The Play

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“Alright, let’s start with some self-introduction.”

After he hardened his expression, Kisei said the script in a cold voice.

“Diaroze Vista Argarine……27 years old……”

Diaroze answered in a weak tone which is clearly different from her usual cheerful and arrogant one.
She’s quite a good actress.

“What’s your current job?”

“I’m the crown princess of Nored…….”

“That’s not it right?”

A cracking sound echoed inside the interrogation room.
It was the sound of the whip in Kisei’s hand hitting Diaroze’s thigh.
A painful red mark remains on her sweat-soaked skin.

Since it packed more power than he expected, Kisei gazed worriedly at Diaroze but contrary to his expectations, she seemed to be ecstatic.

“I, I will ask you again, Diaroze, what is your current job?”

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“A, A slave, sir! Yours! I am Master’s slave!”

Shouted Diaroze in a joyful voice.
It’s the tone that no matter how you hear it, it’s clear that it came from the bottom of her heart.

“What kind of slave are you?”

“A masochist slave, sir! Diaroze is a perverted masochist slave!”

“Hmm, so you are a masochist?”

Even though he knew it was coming because it came straight from the script, Kisei still has a stomachache hearing it.
It was easy when he went along with her when they were alone with each other but as expected, being seen like this still makes him feel bad.

“Yes, sir! I love being abused by Master! I’m an irredeemable pervert, sir!”

For the first time, Diaroze stopped referring to herself using [Wa-Re], but used [Watashi] instead.
Well, if she refers to herself using [Wa-Re] as usual then it might come out as haughty so there’s probably no helping it.

(TLN: Ware/Warawa, are like a highborn’s way of referring to self)

“Well said.
Let me give you a reward.”

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With a tense smile, Kisei struck Diaroze’s shoulder with a whip.
The loud sound from the whip made him flinch but it was covered by Diaroze’s scream.

“But you know, for you to abandon such an important position willingly to become my slave, don’t you think you are a bad girl, Diaroze? Don’t you feel sorry for your family and your vassals back home at all?”

“No, sir! I’d rather be abused by you!”

Kisei was conflicted if it was okay for him to say his next line so he glanced at Valentina.

Valentina who’s the one filming them has a terribly apologetic expression on her face but for some reason, her face was bright red.
At least it doesn’t seem like she wants to stop the shoot.

Still somewhat unconvinced, Kisei turned back toward Diaroze.

“So you’ve completely turned into a masochistic dog huh.
Don’t you feel any shame at all? We will show this video to everyone you know?”

“L, Let them see it! Rather, please let everyone witness how ugly the unsightly bitch I have become, sir!”

“Then we will have to let them see you at your lowest huh.”

Kisei took a remote out from his pocket and operated it to release the restraints on Diaroze and she fell on the floor.
Although their positions are reversed, he couldn’t shake off the sense of deja vu.
However, Diaroze never attempted to rush at Kisei.
She simply crawls on all fours with her trembling body.
Her expression looked completely excited.

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With that shot command, Diaroze stopped still in a dog-like pose.
Kisei then took off one of his shoes and dangled his barefoot in front of Diaroze.
This was at her request before the shooting started.

You are a smart dog so you can follow such a simple command right?”

With his barefoot in front of her, Diaroze seemed to be at the peak of her excitement and her breathing had turned rough.
Her mouth opened and her tongue tried to wiggle its way toward his toes.

“Stay, I said stay.
I can’t reward a dog who can’t obey a simple order you know?”


While lowering his foot to a position where her tongue can not reach, Kisei reprimanded her.
Diaroze continued to wiggle her tongue but it seems that she was properly holding herself back.
Saliva dripped from her mouth and formed a sticky string from her lips down to Kisei’s foot.

Meanwhile, Valentina approached their side to take a close-up shot of Diaroze’s pitiful appearance.

“Well done.
Good dog.”

While keeping his calm, Kisei strokes Diaroze’s head.
He then walks behind her and slapped her white butt which was more than half exposed due to the bondage outfit.

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Diaroze let out a pathetic moan.
Kisei then grabbed her side and pushed her to the floor.
Normally, it would be impossible for him to push her down like that due to the difference in their height and weight but Diaroze allowed her body to spread on the floor, her face filled to the brim with expectations.

“Then, it’s time for your reward.”

With a merciless smile, Kisei started riding her body and—–


He stopped his movement at Valentina’s slightly quivering voice.

On the other hand, Diaroze who actually was expecting a [Reward] puffed up her cheeks in frustration.

“We are almost there, how stingy of you, little sister.”

“That’s the end of the script though!?”

Shouted Valentina with her cheeks bright red.

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