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“What are you talking about…..”

Terribly confused, Kisei asked back.
This time even Nora looked back at him with a little sympathy.

“About that……”

When Nora was about to explain, suddenly, the door was violently knocked on.
The two looked at each other.
When Nora gives him a nod, Kisei hurries toward the door and checks the monitor.
It seems that the one who was banging on his door was Diaroze so he immediately unlocked and opened it.

“Tersis just ran past me, her face was bright red.
What happened?”

That was her immediate question when the door was opened.
Her well-shaped brows are squinted together.
It seems that she saw the result of what happened earlier so Kisei was a little scared to tell her.

“Well, that was……..”

“Ahh, good timing.
Now we have an evil schemes expert.
Please join us Diaroze-SAN.”

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Said Nora who appeared from behind Kisei.
It was clear from Diaroze’s expression that she is questioning him why Nora’s here but she didn’t press it and entered the room after a small sigh.

“I have my own thing that I need to talk with Master about too though……well, fine.
What do you want?”

“Well, about that.
Nora said that she might have to add another bride to the list……”


Diaroze was immediately confused by that as well.
She then stares at Nora’s face and frowns when she realized that she’s not joking.

“A bride huh, a bride.
Just who on earth are you talking about? If we increase the number even more it will put more burden on Master and the time we can spend alone with him will decrease you know.
For the record, I’m against it.”

“Of course, I understand that too.
Still, I think it’s a price that we need to pay [DESU].”

Nora sighed with a difficult expression.

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“It’s Eleanor [DESUYO].
She’s staying here as a POW right now, right? I want Kisei-SAN to convince her to be our ally [DESU].”

“Eleanor? The one who piloted that heavy-duty Zenith?”

That should be one of the 4 Heavenly, the [Heavenly Thunder] who stayed with Diaroze until the end and didn’t switch to Calencia side.
In the first place, since she’s already freed from her duty to Diaroze, it’s strange that she still chooses to resist though…….

“Yes, that’s her.
She’s a good pilot and her parents’ house is loaded [DESU].
She’s kind of a dum-dum though………but if we have her as our ally then I’m sure that she will be a great help [DESU].”

“I see.
I get what you are saying now.”

Diaroze nodded.
Nora is right.
The current Calencian army is still terribly lacking.
It would be a huge benefit for them if they can get a pilot of Eleanor’s caliber and the power of her house on their side.

“But would she really turn on Nored that easily? She might be stupid but she’s a serious person at her roots you know.
It would be hard to plot a scheme that can rope her in.”

“That’s where this man’s excessive sex appeal comes in [DESUYO].
If we have him seduce her and make her try to lay her hand on him then I can rush in and say [HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY MAN!?] then I think someone who has such a strong sense of responsibility like her would yield whatever demand we make [DESU].”

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Kisei involuntarily retorted.
After all, that was quite an outrageous scheme she’s suggesting.

“Your plan is too sloppy.
Even if everything goes well we would only be able to get Eleanor’s help.
A plan like that won’t make her house budge.”

Said Diaroze while putting her index finger on her cheek.
However, contrary to her dismissive words, it seems that she’s pondering on something.

“But the main idea behind the plan isn’t too bad.
How can we convince her house though……..”

“As expected from our own evil scheme expert [DESUNE].”

Even Nora didn’t think that her plan would work so she had a nasty smile on her face when she successfully got Diaroze on board.

“Somehow, I got a bad feeling about this……..”

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He fell victim to her scheme before so Kisei naturally frowned at the development.
Of course, he understands that the Calencian army is not in a very good spot so he also agreed that they need to increase their allies though……

“…..for the time being, I think I have a rough plan.
Master……aslo, Nora.
Come with me.
We are bringing this to Schleer.”

“Eh, is that okay? I mean, Schleer seems like she’s very busy right…….”

Schleer did not show up at the test flight earlier.
She was stuck with her work which accumulated during their long vacation.
If they suddenly go to her like this she probably won’t have time for them.

“It’s fine.
I came here to call Master on her behalf in the first place after all.”

“Ah, I see.”

If that’s the case then it should be fine.
Kisei thought so but he couldn’t shake this strange premonition he has.
What does Schleer want with him? She should be very busy so perhaps she wanted to talk to him during her break? It would be great if that’s all she wants though…….

TLN: We have a honey trap in the progress next week I think…..

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