Getting Accustomed

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What happens when the top ace who’s already too overpowered with his skill alone gets his hands on a gun that can take out his opponent in one shot? The answer is an overwhelmingly one-sided battle.

“T, To think we got shot down 10 times straight……”

Nora moaned with an anguish expression inside the cockpit of [Zarava].
A few dozens of minutes have passed since their mock battle with the [Ex-Caliburn] in a 3 against one fight.
They decided on that as if it was a matter of course and the result………ended up with the complete defeat on the side of the 3 former Noredian pilots.

“Lady Eleanor’s firepower always feels so reliable when we have it on our side but it’s truly terrifying when you are on the receiving end.
To think that we can’t even get close.”

[Ex-Caliburn] is now equipped with the remodeled mega blaster rifle appropriated from the [Parfeel], Eleanor AKA the [Heavenly Thunder]’s personal striker.
Boasting its 12Mw output, this large-sized blaster rifle has enough firepower to penetrate even the armor of the other 4 Heavenly personal strikers with a single blow.

“……Rather, I’m surprised that My Love had been fighting us with this kind of low-end machine.
It practically doesn’t have any power, is slow-reacting, and doesn’t have any good points besides its ease of handling.
Moreover, this one is already better than the prototype model he used.
Should I start laughing now?”

“That’s cruel……it was a good striker you know, [Caliburn-Revive] I mean………”

Valentina is currently piloting the [Collbrande] which is effectively the [Caliburn-Revive] younger twin brother.
She seems to be quite dissatisfied with it.
That’s a given since if she compared it to her old striker, the performance is just too poor.
Still, there’s no helping it since the amount of money invested in the development between the two is literally incomparable.

“She just can’t admit that the reason she’s been fighting so well so far is because of the performance of her machine [DESU]…..since your striker has become poorer now, you will have to put in more effort to fight alongside us proud 4 Heavenly [DESU]!”

“After betraying Nored, I don’t think the 4 Heavenly have any pride that’s worth boasting about though……”

Diaroze carefreely added that agitating comment but Nora ignored her and proceeded to restart her striker which has ceased to function by the training AI.
Tersis also does the same.

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“At least we have to get a blow in! Lady Nora, I leave the support to you!”

With powerful acceleration, Tersis immediately drove her [Vanwolf] close to Kisei.
After the repair, the strikers of the 4 Heavenly did not lose any of their performance, and her speed is as fast as she was before.

“Hey, a free score is flying our way again you know.”

“It’s only a training exercise okay.”

While bitterly smiling at Diaroze’s carefree words, Kisei quickly turned the muzzle of his mega blaster rifle toward the approaching [Vanwolf].
However, while he was aiming, a thick ray from Nora’s blaster magnum flew at him.

“We won’t fall to the same thing over and over again [DESUYO!].

“Kukuku, hearing a loser howling is always pleasant.
Now, Master, shoot them down.”

“Why are you like this!”

While retorting to Diaroze, Kisei was calm.
Unsheathing the photon saber which was relocated from the slot on the chest area to the shoulder, he swings the green blade and deflects the beam toward [Vanwolf].

“That’s nothing!”

However, as though she’s already read that, Tersis also pulled out her photon saber using the [Vanwolf]’s left hand and parried the beam away.

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“Nice one…..!”

Kisei smiled ferociously as he glanced at the deflected beam which flew away in a different direction.
It seems that parrying a beam is no longer an ability exclusive to him.

“I’m also growing after all!”

Tersis proudly shouted as she swung her longsword down on [Ex-Caliburn].
Kisei doesn’t avoid it but instead receives it with his photon saber.
The longsword’s magnetic field and the saber made of concentrated energy repelled each other, sending sparks flying.
Being subjected to such a strong charge, the [Ex-Caliburn] activated its sole anchors to withstand the impact.

“My power-up is not just for show either…….!”

[Ex-Caliburn] was pushed back a little but it managed to endure the charge.
If it was before, he would have been blown away with [Caliburn-Revive].
It’s worth replacing the engine and remodeling the high-end Zenith of Nored to lower its performance for his use.

The high performance is not bad, right? Both for your body and my own safety.
It would be a problem if we can’t get the best striker possible.”


While they were having that exchange, [Vanwolf] uses its left hand to swing the photon saber at him.
Seeing that, Kisei immediately pulled the trigger on his control stick.
Paint bullets rained on the saber’s grip and the AI judged that it was disabled.

“I won’t let you dual-wield your way to victory you know!”

“Ugh, I want a machine gun too!”

Noredian strikers do not have head-mounted machine guns.
Tersis was gritting her teeth at that fact when Valentina’s voice suddenly rang out.

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“Step back!”

From the side, the [Collbrande] rushed in with a long lance.
Realizing that Valentina is trying to charge Kisei with the opening she made, Tersis retreats.

“You will let us have this one, My Love!”


With a grin, Kisei avoided the [Collbrande]’s charge.
He then loses his photon saber and grabs the arm of [Collbrande], using its momentum to throw it at [Vanwolf].



The two strikers were blown away by the impact with a loud noise.
After that, Kisei mercilessly shot his mega blaster rifle.
Almost at the same moment Tersis’s [Vanwolf] was hit, an empty particle cartridge was ejected and the next round was already loaded.
The second round was then shot at Valentina’s [Collbrande] when it was about to stand up.
With one shot each, the two strikers were disabled.

“Kuh, even if it’s just me!”

Nora stayed calm despite her earlier attitude.
While using her magnums to suppress [Ex-Caliburn]’s movement, she kicked off the ground and blew her thruster.

“You might be the better shot……but you can’t move well with a weapon that size right!”

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In the end, the mega blaster rifle is a fairly large weapon.
That’s why its wielder should have poor maneuverability in close quarters.
Her plan is to close in and take him down, given that she’s a close-quarter specialist.


While defending himself from the barrage of beams with his saber, Kisei stored the mega blaster rifle back on the hardpoint on the back.
He then wields the photon saber using both hands and plunges toward [Zarava].

“Did you get influenced by Saki-SAN or something!?”

“It’s not like I hate sword fights in the first place you know!”

“But I don’t have to go along eithe–…….Ugh!”

The acceleration power of [Ex-Caliburn] was more than Nora expected.
He was fighting with a weapon that he should be trying to keep her at a distance but he was the one who approached her himself.
Nora somehow managed to intercept his saber with the bayonet on her magnum but her magnum was pushed back by sheer force.


Nora was trying to withdraw but it was too late.
With a roaring sound, the pile bunker was plunged toward [Zarava]’s abdomen and the AI immediately notified her that her striker is now disabled.

“Damn it…….”

In the end, the eleventh mock battle also ended in their defeat.
With a groan of regret, Nora let go of her control stick.

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