The Shoot

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“Hi, My Love.”

Valentina was messing with the high-performance camera in her hand with a sigh.

The moment he arrived at the interrogation room, he was greeted by Valentina who had an incredibly complicated expression on her face.
It was a mix of irritation, sadness, and for some reason, expectation.

“This must be a lot for you.
My apology.”

“It’s necessary right? There’s no way around it……”

Kisei shrugs and looks around the interrogation room.
Various torture devices are being illuminated under the dim light, giving off a strange sense of intimidation.
He didn’t really pay it that much attention when he was here before but now that he can afford to take his time to look around, it’s a pretty unpleasant room.

“That woman aside, we won’t show your face in the video.
With some editing, we can put some mosaics over your face so you can rest assured, My Love.”

“It leaves me with a bad taste when I can hide my face while Diaroze has to show it though…….”

“You don’t have to associate yourself with Diaroze’s social suicide, My Love.
You don’t have to worry about anything at all.”

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Diaroze, whose little sister no longer calls her with any honorifics, smiled slightly at her and clapped her hands.

“Be done with the tedious talk, let’s get started.
We don’t have much time.”

Since they can’t be seen doing this, they’ve ordered the crew to stay away from the interrogation room but that is also getting in the way of their exercise so they need to finish the shoot as soon as possible.

“I know.
My Love, have you read the script?”

“Well, yeah.
I read it on the boat but I’m not confident I remember it.”

“It doesn’t matter, you can ad-lib.
We don’t need to mind the quality because our only aim is to put the Empress and Diaroze’s authority into question after all.”

“Since we are doing this, don’t you want to make it the best one possible, dear sister.”

With a grin, Diaroze let the military coat she was wearing slide off her body.
Underneath, she’s wearing an obscene bondage outfit.
Since she’s a tall well-endowed woman, it was quite a poison to Kisei’s eyes.

“That outfit, where did you get it.”

However, from the perspective of someone of the same sex, Valentina seemed to be taken aback by her sister’s appearance.
Her face was filled with disgust when she squeezed out that question.

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“It’s mine though? I have it for some time now.”

“I won’t ask you anything ever again……..”

Valentina shakes her head sideways in despair.
On the other hand, Diaroze walked to a device in the room with a joyful expression.
It’s a bed-type restraint that Kisei was once bound to.
She lays on it and spreads her limbs before calling for him.

“Now now, quickly, tie me up.”

“Yeah, yeah……..”

As she requested, Kisei tied her up like a tuna on a cutting board strapped by belts.
It actually has an automatic restraining function but Diaroze wanted Kisei to do it with his own hands so she kept silent about it.

Her body was moist from sweat that probably came from both the atmosphere and her own expectations, in combination with the obscene outfit she’s in.
as a bonus, she also gives off a womanly scent, it is by no means unpleasant, rather, it made even Kisei excited.

“This is good enough?”

“Yes, like that, nice!”

Diaroze joyfully said as she tried shaking her limbs in the restraint.
Despite the Vuld’s innate strength, the restraint did not budge at all.

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“For the whip……you can use that one on the table there.”

Saying so, Valentina pointed at the big whip on the table.
It’s Diaroze’s old favorite that comes with an electrifying function.
Kisei silently picked it up and inspected it.

“OOH, You are using that! You’ve got good taste, dear foolish little sister!”

“Good taste……? Uhh…..I didn’t know……..”

Since she can’t tell the difference between whips, she just chose the one that seemed appropriate.
That’s why she was taken aback by the delighted look on her elder sister’s face.

“Going along with this woman’s delusion is hurting my head……whatever, let’s get this done quickly.”

Said Valentina as shook her head while holding her temples.
She then operates the console to have an appropriate angle for the filming and Diaroze now looks like she’s being crucified on the wall.

“It hurts right? Are you okay?”

Being subjected to the same thing before, Kisei asked out of consideration.
Since the restraints have to support your weight, they will dig into your skin in that posture.

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“The more painful the better right! Don’t mind it!”

“Ah, is that so……you sure love this kind of thing huh.”

Slightly astounded, Kisei lightly pokes Diaroze’s exposed navel with the tip of the whip.
In response, Diaroze raised a seductive moan.

“Nngh, you are so good at playing with my expectations, Master.”

“Glad to hear.”


Looking at the two frolickings, Valentina gritted her teeth.
She thought that the two of them have grew a lot closer recently.
Naturally, she didn’t even consider that they might have already gone all the way though…….
Still, she can feel their excitement from the atmosphere.

“Now then, the preparations are ready.
Let’s get started.”


With a complicated expression, Valentina holds up the camera.

“Alright, action.”

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