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The next morning.
Kisei and the others were traveling in an old large sedan.
They are heading to the hotel where Eleanor, one of the 4 Heavenly, is placed under house arrest.

“Man, it’s been so long.”

A woman with short hair who’s sitting next to Kisei said with a cheerful smile.
She’s Frea, Schleer’s twin sister.
In terms of appearance, they looked surprisingly similar to each other.

“I actually wanted to go see you more frequently but I have a lot of work you see?”

“You’ve been visiting neighboring countries to negotiate for their support right? The frontline can’t function properly without the supplies you procured so I’m grateful for your work you know.”

“Hehehe, you are making your sister(in-law) blush you know? Man, it was worth all the effort.”

With a smile, Frea started snuggling up on Kisei.
She was like this last time they met as well but this time the distance between them has shrunk.

“Hey, it’s bad manners to touch someone else’s man [DESUYO]? I’d like you to stop [DESU].”

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Nora who was sitting opposite on Kisei’s other side said so with a threatening voice and peels her off Kisei.

“Someone else man huh? Fufu.”

Frea didn’t resist but she gazed coldly at Nora in response.
Her attitude seems to be hiding some meaning and Nora recoils a bit.

“D, Don’t tell me, you too—–”

“Will you stop with this pointless quarreling?”

When Nora was about to say something, Diaroze said so from the passenger seat.

“Even without weapons involved, the place we are heading to is a battlefield.
Do you think you can win a fight when you are fighting among yourselves? Right, sister(in-law)…..”

Diaroze said that as though she knows everything and wants Frea to compromise for now.

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“It doesn’t feel right when you treat me like I’m older but well, you’re right.”

Frea shrugs with a smirk.
Her gestures matched her bright and cool appearance.
Even Schleer would look intelligent like this if she would just stay silent, rudely thought Kisei.
Her true self would show if she opens her mouth though.

“Come to think of it, can I confirm something first? When we arrive at the hotel, we are supposed to have these two meet Ms.Eleanor first right?”

Frea asks while glancing at Kisei and Nora as Schleer has already told her about their plan to seduce Eleanor.

“Well, she will be alarmed if we all go in at once you see.
First, we have to make her feel relaxed.
Our turn will be in the afternoon…….the meeting with the Head Retainer from House Fafleta.”

Currently, the Head Retainer of the Fafleta family, Eleanor’s house, is visiting Calencia to negotiate her return.
It is highly likely that the Head Retainer will not be convinced to join their side even if Eleanor herself wants to since she’s not the family head.
That’s why they need to separate the negotiation.

“I’ve already asked Head Retainer-san to come to the hotel so if their talk with Eleanor-san goes well, we can have her show up at the meeting right?”

“That’s my plan from the start.
If they fail with Eleanor then we will have to do our best with the Head Retainer after all.
If we can get Eleanor on our side then it will be more convenient for us.”

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“Ohh, how scary.”

Frea bitterly smiled at Diaroze who stated her plan lie it’s a matter of course.

“I’ve been thinking this since you were our enemy but you are real smart aren’t you? It’s good that you are our ally now.”

Diaroze let out a sigh, as it was hard for her to judge whether that was Frea being sarcastic or if her praise was genuine.
Perhaps Frea doesn’t fully trust Diaroze yet.
Well, that’s a given considering her past.

“Right now I’m nothing more than a slave.
As long as Master sides with you, my power is Calencia’s.”

“I see? So it’s Kisei-kun that I should be scared of instead right?”

Said Frea as she poked Kisei’s cheek with her finger.
Nora glared at her but Frea completely ignored her.

“Well, to be honest, it’s not like I am completely on board with this strategy but…….it is what it is.
There’s no way around it I guess? I’m counting on you, Kisei-kun.”

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“F, For what?”

“Come one.
You understand right? I’m talking about seducing Eleanor-san, of course.”

The last part was whispered into his ear.
The tickling sensation felt strangely pleasant and his back started shaking a little.

“I’m, I’m not that confident though.”

“Is that a joke?”

Frea plainly retorted.
Both Diaroze and Nora were literally seduced by him to join Calencia.
Moreover, they are not his only victims either.
His seduction power is so great that even if they made all their spies work together, it wouldn’t be as effective as him at this.

“Well, it will be fine.
You have Onee-san’s stamp of approval.”

Said Frea with a bitter smile as she looks at Nora who was resting her head on Kisei’s shoulder.

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