Back to the Ship

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In the end, Kisei and Diaroze went back to the [Radiant] without meeting Valentina again.
Right now, the two are walking down a corridor illuminated by white lights.

“That blow with the whip was strong right, are you okay?”

Kisei asked Diaroze who was walking behind him with a worried expression.
That was the first time he whipped someone.
Of course, he was holding back but it still ended up leaving some marks on her body.

He has experienced being whipped by Diaroze before but at that time, there weren’t any marks at all.
Thinking about that now, he’s feeling apologetic toward her.

“What are you saying, that was just right.
No, rather, that was still lacking you know.”


When she answered him with such a refreshed expression, it’s probably too much to ask Kisei not to be troubled.
He still can’t quite wrap his head around this masochistic fetish.

“Next time, you don’t have to hold back okay? Nn/”

Diaroze was having a glamorous smile while glancing at Kisei’s hand.
In his hand was Diaroze’s favorite electromagnetic whip which she pushed onto him.

“You are so beautiful so I don’t really want to leave marks on your body though……”

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Taken by surprise by that, Diaroze turned her face away.
She manages to fix up her expression but it seems that her mouth has become slackened.

“I, it can’t be helped then.
Let’s look for a whip that won’t leave marks later.”

“So you still insist on being whipped huh……”

With a sigh, Kisei looked around.
They are discussing such an embarrassing topic so he doesn’t want anyone to overhear it.
Fortunately, he doesn’t see anyone in the audible range around them.

“Also, since we’re already on the topic.
We’ve tried it in the shoot earlier but can you let me lick your feet in earnest next time?”

“It’s dirty so don’t do it.
What would you do if you have a stomach ache later.”

“But, on the record, I want to lick Master’s whole bod—-”

Diaroze was saying that with a grin but she immediately stopped when she spotted a figure in the distance.

“That’s, Tersis?”

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A tall woman wearing a Noredian military uniform onboard a Calencian ship would be easy to spot, and the only one who matches such a description would be Tersis.
She seemed to notice them as well but as soon as she saw Kisei’s face, her face immediately turned bright red.
She then reflexively covered her lips with her fingers and immediately ran in the opposite direction.
Her messy footsteps that are far from her usual elegant ones steadily move away from their position.

“What was that all about.”

Diaroze squints her eyes at Tersis’s attitude and glances at Kisei.

“Don’t tell me, you two kissed? On the lips I mean.”

“Y, yeah, well……”

It’s quite stressful when you are asked if you have kissed another woman.
Kisei answered with cold sweat starting to come out of his body but Diaroze simply smiled joyfully without getting angry.

“To think that stiff would look like that now.
Kufu, that was an interesting sight.”

Saying so, she gently patted Kisei’s head.

“If you have free time then you can try to train her.
I’m sure that it will yield some interesting results, you know.”

“Tr, train……”

“When the time comes, I’d like to help too.
Sometimes, being on the abuser side can feel good too after all.”

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Kisei’s feelings turned a little complicated at how she doesn’t seem to get jealous at all but at that moment, a figure appeared from around the corner.
It’s not Tersis as the figure is too short to be her.

“…..Ahh, you’ve returned.”

It was Schleer who had a ghastly expression on her face.
From the sound of her voice, it seems that she’s very tired.
This is probably due to the amount of her work.

“Y, Yeah, well…….are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I have the rest of the day off……..”

Schleer fluttered her way to their location with a weak smile.

“It’s already evening though…….”

“……w, well, it’s better than not getting any rest at all.
Anyway, I think I will be getting some shuteye until dinner.”


With a small nod, Diaroze looks alternately between Kisei and Schleer’s faces.
She then whispers something into Kisei’s ear.

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“Master, why don’t you give her a lap pillow? When your wife’s tired, it’s the husband’s job to ease their fatigue you know.”

“Eh? Sure……”

Can he really ease her tiredness by doing that though? Still, Schleer’s complexion is unusual.
She certainly needs to relieve her stress.
Since she might not want that, Kisei tried asking her.

“If, if it’s alright with you……do you want to sleep together?”

“Eh, I can!?”

Contrary to his expectations, his offer was very effective.
Schleer’s expression brightened and she skipped over to him.

“Y, Yeah.”

“Thank you very much…..! It’s been rough these days……there’s a lot of work so I can’t even go see you at all……..”

After returning from their vacation, Schleer had been rooted to the command center which had become her office.
It’s normal to be so stressed when you are buried under that much work.

“Well, I don’t want to get in the way so I will be off.
I need to clean myself up too…….”

Diaroze let out a small smile at the situation and walked away while waving them goodbye.

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