An Aristocrat’s Marriage 2

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“Well, if we go with the prince then it will become a political marriage [DESUYO]? For this to work, we need to entrap Eleanor-SAN right?”

As though to shake off the awkward atmosphere, Nora casually raised her point.
In the first place, this plan will not work unless Eleanor herself is willing to switch sides.
To that end, offering Prince Ao to her in a political marriage wouldn’t be enough.

“Besides, it would be bad to have the prince be a part of such a scheme, isn’t it? On that point, I think Kisei-SAN is more suitable [DESU].
He already has a track record of seducing Noredian soldiers to this side after all.”

“It’s true but can you not put it like that!!”

For Kisei personally, he did not go out of his way to seduce anyone at all.
It’s already turned out like that when he noticed it.
Thinking ‘I’ve done nothing wrong at all’ Kisei lightly glared at Nora.

“Rather, is our situation so bad that we must have this Eleanor person on our side? If we are not that desperate then I don’t want to enact such a dirty scheme though.”

Seducing an enemy to switch sides really can be categorized as a dirty scheme.
Moreover, the fact that he’s going to be the centerpiece of this plan is probably making Kisei feels even more conflicted.
Still, Schleer lowers her head to him with an extremely apologetic look.

“If our intelligence department is correct then it seems that Nored is mobilizing everything they’ve got.
No matter how much Kisei-san can accomplish, it would be meaningless if our main force is being destroyed in the meantime.
You can say that the force they mobilize this time would warrant an unconditional surrender under a normal circumstance.”

“Th, that much……..”

Hearing how despairingly large the gap between the two forces is, Kisei’s face stiffened.
It’s clear that the situation is much more serious than he expected since it came from Schleer who had fought so far without giving up.


“It’s still a secret but fortunately we have full support from Tersis-san’s house, the Melemheim.
We also have a lot of strategies in place but……”

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Schleer glanced at Diaroze who lightly smiled and shrugged.

“But unless we use everything we have, there’s no chance of victory.
It’s difficult for me to say this as well but I’d like Kisei-san to cooperate with us on this…….”

Schleer’s expression was filled with bitterness and powerlessness.
In the end, Kisei could only groan and let out a small sigh before replying.

“Alright, I got it.
Anything for victory right.”

“I’m really sorry.
I will definitely repay you in full after the war……!”

Schleer strongly stated so, her eyes contain a certain sense of her determination.

Seeing that, Diaroze lightly smiles at her.

Then let us arrange a meeting with Eleanor as soon as possible.
Another one with the retainer from Fafleta too.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“Umu, Nora, you get along with Eleanor right?”

Hearing that, Nora’s face cramped up a little.

“We are not friends [DESUYO].
She just came and talked to me on her own, she even sent me a gift sometimes……seriously, I don’t really get that person [DESU].”

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“I don’t care how you feel about her.
From what I saw, I think that you are something like a little sister to Eleanor.
We are going to use that.”

“Seriously, you really are an expert at all things evil [DESUNE]…….”

Nora was taken aback but she knows that Diaroze is the best at this kind of evil scheme so she simply shrugged and didn’t say anything more.

“Eleanor was placed under house arrest at a hotel in the capital at the moment.
If we are going to see her then we should be able to do it as soon as tomorrow.”

Said Solana as she checked the information on her terminal.
Eleanor is currently being treated as a POW of the Calencian army.
However, since she’s a high-ranking aristocrat, they couldn’t just throw her in with the common POWs.
as a result, they came to a compromise and confined her in a room at a luxury hotel in the capital.

“Then let’s arrange a meeting with Eleanor in the morning and the Fafleta in the afternoon.
Also, Schleer, I want you to come with us too if possible…….”

“Impossible! Her Highness absolutely can not leave!”

Instead of Schleer, it was Solana who shouted so.
The person herself looked bitter as though she has just chewed on a mouthful of worms.
It seems that she’s tired of working herself to the bone from dusk till dawn as well…..

“If you need a royalty to go with you to the negotiation then Her Highness Frea should be returning from abroad today.
You should be fine with Her Highness Frea, no?”

“Her Highness Frea, you mean Schleer’s older sister?”

Kisei has met Frea before.
She’s a bright woman who looks exactly like Schleer, she’s currently in charge of managing the Calencia army’s supply.

“That’s correct.
When it comes to negotiation, I believe that Her Highness Frea would be more reliable than Her Highness Schleer here.”

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“A, aren’t you a little too harsh on your superior……..”

Said Schleer in protest as she lowered her head.

“I don’t really want to trouble her with this when she’s just come back from a diplomatic trip but there’s no way around it.

“Very well then the attendees from our side will be Master, me, and Nora.
I will leave the meeting arrangement to you.”

I will leave the negotiation to you.”

Said Schleer with her head still down.
She doubts if she should really rely this much on a former enemy general but Diaroze is the most capable strategist they have right now so she can’t imagine anyone else taking care of it.
It would be the end of Calencia if she did betray them but Schleer decided to trust her.

“…..oh no, look at the time.”

When she raised her face up and glanced at the clock, Schleer’s face stiffened.

“Let’s leave it at this for now.
Kisei-san, Diaroze-san, please prepare to move.
The speed boat should already be waiting for you.”

“Eh, what are you talking about!?”

Naturally, Kisei was troubled when he was suddenly told that a boat is here to pick him up so he looked at Diaroze with a frown.
The fact that she visited his room earlier must have been related to this.

“You still haven’t told him!?”

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“I didn’t have time to!”

Diaroze replied to Schleer who panicked and stood up from her chair.

In return, Schleer holds her head and sighs.

“Aah, there’s no helping it.
We don’t have time so please give him the explanation on the boat.”

“No way around it then……”

Diaroze reluctantly nodded.

“Eh, what? Where are you taking me!?”

Schleer’s eyes turned incredibly sympathetic as she looked at the upset Kisei.
Feeling a very bad premonition, a chill ran down Kisei’s spine.

“Umm, well…….I’ve to apologize in advance but this is essential to our victory……..please forgive me.”

“W, Wha, what are you talking about…….”

To her extremely apologetic look, Kisei couldn’t help but want to cry.

TLN: Now entering the yabai land…..

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