The Enticement 1

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It was about 30 minutes later that the group arrived at the hotel.
Since it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Calencia, its interior is even more luxurious than a bedroom reserved for aristocrats on board the [Radiant].

“Ara Ara, I was wondering who’s paying me a visit…….it’s you Nora-chan.”

In the Royal Suite at the top floor of the hotel was a girl with blonde hair and a unique ringlet hairstyle, Eleanor Al Fafleta.
Her complexion seems to be good, suggesting that even though she was placed under house arrest, her living condition is quite decent.

“Hello, been a while [DESU].”

Nora raised her hand and greeted her back with a familiar tone before sitting down without asking for the room’s owner’s permission.
She also pulled Kisei’s sleeve and made him sit with her.

“Nora-chan, who’s that with you?”

Asked Eleanor after she sighed at Nora’s usual self-paced attitude.
She has never met Kisei face to face before so it’s obvious that she would be confused when he suddenly showed up at her door.

“About that, I’m actually here to notify Eleanor-SAN of something [DESU].”

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“Oh my, what is it?”

After seating across the two who seemed to be slightly nervous, Eleanor continued.

“We are getting married [DESU].”


Nora grinned and announced so while hugging Kisei and Eleanor was dumbfounded

“Let me introduce you.
This person is Hokuto Kisei-SAN.
He’s the feared mercenary called the [Wicked Star] and we have just got engaged [DESU].”


Speaking of the [Wicked Star], that’s the name of the mercenary who has brought the Noredian to its knees.
The memory of the battle where Eleanor along with all the 4 Heavenly facing him is still fresh in her mind.

“D, Don’t tell me, you betrayed Nored from the beginning…….?”

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How and why is she engaged to the enemy ace? It would be more plausible to think that Nora was with Calencia from the beginning rather than saying they met during the war.

Eleanor has, until now, thought that Nora’s betrayal was due to her dissatisfaction with Diaroze.
Since they didn’t pledge their allegiance to Diaroze, she could understand her feelings despite how Nora chose to become her enemy.
That’s why she was friendly when Nora showed up at her door, but……

“That’s not it [DESU].
We were originally enemies.
But that’s exactly why our flame of love is burning right row [DESU]! Right, Kisei-SAN.”

“Ah, yes.
That’s right.”

What’s this about flame of love though? Kisei was wondering about that but since they are in the middle of a script prepared by Diaroze, he decided to just go along.

“Ah, is that the case……my apology.”

Nora’s words sound very much like a clumsy excuse but Eleanor cleared her throat and continued as though she was convinced by that.
As Nora and the others said, she might be a little gullible.

“However, if that’s truly the case then it’s pretty much a romantic story, isn’t it.
It’s almost like it came straight out of a play or a movie.”

“Right? Fufu.”

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Nora crossed her arms and said that with a smug look on her face but she quickly undid that and turned to Eleanor.

“But there’s one thing I’m troubled with [DESU].
Since I think of Eleanor-san like an elder sister, I want to consult you [DESU]!”


Eleanor smiled at the elder sister part and urged Nora to continue with a happy look.

“Actually, there’s a condition for us to get engaged [DESU].
After all, I’m used to be with Nored and I’m just a knight with a commoner background………”

“A condition…….Calencia sure is nasty huh.
What kind of condition is it?”

“I have to share Kisei-SAN with the bigshots of this country [DESU].
Well, it’s polygamy you see.
But as I said, my position right now is too weak……if I don’t do anything then it will be a marriage in name only and that woman will take Kisei-SAN away from me [DESU]!”

“H, How terrible……interfering with such a loving couple is unforgivable!”

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Just as Diaroze planned, Eleanor was riled up.
While listening to the two’s conversation with a stiff expression, Kisei felt horrified at his slave’s scheming ability.

“I understand now.
If there’s anything I can do then please tell me.
I will help pave your path for love, Nora-chan.”

“As expected of Eleanor-SAN! I always believed that you would say that [DESU]!”

With a grin, Nora slammed the table in front of her with her hand.
She has quite an acting skill.

“I was hoping that Eleanor-SAN could become my real sister you see! If Eleanor-SAN participates in this marriage as well then that woman won’t be able to do whatever she wants after all!”

“Eh, participate!? Me!? Marrying this man!?”

Surprised, Eleanor looks at Kisei.
For the first time, she closely examined Kisei’s face and for a brief moment, she showed the presence of a predator.

“…….Heh, Hee? Can you tell me more about this?”

Her expression doesn’t seem that reluctant at all.

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