose our balance.
We have to be careful.”

They reserved the whole training ground for today.
Other than Kisei and Diaroze, only Nora and Tersis, whose strikers have finished being repaired,……and Valentina who’s received a new striker, are with them today.

“They didn’t have to make it this flashy though, rather, I wish I could get something like that instead.”

Saying so, Kisei turned his gaze to Valentina’s new striker.
Its design looked like a black [Caliburn-Revive] which he’s familiar with.
Its model name is [Collbrande], one could say that it’s the new model that was improved upon [Excalibur], a Calencian Zenith that was destroyed when Kisei first joined Calencia in the war.

Originally, it was intended for Kisei but with the [Ortho Kratzer] destroyed by Schleer, the army reluctantly gave it to Valentina to pilot.

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“That one is just an improved [Caliburn-Revive] with a new high-end engine installed right? Can’t we just switch………”

“You fool.
You finally got your hand on a good striker so you should just try and make full use of it.”

“In my case, even if you give me a powerful striker it would just be a waste on me though……”

After all, with his frail(comparatively) body, he will just be crushed by the G from the acceleration if he uses the striker’s full power.
He might even die from that.
It’s his opinion that a striker that can match his opponent’s minimum performance and firepower is good enough for him.

“If that’s the case then this one will be handed to my foolish little sister you know.
With what we have planned for her that would not be good right.”

Diaroze whispered into Kisei’s ear while using her hand to switch off the radio.
As long as they turned that off they should have no need to whisper……she probably did it because she wanted to.
When her warm breath tickled his earlobe, Kisei’s eyes squinted a little.

“Uuun……well, since they went out of their way to remodel it for me, I guess I will have to use it huh.”

Recalling the tired expression on the chief and the other mechanics, he can’t possibly tell them [I don’t want it] now that they have pushed themselves that much for him.

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Also, it’s about time the warm-up is done right.
Let’s try moving it like you would in a real battle next.
If something goes wrong during a battle then it will become a double suicide you know.”

Said Diaroze in a loose tone while rubbing her cheek against his.
With the narrow cockpit, she can sexually harass him as much as she wants and he can’t shake her off due to their physical difference.
With a bitter expression, Kisei raises the throttle output.


A huge blue flame spewed out from the main thruster on the back.
Due to the enormous thrust generated, Kisei’s body was strongly pressed back against his seat and he let out a small scream.
Immediately after, Kisei lowered the power.

“They said that they improved on the inertial control too but as I thought, using full thrust is still too much for me…..”

“What, it’s painful for you at this level? I’m impressed you managed to defeat all 4 Heavenlys……..”

Her words may have sounded like a ridicule but Diaroze was truly impressed with his feat.
After all, defeating a group of such powerful foes with an inferior body and striker from the front is not something that’s in the realm of humans.

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“The G was even stronger than this on [Zentis]?”

While Kisei unintentionally screamed at the strong G, Diaroze seems completely oblivious to it.
Realizing that, Kisei asked.

“Well, yeah.
If I accelerate at full power then it would be painful even for me.
Even though they put [Zentis] engine in this thing, it seems that the overall performance has deteriorated huh……”

In the end, this striker is a mix between two different strikers.
It’s impossible for this striker to surpass the original [Zentis] in terms of performance.

“Well, regardless of the performance, its pilot is still the best there is.
No matter who we have to face, we will be able to figure it out.
I know that better than anyone else.”

Diaroze stated affectionately.

TLN: So he can’t fly at full speed with it…..

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