The Poisonous Flower

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“My, oh my, I heard that you were shot down but…….I’m glad that you are safe.”

Inside the [Odelvansen], flagship of the Nored’s Calencian Expeditionary Fleet.
A woman is sitting on top of a throne-like command seat at its bridge.
There was no hiding that her voice was filled with mockery.

“… sincere apology for the inconvenience, Aneue.
The repair of the [Ortho Kratzer] has been completed.
I am ready to return to the frontline at any time.”
(TLN: For those unfamiliar with my style, Aneue = Esteemed [elder] sister)

The person who is currently knelt down and replied was none other than Valentina.

Seeing her like that, a faint smile float upon the woman’s face.

“That is good to hear.
Because of your failure, the operation had to be delayed.
Finally, it’s the time we crush that upstart of an empire.”

Hearing her sister said that with a small giggle, Valentina raised her head and narrowed her eyes.
The beautiful woman on the command seat has gorgeous curly long hair and purple eyes.
Moreover, despite her short height, she shares a great resemblance to Valentina.

“The army under this Diaroze Vista Argarine knows no defeat.
The responsibility I’m carrying is not to be compared to that of someone on the last of the succession line like you.

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“Of course, Aneue.”

Seeing no change in Valentina’s expression, Diaroze sighed.
She then cracked the whip in her hand.

“We will carry out the operation to capture their capital at 0400 standard times tomorrow.
The enemy’s force is small.
It should take their all to muster up a defense against us.
We will leave the minimal amount of troops behind to defend and make an all-out attack.”

“Then, may I take it that Aneue will head out as well?”

“That’s obvious right?”

Diaroze nodded with an evil smile.

“Once this operation is over, all of the Calencian territories will be in our hands.
They have 14 habitable planets.
If we allocate that to some appropriate aristocrats and transfer the surplus commoners there, the overpopulation problem of our empire should subside for a while.”

Vuldes are extremely fertile.
Their rate of population growth is incomparable to that of Terrans.
And since resources are limited, the number of people who have lost their homes and jobs steadily increases over time.

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“Even so, for us to resort to Purge Bombing……No, for us to unnecessarily slaughter their people, will it not cause antipathy from them afterward?”

Normally, in a colonial war such as this, the population of the losing side would be forced to board transport ships and deported.
However, Diaroze chose not to do that.
Instead, the Noredian Fleets are bombing the planet’s surface in an inhumane operation.

“How many times do I have to say this, little sister.
The longer we take to control the citizens of a country that we have no obligation to protect, the longer our people have to suffer.
We must have our priorities straight, don’t you think so?”

Diaroze responds with a grin.
However, such a reason is only an excuse.
She simply dislikes putting time and effort into the deportation.
It is clear from the fact that she chose such a hardline approach from the get-go.

“That’s why we have to take control of these planets as soon as possible for our beloved citizens, you understand?”

In response, Valentina nodded reluctantly.
Although both of them are princesses, the person who is the closest to the seat of Empress is Diaroze.
Valentina, who is very low on the succession ladder, had no choice but to act as a subordinate to her.

I’ve sent a file detailing the outline of the operation along with your order to your staff.
Do not disappoint me now, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Umu, that will be all.
You are dismissed.”

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When Valentina nodded and tried to stand up, Diaroze evilly grinned at her.

“Ah, by the way……I heard this funny story earlier you see.”

“……what kind of story is it?”

“What kind you asked? It appears that there’s a man who doesn’t know his place and is piloting a striker.
You should know about this better than anyone, no?”

For the first time, Valentina’s expression was distorted for a moment.
She fixes that immediately and raises her voice.

“Aneue, that’s……”

“Ku Ku.
Don’t worry, my beloved sister.
I have no plan to make fun of you as a weakling who lost to a man.”

Said Diaroze as she stood up from her command seat and walked down toward Valentina with imposing footsteps.
She then puts her hand on Valentina’s shoulder and smiles.

“A man who piloted a junk striker and took down a Zenith.
Don’t you think he’s quite a wild steed?”

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“And you see…..This is it.
Showing him the reality and reminding him of his rightful place……don’t you think that such a thing is exactly my responsibility as the next Empress?”

When Diaroze let go of her shoulder and cracked her whip again, Valentina secretly grits her teeth.

“The wilder the horse, the greater the pleasure when you tame it.
Don’t you think so too? Kukukuku….”

The expression of Diaroze who continued to crack her whips is a lustful one.
Knowing that her sister is a hardcore sadist, Valentina takes a deep breath and imagines the scenario where Kisei falls into Diaroze’s hand.
At worst, he would lose his life and if not, he would cease to function as a human being.

However, it is clear that there is no point in trying to convince her sister.
What this sadist loves more than anything else is to make everyone submit to her, be it men or women.
And as her sister, Valentina is no exception.
She must not unnecessarily show an opening her sister can exploit by saying something extra here.

“Well, that man would certainly be the perfect gift for Aneue.
Powerless as I am, please let this Valentina be the one who fetches him for you.”

“Kukukuku, you said it.
I will make an exception and give you the front row seat of when I devour that man whole.
Oh, what a considerate elder sister I am?”

Seeing Diaroze’s laughter, Valentina began to ponder how to outsmart her sister and make Kisei her own.

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