“So, what do you want me to do…………”

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Asked Kisei in the cabin of a small boat.
The boat is now sailing far away from the port where the [Radiant] is anchored.
The only one inside the cabin was Kisei and Diaroze.

“W, Well, it’s a little hard to say, you see?”

Diaroze averted her eyes away with a terribly nervous expression.
A bead of cold sweat appeared on her face and her hands were fidgeting.

“Umm, well, let’s call it…..a video shoot?”

“What kind of video?”

That short question halted Diaroze’s hands.
And after 30 seconds of silence, she finally opens her mouth.

“…….an AV.”



“Like audiovisuals?”

“Adult video…….”

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As expected, he freaked out.
He jumped up from his seat and shouted as loud as he could.
Even though she already expected this reaction, Diaroze’s expression distorted.

“T, To be precise.
It’s a video of me screaming in delight while Master hitting me with a whip.”


Kisei screamed the same word.
It doesn’t mean that he’s reluctant to hit her with a whip.
Since he knows that it’s her fetish, he wouldn’t refuse that kind of play either.

However, he doesn’t like the idea of that being filmed and the fact that it’s clear that the footage will be used for military purposes later.
Why would Schleer want the military involved in their private life?

“To send it to the Nored army…….”

“S, Sending it to them!? That kind of thing!?”


Diaroze seems a little happy for some reason and started fidgeting with her index fingers.

“In short, it’s a demoralizing strategy by showing them the video of [the person who they believe to be their next empress doing an ahe*** face while doing a peace sign after being trained by a male mercenary……].”

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“I’m having a headache.”

Kisei sits back down with a difficult expression.
Who and how did they come up with this crazy strategy? Moreover, it’s simply outrageous knowing that it has got Schleer’s approval.

“Well, I’m supposed to be the next empress right? If the soldiers saw footage of me being miserably trained by some common mercenary who’s not even an aristocrat, they would say [Who the hell appointed this kind of fool to be our next empress!?] right.”

“…….they probably would.
I would too if I were in their position.
I mean, I’m thinking the same thing right now.”


Taking that abuse, Diaroze trembled.

“That’s right, and the one who appointed me to that position was my mother……the Empress.
They will be seeing a Commoner! Man! Roughed up me, the supposed Empress-to-be! Kufufu, just thinking how the other princesses and the aristocrats will see me afterward is so exciting!”

“I understand the basics of it.
Only the basics, that is.”

Vuld’s society usually centers around a strong authoritarian figure.
Conversely, if the authority of that figure is lost, their subordinates will start to revolt.
That’s the goal of this strategy.

“Using the communication cruiser the Calencians requisitioned, we can hijack the Noredian army data link system during battle.
Then we send the video to every ship and forcibly make it play on loops! It will be during the battle you know! Imagine the chaos that will break out! No one would be able to focus on the battle with that…..”

“I, I see……”

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He can’t help but think that this strategy aligned too much with Diaroze’s fetish but it certainly will be effective.
However, in return, both his and Diaroze’s embarrassing figure will be on full display in front of everyone.

“Moreover, if I’m seen like this by that many people then it will be the complete destruction of my social life! No one would ever accept me besides Master! Kufu, Kufufufufufufufu! What a wonderful strategy…..oops.”

With her saliva dripping from her mouth unconsciously, Diaroze hurriedly wiped it while her face was bright red.

“To win this war, this strategy is absolutely necessary! Master also said [Anything for victory] right! Please go along with this!”

“I did say that! Damn it!!!”

It’s too embarrassing for him to take his own words back so soon after he said them.
However, this is still too much so Kisei is now holding his head.

“Damn it! Damn it! If we still lose with this then I will haunt you your entire life you know!”

“Kufufufu! I’ve always believed that you would agree, Master!”

Diaroze embraces Kisei with a big smile.
She also deliberately adjusted her position so that her plump breast would be in his face.
After all, she’s already confirmed that this is effective during their night together at the resort.


Losing his will to scold her more, Kisei struggled out of her embrace and shook his head while cursing his own simplicity.
He then clears his throat and pretends to be calm.

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“But we can do that kind of shoot anywhere right.
Where are we going in the first place?”

“To the [Odervansen], my former ship.”

“Ahh, that ship huh.
It was taken out on an exercise right?”

The Noredian gigantic battleship, [Odervansen] was requisitioned by the Calencian army.
A crew was already assigned to it and it was taken out for military exercise so that they can be combat-ready as soon as possible.

“That’s right.
If we are going to do SM play then the interrogation room there is the best suited for that.
Since we are going to do this, let’s shoot something exciting together……!”

“Th, That place huh……”

It was in this very interrogation room on the [Odervansen] that Kisei almost got assaulted by Diaroze.
At the time, Valentina managed to bail him out but he never thought a day would come where he would do the same thing only in the opposite position.

“Ahh, by the way, our cameraman is going to be my foolish younger sister you know.
She’s a relative after all……even if the video is going to be seen by everyone, I don’t want strangers to watch us in person you see.”

“Is that so……”

Replied Kisei with an incredibly sullen look.
Since he’s already come this far, there’s no point trying to get out of this anymore.
After all, no matter who the cameraman will be, he would end up doing the same thing anyway…….

TLN: This call for some censorship for the next two chapters I think…….

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