The Enticement 2

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“Uh, Uhmm, well…….”

Eleanor’s interest was greatly piqued by the talk of marriage.
On the other hand, Kisei stares straight into her eyes and lowers his head while breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Once again.
I’m Hokuto Kisei, a mercenary.
Please treat me well.”

“Ahh, how rude of me.
I haven’t even introduced myself yet.”

The marriage talk Nora brought up was so shocking that she couldn’t afford to do that so Eleanor shyly averted her eyes away from him for a moment.

“I am Eleanor Al Fafleta.
Fifth daughter of Countess Fafleta and one of the 4 Heavenly, the [Heavenly Thunder].
It is nice to meet you.”

Although they’ve met each other several times on the battlefield, this is the first time they’ve seen each other face to face.
The two are both nervous.
On top of that, Eleanor had already perceived this meeting as a kind of matchmaking.

“Still, I would never have thought that the [Wicked Star] is such a pretty person.
I heard that you are a man but, to be honest, I’m quite surprised.”


Kisei laughs it off.

He’s often told such a thing but as usual, it doesn’t make Kisei happy at all.

“However, is this truly all right with you, Kisei-san? Marrying me I mean.
We had been exchanging fire on the battlefield just a short while ago you know?”

“That’s…..well, Nora is the same and besides, I often heard about you from Nora as well.
She told me that you are reliable and a noble person so it would be my honor to marry you instead…….”

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Naturally, that was completely a lie.
Until she brought the matter up, the matter regarding Eleanor seemed to have been completely absent from Nora’s head as she was spending her time playing around.
It was Diaroze’s advice that made him put it like that.

“Hee, Hmmm, HMMMMMM?”

And it seems that Diaroze’s plan was super effective.
Eleanor’s now happily glancing at Nora who shyly averts her eyes away in response.
As expected, she does have a talent for acting.

“However, I am an aristocrat.
Marriage is not a decision I can make lightly.
Would you mind showing me your hand?”

“My hand?”

He doesn’t know what she plans to do but Kisei obediently extends his right hand to Eleanor.

Seeing his white and slender hand, she let out a small sigh and wrapped her hands around his.
She then squeezed his fingers a little and rubbed the back of his hand.
It was tickling and his cheeks tingled a little.


Kisei looked toward Nora as if to ask her what Eleanor was doing but Nora simply shook her head sideways.
It doesn’t seem like she knows either.

“Hee, Houu.”

Ignoring them, Eleanor laid her palm on his and compared their sizes.
They are almost the same size but Eleanor’s was slightly bigger.

Kisei received a mild shock from that but Eleanor holds his hand with an expression that was filled with satisfaction.
Now their fingers are locked together in a so-called lovers’ hand-holding.

“May I?”

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Without even time for him to ask what she was talking about, Eleanor got up from her seat, walked close to him, and urged him to stand up.

“Excuse me.”

Saying so, Eleanor tightly hugged him.
Her plump chest was pressed against his.
Surprisingly, from what he felt, hers was bigger than Diaroze’s.
They are quite big.
Kisei’s heart rate immediately soared but Eleanor ignored that and continued to hug him.


She continued to embrace him for a while but when she noticed Nora’s gaze, Eleanor cleared her throat and let go.
Before he knew it, Eleanor’s face had reddened and her breath had become rough.
It seems that she’s a little aroused.

“Good, Good, You passed.
I accepted.”


Kisei was confused.
Speaking of matchmaking, isn’t that the thing where 2 people try talking to each other normally first before coming to a decision?

“Uhhh, you are not going to ask me about stuff like my family, my financial situation, or my personality first?”

“I hold no interest in your family or financial situation.
After all, I already have a prestigious family and plenty of money.
Besides, I wouldn’t want my man to provide for me.
Also, since Nora-chan took a liking to you, your personality should be decent as well.”

Said Eleanor with a boastful expression.

“Then, what was that?”

“I was checking the comfort of your hands and body.
If we are in a relationship then we would be holding hands and hugging each other every day, no? If I don’t find you to my liking then I can’t possibly want to spend my entire life with you after all.”

“Is, is that so……..”

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It seems that Eleanor is big on skinship.
However, Kisei was taken aback by how quickly Vulds can decide on their marriage.
For Terrans, it would be considered way too fast if you marry your partner after dating for a month.

Seeing Kisei’s confused expression, Nora whispers into his ear.

“It’s Vuld’s way to jump in immediately once we find our favorite prey [DESU].
If we hesitate and let the chance escape then we could stay unmarried for the rest of our lives you know.”

“You people really do live in a moment huh…….”

Just like what Schleer told him yesterday, their way is just confusing for him since it’s completely different from his Terran culture.
After smiling wryly at him, Nora turns to Eleanor.

“Now we are sisters [DESUNE]!”

“Yes, Nora-chan.
Fufu, I would never have thought that we would end up in this kind of relationship.”

Seeing Eleanor happily replying like that, Nora’s smile deepened.

“That means Eleanor-oneechan is now our ally [DESUNE]! We are about to enter into a decisive battle with Nored but……..I wouldn’t want to point my gun at my dear elder sister.”


In Vuld’s culture, what should be valued is not your loyalty toward your nation but the bond in your family, whether that be by blood or by law.
As long as she shares a husband with Nora, Eleanor has no choice but to join Calencia’s side.
For the first time, Eleanor’s expression crumbled.

“Also, it seems that the Head Retainer of House Falfeta will be coming here in the afternoon.
Please do your best to persuade him for us!”

“Eh, EHHHH!?”

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Eleanor instinctively reached for Nora but she dodged that and snuck something inside Kisei’s jacket before continuing.

“Then, if you will excuse me.
I’m leaving Kisei-SAN here so do feel free to deepen your relationship with him [DESU]!”

With that said, Nora quickly left the room.
Eleanor and Kisei, who were left behind, looked at each other.
They were drenched in a cold sweat.
This was not a part of the script.

“…..Eh!? Seriously.”

Eleanor was also shocked so she looked alternately between the direction Nora left and Kisei.
After taking a deep deep breath, her eyes glanced toward the bed.

“W, Well, there’s nothing we can do so like Nora-chan said, let’s deepen our relationship…….at the bed.”

“Wo, Wouldn’t do that right after we’ve met is a little……..”

“It, It will be fine! I will be gentle!”

“No, that’s just strange right.”

Seeing Eleanor’s breathing turn wild, Kisei stiffened up.
While thinking about how he ended up in a room alone with a woman, Kisei realized that what Nora stuck into his pocket was a piece of paper.

What was written there was simple.
[[Scream out loud if she tries to assault you.
I’m going to rescue you immediately.]] …….apparently, she’s planted some kind of bugging device in the room.
It seems that she still wants to go with the blackmail plan in case Eleanor tries to do something to him.
He thought that they’d given up on that plan but it seems that it is still alive and well.

Kisei let out a small sigh at the dirty scheme.

TLN: Still recovering from food poisoning…….so tired……

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