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“Ahh, I’m drenched….”

After the exercise, Kisei returned to his room and stretched.
His jet-black hair was moist and wet as though he just left a shower.

“Uuun, still, that’s my first time in a striker in a while huh.”

Due to the long vacation, he hasn’t touched a striker for quite some time.
The vacation was nice but he still felt the most joy being in a striker.

However, once he marries Schleer and the others, he will have less chance to climb inside the cockpit.
Thinking so, he felt a little down.


Kisei was looking up at the ceiling in silence but suddenly, a knock came from the door.
He hurriedly heads to the door and finds that he’s got visitors.
On the display at the door were Nora and Tersis.


Aside from Tersis who stayed on board the [Radiant], Nora should have been on Valentina’s ship, the [Prussia].
While doubting what they are doing together, Kisei opens the door.

“Oh, you are in after all.”

Without any further words, Nora nonchalantly entered the room.
With a bitter smile, Tersis gives him a bow.

“My apology for the sudden visit, My Lord.”

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“I’m free so I don’t mind but what do you want?”

“Well, about that…….”

Tersis shakes her head sideways with a troubled expression.

“Lady Nora told me that she has a business with you so I simply accompany her.
It’s Lady Nora so I can not be sure if she will try something if she’s alone with you after all.”

“I think she wouldn’t try anything too weird though……..”

He has a lot of skinship with Nora but rarely does she push him down against his will.
With a small smile, Kisei urged Tersis to sit down.

“Well it’s fine.
Anyway, make yourself at home.”

Tersis quietly nodded and sat down.
This time Kisei’s eyes turned toward Nora.


Nora who received his gaze straight on made a weird laugh.
In response, cold sweat dripped down on his forehead.

“Come one, we are already engaged aren’t we?”

“…..well, yeah.”

Although they still haven’t submitted the documents yet, the two have already signed both of their names on the paper.
But why is she bringing that up now? Kise doubted.

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“But you see, I just realized that I’ve always been the one who’s done the kissing but you’ve never kissed me before.
That’s why I came to get a kiss [DESU].”

“I, is that right……..”

Certainly, he has been kissed by Nora several times but he has never initiated one before.
Vulds usually kiss their lover on the forehead so they should take turns kissing each other’s forehead.

“Lady Nora, you can’t bother My Lord for such a silly reason……”

“It’s not silly [DESU]! Skinship is important [DESUYO]! If your bodies are too far apart then even the hearts might be distant too [DESU]!”

Nora protested.
She then glares at Kisei.

“You have been doing this and that with the princess, the slave, and even the samurai right! Since I can’t do that, I should be able to get at least a kiss [DESU]!”

“We haven’t done it since we returned to the ship though……..”

It would be a big deal if the common soldiers knew so they planned to announce the marriage after the war ended.
Of course, they won’t risk having sex on board the ship either.
Even if the room is private, soldiers do come to his room to make a bed for him after all.

That being said, he also understands where Nora came from.
Besides, a forehead kiss is not that much of a hurdle for him.
It doesn’t feel right for him to do anything more since Nora is only 14 after all.

“I got it, I got it.
You don’t have to make that kind of face.”

Letting out a small sigh at Nora’s inflated cheeks, Kisei gently scooped her red-tinted gray bangs up.
He then gently puts his lips on her white forehead.
On the receiving end, Nora’s expression loosened and she sighed a little.

“Like this?”

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After about ten seconds, Kisei parted his lips from Nora’s forehead.
On the other hand, Nora silently urged him to crouch down.
Since it’s clear what she wants, Kisei obediently complies.


Nora placed her lips on Kisei’s forehead and left it there for more than thirty seconds.
After she finally let go, Nora tapped Kisei on his shoulders.
Meanwhile, Tersis who’s been watching them has a slightly moody expression on her face.

“This! This is it [DESUYO]! Let’s do this every day [DESU]!”

“E, every day……?”

“Every day [DESU]!”

Nora was excited but she also glanced toward Tersis at the same time.
It doesn’t look like she’s jealous and she’s only watching over them with interest.
It appears that a kiss between fiances doesn’t count as ‘trying something’ for her so she doesn’t step in.

“Ahh, that’s right.
I’m fine with us doing the Vuld style but since Kisei-SAN is a Terran, she should be doing it Terran style too [DESU].”


“I heard from Saki-SAN [DESU].
Terrans usually kiss each other mouth to mouth right.
It will be fine as long as I don’t let the saliva slip! Let’s do it [DESU]!”

“S, Seriously…..I mean, you have been talking about that kind of stuff with Saki huh……”

A kiss between a 19-year-old and a 14-year-old.
From Kisei’s POV, that’s already a crime.
However, since this is a Vuld country, this much difference in age is not a problem.
While being looked at with Nora’s sparkling and expectant eyes, Kisei’s mouth formed into a single line.
After a moment of hesitation, he put both hands on Nora’s cheeks and gently kissed her lips.

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Greatly excited, Nora also holds Kisei’s face with her hands and her rough breath hits Kisei’s face.
With this, he can’t let go on his own.
Nora’s youthful face was so close that their noses could touch so even Kisei’s heart started to race too.

With the lips stuck together, Nora glanced at Tersis with a slightly annoyed look.
If Tersis is not here then she might have just stuck her tongue in.
Since that would be a problem, Kisei on the other hand was quite relieved at Tersis’s presence.

“Uuhah! Amazing! That was amazing!”

After more than three minutes, Nora finally released Kisei.
And with her face bright red, Nora licks her lips.

“It’s like a rehearsal for the real deal so it’s super lewd [DESU]!”

“L, Lewd…..”

“One more time! Let’s do it one more time!”

It seems that she was overjoyed that she abandoned the use of her strange suffix.
Since she’s that happy about it and he also doesn’t feel bad, Kisei complied and kissed her lips again.


Nora’s expression has already become loose but she realized that Tersis was calmly watching them from the side.
As expected, it’s embarrassing.
This time, Nora’s cheeks reddened for a different reason but suddenly an idea came to her.

“That’s right! Since Tersis-SAN will also marry Kisei-SAN so Tersis-SAN should do it too.
I would feel bad if I get to do it alone [DESU]!”

Nora’s smile seems to hide something nasty contrary to her words.
Her plan is to let Tersis get the taste of the same stimulation she received and let her show her embarrassing side too.

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