An Optimistic Plan

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“In the first place……how long do we have to stay in this system?”

In the empty conference room.
Saki bluntly asked as she sat down at the conference table and put one of her hands up to support her cheek.

“Even though we pushed them back, it’s still better to leave this place as soon as possible right? We should hurry up and join the main fleet at the frontline after all.”

In truth, Kisei is also curious about this.
Since their last battle, the [Radiant] along with its escort ships have remained in the Besaria system.
Another engineering unit should be in charge of repairing the damaged military and civilian facilities already so it doesn’t make sense for them to stay here for so long.

“We can’t do that.
Because we are at a disadvantage in this war, we can not afford to make careless moves.”

Schleer replied with a sigh.
If the Calencian army suffers more damage, it will be impossible for them to recover.
Their opponent possesses a superior army.
If they plan their attack poorly, they will only suffer from the enemy counterattack instead.

“Currently, the Noredian army is not very active.
Because of the Purge Bombing, they have burned down all the civilian facilities.
It’s like they are performing a scorched earth tactic on themselves.
Even with them being a great empire, they should not be able to make their move unless they make some preparations first.”

Schleer continued with a complicated expression.
That is natural considering that a great number of her citizens have already been made sacrifices.

“So, you plan to move out when the opponent starts to make their move.”

Schleer nodded to Kisei who said that with his arms crossed.

“For mercenaries, I think you should find fighting a defensive battle easier than an offensive one.
Our current plan is to repel the Nored empire’s next offensive, reduce their strength as much as possible, and launch a counterattack.”

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“I don’t want to say this but……I think this plan sounds very much like a gamble.”

“That’s……I can’t deny it.”

Schleer looked away as she replied to Saki.
If they can not win the first defensive battle and perform well on the counterattack operation afterward, Calencia’s chance of victory would be uncertain at best.
Moreover, with their defeat after defeat, it is too optimistic to think that they can suddenly win multiple battles in a row.

Dissatisfied with the plan, Saki crossed her legs.
She also has her own opinions about what the Noredians are doing.
Even if she couldn’t win, she plans to go wild with all her might against them.

“Well, it will be fine.
I’m here after all.”

However, in that dark atmosphere, Kisei casually tells them that everything will be fine.

“A little difference in power is not a problem at all.
It would be fine as long as we can lure their commanders out to the frontline.”

Due to the Vuld’s feudal system where a small number of aristocrats rule the masses.
The Vuld armies are vulnerable to the loss of their commanders.
In a case where the aristocrats who are both their employer and leader got taken down, the common soldiers would lose their will to fight.

“…….but won’t the battle become even harsher if we lure them out?”

Conversely, these aristocrats also understand their importance and the drawbacks of their consolidation of power.
That’s why these aristocrats all seek out ultra-high performance war machines like the Zenith-type to maximize their own personal combat power.
The top aristocrats who have the authority to determine their war policies are especially worse and they should consider every single one of them as a serious threat.
This makes defeating multiple of such aristocrats an extremely difficult task.

“Well, that would certainly be impossible normally.
But we can do it.
I am Hokuto Kisei……the [Wicked Star], after all.”

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“The [Wicked Star] huh.
Hmph, you sure said it.”

Saki grins.

“Fine by me.
I already understand that the rumors about you were not exaggerated after all.”

In the end, after our repeated defeats, the only chance for us to win this war is Kisei-san.”

With a serious expression, Schleer looked into Kisei’s eyes.
Her aquamarine-colored eyes have complex emotions behind them.
After all, She already understood deep down how pathetic they are to rely on a single man to win the war for them.

“The Third Fleet is specialized in mobility and striking power.
To put it in perspective, we are the spear of the Calencia empire, and you are our speartip, Kisei-san.”

“That is good enough for me.
No matter what kind of opponent it is, I will win this for you.”

“You are very confident, Kisei-san.”

Not only his pilot skills, but this man is also brimming with confidence.
Thinking so, Schleer smiled to herself.

“For the time being, that is all I can tell you right now.
Are you satisfied with this plan? Lt.

“Yeah, well.”

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Saki bluntly responds.
Meanwhile, Kisei raised his hand.

“If the meeting’s over, may I speak to you about something unrelated?”

“What is it?”

Schleer asked with a smile.

“It’s about my movement restriction.
Makishima-san here offered to be my bodyguard.
That’s why I’d like to ask for permission to leave my room.”


Without answering Kisei, Schleer turns to look at Saki with a smile still on her face.

“Hmm, so it’s like that huh.”

Said Saki with a daring smile.


“Eh, why?”

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Isn’t it fine as long as his safety is guaranteed? Kisei thought.

“Kisei-san’s escort will be me.
I’ve been busy for the past few days so I must apologize to Kisei-san for the inconvenience but……please don’t worry, I will accompany you outside of your room as much as possible from now on.
There’s no need to trouble Lt.
Makishima at all.”

“What are you saying, Your Highness.
Your Highness must be busy right? It’s fine, I will take care of this guy for you.
Leave him to me.”

“Oh, that wouldn’t do.
It’s a knight’s job to escort a gentleman after all.
Even during wartime, I can’t possibly push away my responsibility.”

Schleer said as she looked at Saki with an elegant smile.

“I was knighted too when the [Dainsleif] was assigned to me though.”

“Being a knight is not about all the formality, it’s a way of life.”

“Why are they fighting over such a silly thing, I wonder.”

Feeling the atmosphere tensed up, Kisei holds his head.

“I’d be grateful if either of you could be my bodyguard, you know.
Anyway, thank you very much for your kindness.
I will contact whichever of you who’s free at the time.”

Said Kisei as he sighed at the two who are staring daggers at each other.

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