d her gaze back to Eleanor and Fermi.

After exchanging some formal greetings, they immediately get to the main subject.

“Now, let us negotiate the release of Eleanor-san.”


The Head Retainer came all the way to this remote country to hasten the release process for Eleanor who was taken prisoner so she has no objection.

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“The Head has asked me to relay that you can increase the ransom price higher.
Of course, this will be in exchange for your cooperation to hasten the release process…..”

“Regarding that.”

Frea glanced at Eleanor.
Seeing Eleanor reluctantly nod, she now knows how to proceed.
Since she did not decline the marriage talk with Kisei, Frea can treat her as an accomplice.

“There will be no change to the ransom.”


Wrinkles formed between the Head Retainer’s eyebrows.
Of course, she was not glad that she didn’t have to spend extra money on the release.
After all, she herself is an experienced aristocrat.
That’s why she’s already expecting Calencia to ask House Fafleta to do something that Calencia can not buy with money.

“Instead, we would like to ask for your support.”

“……do you mean to have us supply you with information and other war supplies?”

“No, we would like to go a step beyond that.
We would like House Fafleta to join our side.”

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Out of the question.
The Head Retainer’s expression did not change but Frea could pick that up from her.
However, she wouldn’t have tried that if it was a losing battle.

“Fermi, I’ve seen the atrocity the Noredian Army committed here.”

Their plan works out.
After glancing at Kisei, Eleanor started speaking to the Head Retainer.
Her tone was exaggerated like an actress’s.

At first, she refused to switch sides because of her sense of loyalty but with everything said and done, she was upset.
In the first place, Eleanor is a stupid but noble woman.
When Kisei started talking about what the Noredian Army had done in his time alone with her, she grew angry at them and changed her stance.

“Such things like pointing weapons at innocent civilians are not something we aristocrats should condone.
To be frank, I have no love left for that empress.”


The Head Retainer glared at Frea.
However, the one who hatched this plan was not her.
With a prompt from Frea, Diaroze grinned and started speaking.

“By the way, Fermi-dono.
I know it’s sudden but don’t you recognize my face?”

Diaroze leans forward making the Head Retainer’s expression go [who the hell is she?] Then, her face stiffened.
If she’s a Noredian aristocrat then there’s no way that she wouldn’t recognize such a familiar face.
After all, she’s supposed to be their next empress.

“Y, You are, Your Highness Diaroze……! Wh……!”

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