we going to do with Eleanor-san? According to what I heard about her, she seems to be pretty stubborn though.”

“Umu, about that……”

With an apologetic look, Diaroze glanced at Kisei.

Realizing that his turn has arrived, Kisei shakes his head.

“I’m thinking of arranging a marriage interview with her and Master.
If Master and Eleanor get married, she would consequently become Schleer’s sister-in-law.
That way we should be able to bar the Fafletas from entering the war.”

“Eh, In-law!?”

Solana looked at Schleer with a terribly shocked expression.
Her expression says, [YOU TRAITOR!]

“N, N, No way, Your Highness! He agreed to marry you!?”

“Y, yes……”

Schleer replied with a blush.

“What, you still haven’t told her yet?”

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Ignoring Diaroze who seemed to be baffled by that, Solana gazes imploringly at Kisei.

“It’s not Her Highness’s usual delusion!?”

“Umm, yes.
We plan to submit the document after the war is over……….”

“U, Uwahhh!! I was too late!!”

Solana crouched down and held her head.
Seeing her like that, Nora makes a nasty smile.

“Ah, I’m also engaged to him [DESU].
Man, what a shame isn’t it, it’s like I just took an idol from an otaku!”


Apparently, Solana was aiming for Kisei as well.
Realizing that, Diaroze tries to comfort Solana who’s now rolling on the floor.

“I, I mean, we still haven’t submitted it yet, since you are such a loyal vassal we should be able to add your name to the paper…….”

While mumbling something incomprehensible to herself, Solana shakily stands up.
She then stares intensely at Schleer.

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“That’s a good plan for us to forge a tie with the Fafleta house but if that’s the case, won’t Prince Ao be better suited for this?”

It is not common to have a marriage be shared by that many houses.
For a marriage that ties two houses together, it is customary that the partner is single.
Fortunately, Schleer’s younger brother is still unmarried.

“You have a prince! That’s good.
If that’s the case then we can leave this to him.”

Diaroze was reluctant about adding more brides to Kisei from the start.
Since there are already so many, adding more would not be good for him.
That’s why Diaroze’s expression immediately brightened.
However, Schleer shook her head sideways.

“No, that is impossible……..it’s still unofficial but Ao is in a marriage talk with our neighboring country at the moment.”

Schleer’s expression was also complicated.
On the personal level, she is also against Kisei having more wives but on the other hand, she’s also reluctant to leave her precious younger brother to a noble from an enemy country.

That being said, she can’t be immature here so she decided to state her thoughts as someone in charge.

“The country in question has been providing us with a lot of funds and supplies for this war.
Even if it’s still unofficial, we can’t be the one to back out now.”


With her hope shattered, Diaroze let out a deep long sigh…….

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