d expression.
Kisei tilted his head at the sight but since she seems like she doesn’t want him to ask, he decided to say nothing more.

“…….come to think of it, what will Valentina do after the war is over?”

Kisei asked so as though he just remembered it.

He recalled Diaroze asking him to shake up Valentina to make her go berserk later.

“That is obvious right? If I can defeat Mother then the other princes and major aristocrats will start fighting for the empress’s throne.
I’m going to lead the soldiers who follow me to suppress them.”

Said Valentina with a straight face.
She then reaches for the sun [Alp] as though to grab it out of the sky.

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“Then Mother’s……the empress’s crown will be mine.
With that, I will create a peaceful country with no more war and senseless slaughter.”

“Is that so……”

It seems that her goal still hasn’t changed.
Certainly, the current Nored is not a good country.
They are waging wars of aggression in various countries and have no qualm in slaughtering civilians.
Valentina’s desire to stop that is something he’s ought to support.

“But, I’m sorry, I can’t go down that path with you.”


Because he has already decided to marry Schleer and Diaroze as well as the others.
He can’t just throw away his family and go to war after he finally makes a decision to settle down.
It was Kisei’s honest feeling that he should prioritize his loved one before some grandiose ideal, no matter how great it is.

“I think that what Valentina wants to do is great.
But that’s too big a dream for me.
It’s not something that a single mercenary can do anything about, and it’s not the kind of thing you personally want for me right?”

“Th, that’s right.
I want you to be my life partner……no, not that.
I just don’t want to burden you with that kind of responsibility, My Love…….”

“If I become a husband to the empress, that kind of excuse won’t work, right? Besides, I don’t want to get myself involved in politics.”

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Valentina turned silent at Kisei’s firm denial.
Kisei also looks away without saying anything more.
There’s no situation more awkward than this.

“Thanks for the wait! Man, it’s been too long so I almost forgot how to open my safe.”

Suddenly, a joyful voice came from behind the two of them.
Before they knew it, Diaroze has already snuck up behind the two and tapped their shoulders.

“What’s with the long face you two.
Are you hungry or something?”


Valentina clenched her teeth before jerking her body away from Diaroze’s hand.
She then silently stood up and left.

Diaroze gazed at her back with a joyful expression.

“You’ve shaken her up real good huh.
It seems our preparation is perfect.”

“….were you listening?”

“Well, yeah.”

Kisei shrugged at Diaroze’s blunt reply.
What a terrible personality she has.

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