Hugging Pillow

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After that, Kisei was brought to Schleer’s room.
Although the room belongs to a princess, its size and interior are not that much different from Kisei’s.

In that room, Kisei was lying on the large bed in the corner of the room.


Schleer was also lying down on the bed and hugged him from behind.
Her heavy breaths touch his nape.
It’s embarrassing but if this can elevate Schleer’s tiredness, he’s willing to bear it.

“Fuu….recharging complete.”

After a brief silence, Schleer finally moved her nose away from his nape and let out a satisfying breath.
Just like that, she proceeded to tighten her arms around his body, now he’s literally a hugging pillow.

“……….can we, stay like this?”

“No way, you should properly rest you know.”


Although she puffed up her cheeks, her expression brightened.
Naturally, she knows that she can’t do much right now.
She probably only jokingly asked him to spoil her.

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“When the war is over, let’s do this a lot.”



While cutely purring like a cat, Schleer rubs her cheek against Kisei’s.
Perhaps because she was tired, right now she seemed to act a little younger than her usual self.

For a while, the silent but cozy time continued for the two.
Only the sound of their breathing reverberated in the room.
In that moment of silence, Schleer opened her mouth.

“…..I’m sorry about today.
I never wanted you to do something like that.”

It’s probably about the video.
Feeling a long sigh on his nape, Kisei groaned a little

“… can’t be helped.
It was to increase our chance of winning right.
There’s no reason not to do it.”

“That’s true but……”

With her mouth curled, Schleer continued to hug Kisei.

“……Rather, I feel bad for you, you know.
Doing something like that with Diaroze today and laying a honey trap for another woman tomorrow, don’t you think that it’s unfair for you, Schleer?”

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When Kisei said that with a worried voice, Schleer tilted her head.
Kisei personally felt bad for having such a close relationship with so many women but……..Schleer seems to not understand his dismay.

After thinking to herself for a while, she went [Ahhh], as though she just understood.

“Kisei, that’s Terran’s way of thinking you know.
We, Vulds really don’t have that kind of value.”

“…….what do you mean?”

Schleer shook her head sideways and looked back at him with a smile.

“We may look almost the same and can have children with each other but………we still belong to 2 different races.
It’s obvious that our way of life would be different too right.”

Schleer continues while stroking Kisei’s ear, the most different part in Terran and Vuld’s bodies.

“I know that it’s rude but men are prey in a Vuld society.
We caught and shared them among ourselves.
That’s how our ancestors lived their lives for thousands of years.


“ Lt.Makishima, Diaroze, and the others who signed the form……they are my family.
And I’m fine with Valentina and Eleanor-san joining us in the future as well.”

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Schleer gently said while stroking his hair.

“As long as we share the same man, we are a family, a flock.
As our husband, you have the duty to love us all.
There’s no need for you to feel guilty about anything, Kisei.”

“Somehow, it feels weird you know.”

“Culture shocks like this are normal in a cross-species marriage, I think.
I…, we can overcome this together, surely.”


If she’s going that far then he has no reason not to be convinced.
Thought Kise with a bitter smile.

“…….And it’s a fact you know? As long as I’m the first wife, I’m the leader of this flock.
Not you.
That’s why if I say it’s okay then it’s okay.
Kisei doesn’t have to feel responsible at all.”

“A, Ahh, I see.
Vulds are like that after all huh, I guess that makes sense.”

Vuld’s society is harem-based but the family head is not a man but a woman instead.
Such a thing is hard to imagine as a Terran.
In a sense, their society is close to that of the bees.

“After pushing you into this marriage, saying this now felt kind of unfair though…….”

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When Schleer began to apologize, Kisei silently kissed her on the forehead.

“I signed that marriage form because I wanted to.”


Schleer happily smiles and kisses Kisei back.
She then tightly hugged his body while being careful not to hurt him.

“Even if you ask me to let you go, I will never let go, you know? Be prepared.”

“How scary.”

She jokingly said that but her tone indicates that she’s serious.
On the other hand, Kisei shrugged.

“When I first met you, I never expected it to turn out like this you know.”

“I was aiming for you since the beginning though? Once a Vuld sets their eyes on their prey, they never let them go, you know.
We are carnivorous after all.”

“Seriously, that one is scary.”

The two started to giggled happily at each other.

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