The Knight’s Awakening

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Hearing Nora basically says that she should kiss Kisei too, Tersis’s expression turned into a confused one.
That couldn’t be helped since she was suddenly asked to join in when she had been silently watching the two of them kiss, it would rather be difficult for her to not be surprised at all.


Said Tersis as she involuntarily got up from her chair.
She then glanced at Kisei.

“I mean, of course, I do not hate the idea of kissing My Lord.
Rather, it would only trouble My Lord to kiss someone like me, no?”

“I’d never think that way………”

Kisei himself doesn’t dislike Tersis either so he shook his head to her question and glanced at Nora.

“Still, why did you suggest that? A kiss should be something you do when both sides want to right.”

“Well, Tersis-SAN wants to have a child with Kisei-SAN right?”


Tersis affirmed with not a hint of shyness.
Instead, it was Kisei who looked away.
Although he already has experiences with women, he still can’t handle this kind of talk head-on.

“Do you think that a woman who can’t even kiss well can make a child?”

“…..Nn? I see…..”

“You are convinced by that………”

Kisei thought that logic was quite ridiculous but Tersis clapped her hands together and agreed so his face cramped up a little.

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“A forehead kiss doesn’t have anything to do with child making but a kiss on the lips is important [DESU].
It’s your chance to practice now [DESUYO].”

“Fumu, that does sound reasonable.”

“It does?”

Kisei involuntarily retorted but Tersis turned toward him without minding that.
Shyness and shame were absent from her expression.
She once said that she doesn’t know what kind of feeling love is before and it doesn’t seem like it was an exaggeration.

“Well, I don’t know how it will go until I try.
If it’s fine with My Lord then please allow me to try it at least once.”

“It’s not like you will do any harm so just do it [DESU].”

Perhaps disliking how calm Tersis is, Nora added with a sullen expression.
After thinking about it for a moment, Kisei nods.
After all, he was the one who offered her the marriage.
It would be rude to her if he refuses here.
However, he does feel a little self-loath at how he could come to that decision so quickly now.

“Well then, please excuse me.”

Saying so, Tersis walked up to Kisei and slightly crouched down.
She’s so tall that they wouldn’t be able to kiss him unless she did this.

“Ahh, since Kisei-SAN has way more experience when it comes to kissing, you should be the one to take the lead this time.”

“Can you not put it like I’m okay with kissing anyone……”

“How many women have Kisei-SAN kissed so far though?”


He thought that this kind of question should be about the number of times he has done it but it was about the number of women he has done it with instead.
Nonetheless, he answered truthfully.

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“Is that not plenty enough? Tersis-SAN has never kissed anyone before right?”

When Nora asked so with a grin, Tersis nodded with a difficult expression.

“I’ve never been interested in men before so I have never even held hands with any except my father.”



With an equally difficult expression, Kisei averted his eyes.

“Well, the person with more experience should take the lead in this kind of thing [DESUYO].
If you go at it too strong then you would just smack each other with your teeth after all.”

“Fumu, understood.
Very well, please take care of me, My Lord.”

“You can’t close your eyes either you know.
You have to see how it’s done properly after all.”

“I know.”

Saying so, Tersis presented her face.
With no other choice, Kisei placed his lips on hers.
The soft sensation which he has already grown accustomed to spread on his lips.
On the other hand, Tersis, whose eyes were wide open, turned redder and redder.
Then, Kisei can feel a rough breath on his face.


In a terrible panic, Tersis withdrew back.
While holding her cheeks which had become red like a ripped apple, she swallowed down her saliva.
Meanwhile, hearing the clear sound of her gulping down, Nora’s grin widened.

“Oya Oya, what’s wrong Tersis-SAN.
Was it something that the [Heavenly Blade] herself has to back down from?”

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“Wha…..! No, I didn’t…….it’s just, my heart was pounding!?”

“Hou, then you don’t have a problem doing it again [DESUYONE]?”

Nora cruelly said that while staring straight into Tersis’s eyes.
Tersis took a step back but when she saw the confused look on Kisei’s face, she stopped herself.
Probably thinking that backing away would be rude to him, she hastily places her hands on his shoulders.

“M, My apology! Please continue!”

Hearing that, Kisei kissed her again.
This time he’s treating her like a fragile object.
However, unlike earlier, Tersis’s eyes were shut tight.
The sound of her heart loudly beating was even audible to him.

He can feel Tersis’s body getting hotter through his lips.
She’s clearly lost her calm.

For a while, their lips lay atop each other’s but before long, Tersis’s hips gave out.
Saliva dripped from the edge of her lips and she had to wipe it in a hurry while repeatedly swallowing the rest down her throat.

“U, uwahh!”

Perhaps her shame has reached its peak, Tersis shot up like a spring-loaded toy and held her bright red face with both hands.
Just like that she tottered off and leaped out of the room.

“Hahahaha! That’s it! That’s what I wanted to see [DESU]!”

Nora was overjoyed at the sight and laughed out loud while pointing at the door where Tersis just left through.

“What just happened……”

Drenched in a cold sweat, Kisei asked.
Even if it’s normal to be embarrassed, Tersis’s reaction was that unusual.

“You saw how Tersis-SAN kept swallowing down her saliva right?”

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“We are a race that produces a lot of salivae when we are aroused [DESU].
Of course, it’s to use it on the male partner.
In other words, Tersis-SAN felt so aroused earlier that she couldn’t endure it [DESU].”

Nora waves her hand with a proud smile.

“That person has never taken any interest in men [DESUYO].
That just now might be her so-called sexual awakening you know?”

“Sexually awakened by a kiss? A Vuld……?”

Nora continued to laugh as Kisei was weirded out a little.
She then turns her gaze to the door again.

“Now then, with the stiff out of the way, we can get to the main subject now [DESU].”

“That wasn’t the main subject!?”

“Well, it’s one of the reasons I’m here [DESU].
Actually, I came here because I have something important to talk with you about [DESU].”

Seeing Nora’s expression turned serious, Kisei sullenly shook his head.
To be honest, his mind was already quite damaged from the kissing incident alone.
It would be nice if he can avoid any more troublesome things.

“What is it?”

“It’s possible that we might have to add another wife for Kisei-SAN [DESU].”

Hearing that, Kisei’s frown extremely deepened.

TLN: I support this route………….gap moe?

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